Platinum Dunes reveals first photo from Friday the 13th!

If you hop over to the official Platinum Dunes website as hosted by bloody-disgusting, you will be treated to the first released “behind the scenes” picture from the upcoming Friday the 13th! The photo features Friday the 13th producers Adrew Form and Brad Fuller taking a leaner on the police car of one of Crystal Lakes finest, reportedly before Jason paints the car with blood and broken glass!

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21 Responses to “ Platinum Dunes reveals first photo from Friday the 13th! ”

  1. I have a serious issue with this picture. If this movie is supposedly set in 1980-1984 time frame, then this car is defenitaly outta place. We all know what the cars from that time frame looked like in the Fridays 1-4 but none resembled a car as modern looking as that one.

  2. From what I can gather, the Friday the 13th remake is set in modern times. I too wish it was set in the 1980’s. But unfortunately, it would seem it’s not. I was hoping they would go the same route as the 2024 Texas Chainsaw Massacre and keep it in the time period of the original. But I still think this film has quite a bit of potential to be a fun ride.

  3. Car is definitely from the 90s. However, they might not be going for a complete remake, Rob Zombie\\\’s remake of Halloween was definitely set in a different period than the original Halloween.

  4. This movie is going to be awesome, hopefully if it’s successful they will make another movie, I can’t wait until Feb 13 2024, it’ll be a fun ride trying to guess what Jason will look like.

  5. the original halloween started in the late 60’s and took place in 1978. zombies version young michael was wearing a Kiss “Destroyer” t-shirt making the start of the film about 1976 or later and setting the night when michael returns in the late 90’s, my guess.

    Friday may be taking the same approach, instead of jason drowning in ‘56, maybe more like ‘86( adding 30 years since the original). so instead of ‘79-84 maybe more like ‘04-09 0r ‘09-14.

    I just hope the remake lives up to the original of 1980.
    no comedy, no rappers, Zombie made a good halloween keeping it real and scary,no rappers making jokes. H20 and H- resurrection sucked because of that.
    Friday is suppose to be scary and not funny and have no-name actors. So on Feb 13 2024, i want to see a Friday the 13th movie, not a Scream, I know what you did last summer, rage carry 2, halloween h20, type of movie.

  6. It shouldn\’t matter when the movie takes place as long as it aint something as far fetched as Jason X. As long as it sticks to what made the Original Friday the 13th\’s (ie 1-4) so good, it will make a great movie. My only gripe is that Kane Hodder is not Jason

  7. i dont know im a little worried that it might not be as good since they’ve changed the time period on ask me the only time the jason movies kicked but is when they were in the 80’s.and im worried about how much cgi the’ll use

  8. i dont know im a little worried that it might not be as good since they’ve changed the time period on ask me the only time the jason movies kicked but is when they were in the 80’s.and im worried about how much cgi they’ll use

  9. Which decade it’s set in is irrelevant. The only difference would be the clothes and hair cuts. If they’re stuck in Crystal Lake then the era shouldn’t make a difference (aside from phones). It’s whether it sucks for other reasons I’m worried about

  10. Yeah. Part of me wanted to see this flick in an 80’s setting. But as long as Jason has a good look and does his thing, it’ll be a blast. I just hope it doesn’t simply come across as somewhat of a parody of the series. I don’t want it to simply make fun of the series. I want this film to be for real.

  11. I reckon the tone will be serious but I found Marcus Nispel’s Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake showed his music video background too much (such as the camera travelling through the hole in her head), and lacked the slow-burning atmosphere that made the original so great. And that was set in the ’70’s as with the original which I found a bit pointless. IF you’re going to update a movie update it to modern day

  12. yea I’d rather it be in the 80’s setting but it is Jason and thats all you need but i’d rather it be Kane Hodder to.

  13. heres my guess as to how the movie will end up being: it will have young rap star ray J as the lead char and also it will have beyonce in it. ray j will be a rap star who goes to crystal lake to perform his hit single. there he will encounter jason. well since its 2024 not the 80’s when horror movies ruled. ray J will get the upper hand by performing two punches followed by a long list of insults…mainly motherfucker this motherfucker that. jason will grunt and actually talk in this movie as the makers of it clearly have not watched any of the others. and jason will go through a long flashback sequence of his childhood as an emo kid growing up listening to good charlotte and jonas brothers. finally jason embarks on his killing spree but fails when he gets to his first victim…beyonce. she quickly snaps her fingers in z “on no you didnt” formation and confuses jason. after this ray j pops up behind jason and grabs him around the neck and chokes him thus ending jason. the movie ends with ray j kissing beyonce and him saying yeah thats how we roll.

    welcome to hollywood movies 2024 lmfao

  14. I think this movie is going to rock because it is directed by Marcus Nispel and frankly I liked the Texas chainsaw massacre it was bad ass and if people don\’t like the movie then don\’t watch the fucking movie and stop bitching you fucking pussies

  15. i agree with alan the only remake i didnt like was black christmas but the rest have been pretty good and i loved halloween im pretty pumped for this, and i just dont understand how you can say a remake ruins the original thats impossible because the original still exists if you like the original better just watch that a remake can only help the original they always end up re-releasing a special edition of the original when theres a remake

  16. Ive been waitin for a crystal lake friday since well since part 7.friday the 13th back in the name NO body changing demon NO space NO FREDDY Just jason in the woods with some drugged out sexxed crazed teens, did i mention NO body changing demon.New line still owes me 10 bucks for that fiasco there is no way any true friday fan had anything to do with that movie cuz if they did they should be beatin up against a tree in a sleeping bag. I aint pointing any fingers (Sean Cunningham)

  17. HOW BAD IS IT WHEN taking your character into SPACE and making them into a super version ISNT your worst plot line of a sequel(JGTH)

  18. hurry up and come out

  19. hurry up

  20. First of all – i hope they dont dig this series into a deep hole by making a bad movie …this was one of my favorite horror movie series of all time. Friday the 13th part 9 ( aka Jason Goes to Hell ) and Jason X were horrible – once you turn Jason into a supernatural killer or start digging too deep into his origins it starts to look stupid – they’ve done that with every horror movie Icon. They tried to explaine Michael Myers evil as a Pegan Ritual , Freddy’s killings as revenge for taking away his daugter ex… just keep close to the original movie as much as u can and please dont dumb down the killer. Jason is a pure homicidal maniac not a guy in a clown out fit. He hacks everyone up untill he gets what he wants….so make the movie as bloody and as hell and keep the suprise / scare element which was a huge part of the originals …

  21. I’m a little confused about this remake. Isn’t Jason’s mother the original killer in friday the 13th? So if it’s a remake of the original, why is jason in it? Don’t get me wrong, I’d much rather have jason in it and all, but it doesn’t makes sense. At least they went out and got some great actors. From what I’ve seen of his work, Jared Padalecki doesn’t get involved unless it’s going to be good, e.g. SUPERNATURAL!!!

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