My Face Is Up Here, Pervert

New Friday April 15th, 2024


According to some guy at BD (it’s always some guy), a hot chick named Willa Ford has been cast in the new Friday The 13th. She’s also the wife of a hockey player… hmm, if it weren’t two weeks after April 1st I’d give kudos to such a subtle joke like that.

3 Responses to “My Face Is Up Here, Pervert”

  1. Chris Geddie Says:

    She looiks cool. I wonder if she’ll dye her hair, It seems in almost every movie the surviving female is blonde and never brunette or otherwise.

  2. Ron Says:

    I am the person who informed BD of willa ford being cast in the F13 remake.

  3. Dusk Says:

    Thanks, she’s hot.

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