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Today I started up a Multimedia section of the Gallery. To kick it off I’ve archived several Friday The 13th Scripts, many of which (Freddy Vs Jason drafts) haven’t been present on the site for years.

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  1. Its so cool reading the rejected Freddy vs Jason scripts and knowing what could have been. I still think the Briggs script would have made an awesome movie….

  2. Hi Penhall, althought I felt the Briggs script a little overblown in terms of spectacle (especially the lead villian who was neither Freddy nor Jason - big no-no) I dug the use of heroes plucked from both franchises as well as Jason’s chromed, angle-slotted mask (which I’d still love to see!).

  3. I always liked the idea of a Freddy vs. Jason vs, Ash movie, I had some great ideas for that but Hollywood forgot to come knocking on my door, lol

  4. they need to add Pinhead to the works and let all hell break lose.

  5. Dusk, I agree that the Briggs script had a lot flaws. But I think what I liked most about it was the scope. It felt epic, something the other scripts lacked. I still think the Shannon/Swift script that was accepted was the best of the bunch (before the producers and director dumbed it down). But with some tweaking, I think the Briggs script would have been cool.

  6. As far as Pinhead being involved…I have never been a fan of that idea whatsoever. Pinhead,while a decent movie villain, seems too “direct to dvd” to be included with the likes of Freddy and Jason.

  7. Yeah, I agree w/ that one Tony. I still want to see Michael Myers thrown in there somehow, someday. I feel the only problem w/ Michael and Jason is there would be no dialogue, so you would have to have Freddy in the mix too. There’s so many different scenarios for Freddy vs. Jason. vs Michael Myers that could really work. Oh, well maybe hell will finally freeze over one day, huh?

  8. Tony:

    I agree the Pinhead is somewhat of a “straight to dvd” type villain, and should never be placed in the likes of Jason or Freddy.


    Seeing Michael involved with the Jason and Freddy would be unique, but I think both Jason and Freddy have a supernatural effect that Michael lacks, which would leave him in a different realm, just my opinion of course.

  9. On a completely unrelated note, I think if they were to include some essential factors in making a Friday the 13th film it would have to be these three very important things. One, a score by Harry Manfredini, just because he is so much of what makes Friday the 13th just that FRIDAY THE 13TH! If they don’t get him, someone who definitely could do a really fabulous score is a composer named Jeff Grace, anyone who doubts this should watch The Roost. Fabulous horror movie score. Two, no modern music tracks. I barely watched ten minutes of The Hitcher (another Platnum Dunes film) before I heard The All-American Rejects and that took me right out. Now, I realize that Jason Lives had some Alice Cooper tracks in it but not this one, modern music would just detract from the feeling of nostalgia I would get from hearing a classic horror movie score with nothing modern. If they could include the old Paramount logo and the old New Line Cinema logo at the beginning of the film, kind of like how David Fincher’s Zodiac did to me that would add to the camp aspect (no pun intended) and give everyone that nostalgic feeling. It’s a lot like how they had the old Universal logo at the beginning of Land of the Dead. I realize that to kids who were born whenever Jason Takes Manhattan came out that this wouldn’t matter but to me and the fans, it does. And those of us who read Crystal Lake Memories know that Swift and Shannon got the shaft whilst making Freddy Vs. Jason, let’s hope New Line and especially Paramount bite the bullet and don’t dumb down a script from two honest and well-meaning guys.

  10. I like Michael Myers, and think he is a great Icon for the horror genre, but I don’t think putting Michael myers in a film with freddy and Jason would be a good idea, I do feel that it is possible for Michael Myers to be killed compared to Freddy and Jason who both happen to already be Dead, one from Hell and the other from a nightmare world, in order to make the scenario interesting I think you need someone who is in hell or other dimension to up the challenge for both Freddy and Jason and I do think that putting Pinhead in a Friday Film would add excitement in film, I am not much of a Pinhead fan but I do agree that if you have Pinhead come in and not from help from Freddy but to come in to deal with both Freddy and Jason I think would be a Box Office smash if done right. It wouldn’t have to be a staright to DVD film if it has a great story to it, and I do think it could be done.

  11. I like the score from harry Manfredini and thought he did something great, look at John Carpenter, he scored for his own movie, before that other people saw the film before the music and did not think the movie was scarey, hed did the score and then they thought differently, the movie scared the hell out of them, than Rob Zombie did his version and it was just as good as John Carpenters, if they got someone to do score to help make the movie scarey again I think it would be cool, but they need to get someone who knows how to do a great score, as for the start of the film I wouldn’t be suprised if they did it like the original where the title of the film zooms in on the screen and shatters a pane of glass, that was cool and it would be neat if they stuck with that. to change the subject, I would say Jason’s appearence is going to put everyone in awe, I think he will have long hair in this one, I don’t think he will be bald but I could be wrong, his clothes will be worn out big time and is not going to do that quick wal he has done in previous films but will actually run after his victims, he will be more like a Hunter hunting his prey, he will be toying with his victims before he decides to kill them to get them to think they have a chance to live or fight. This film will be different in all aspects, Jason is not the Jason we knew in previous films.

  12. I love Harry Manfredini, but compare his work on Jason Goes to Hell and Jason X to the other Fridays he worked on. I dont know what happened, but I think he lost his touch. The Jason X score made an already bad movie unbearable. I wouldnt want Manfredini doing the score to the remake. I’m not sure who, but I wouldnt go with him.

  13. I agree manfredini lost his touch and should not try to score anymore, he was awesome in the first few fridays but lost it when JGTH came out.

  14. I can’t wait til the teaser trailer comes out, jason will not be seen until the theatrical trailer like usual.

  15. the mask is similar to the one from part three, it looks awesome.

  16. I don’t think Harry Manfredini lost his touch, the problem with many of the sequels is that instead of asking him to compose a brand new score the producers would just take samples from the previous films and piece them together with a couple of new elements. If they gave him free reign over a new movie I’m sure he could deliver!

  17. Has anybody checked out some of the rejected scripts for the new F13th flic on Now I have not read all the scripts posted here in this entry, but the plot (that’s all they give you on imdb)for the rejected script for F13th: Homecoming is pretty cool. Too bad it was rejected due to legal rights. Some of the other ones were interesting, while others just plain sucked. Check out this link for more info:

  18. Pete, if you want to read Friday the 13th The Homecoming visit this page

  19. I don’t think The Homecoming is a “unproduced script due to legal rights” per se but was simply a fan script. Big gulf between fans and professionals.

  20. Excellent! Thanks Christian!!

  21. No problem :-)

  22. I just read “Nightmare 13: Freddy meets Jason” By Lewis Abernathy. I had read it a long time ago, but damn! I forgot how bad it was! The Freddy vs Jason we ended up with was flawed, but it could have been so much worse.

  23. I know what you mean Penhall, FVJ was pretty lame but there were so many pitches for the movie that were just way off. I think some involved weird cults that worshipped either Freddy or Jason - I forget which - but obviously the writer has never seen Halloween 6. Bad idea! But, having said that, FVJ could have been so much more…

  24. Christian: Yeah, most of the pitches were awful. Of all of them, I’d say the Briggs script was the best, but even it had some problems. But like I said, I think with some tweaking it could have been good. My big thing with FvJ is that it should have been epic, the “Gone with the Wind” of slasher movies, you know? But instead, all we got was a watered down 90 minute movie. I think it should have been at least 2 solid hours. Sure, play the 90 minute version in theatres, but give us a longer cut on DVD (like they did with Rob Zombie’s Halloween). I think the whole thing was a missed opportunity. Yes, I enjoyed the FvJ that we got, but it could have and should have been better, especially since the movie ended up being the final film in the original Jason and Freddy series.

  25. The “Freddy Vs Jason Vs Ash (Treatment) by Jeff Katz” i thought was pretty good. I was really against the Evil Dead movies coming into play with the F13th & NOES stories. But I enjoyed reading that and I beleive now it could work.

    Only thing I would change is where Jason kills his mother, he should cut her head off, as a homage to the original Friday The 13th.

    And the name of Crystal Lake to Forest Green…. that would mean Crystal Lake changed it’s name to Forest Green, then back to Crystal Lake, then back to Forest Green…. change that and you got a pretty good movie I think… it just needs to be drawn out longer with more scenes other then it seeming like it all happens within 2 hours of each other.

  26. the “Freddy Vs Jason by Jonathan Aibel and Glenn Berge” it’s too much like a Nightmare On Elm St movie with Jason thrown in as a side character. The fans wanna see Freddy VS Jason, not Jason making a guest star appearance to a done to death plot of a Nightmare On Elm St movie.

  27. My favorite is still the one most people hated… the one written like a CSI movie. I’d make changes to things like Friday The 13th only being a movie and all that stuff… but the idea for Jason in a courtroom having his victim list read out would be funny.

    I’m sure they could come up with a new idea on how to get Jason to that situation without claiming they where just movies after part 4.

    The end scenes in the mall I think would look great if they do decent FX with it.

    However, if I knew anything about making movies, i wouldn’t mind making that script into a movie, even if it was about someone other then Freddy & Jason.

    Is it really that bad of a script to everyone else? If it was like I said, re-written round the part about it being legends and movies, would it be so bad then? Or is it the whole Jason becomes a good guy that people hate the idea of?

    I dunno, personally I think it could have worked as a movie.

  28. The FvsJvsAsh comic would make a cool flic IMO. Anyone read that series? Not too bad and I was really against the idea of throwing Ash into the mix w/ Freddy and Jason because I didn’t see how it would work. It never crossed my mind that the Necronomicon would be the key to bringing Ash into it (the dumbass that i am!). I don’t want to ruin it for anyone so I can’t really explain too much more. Very clever storyline! Highly recommend it!

  29. Yeah i liked the comic, miles better than FVJ!

  30. Not a FvsJ huh? I loved it, just wish I hadn’t read the novel before the movie came out. The movie went by so fast for me after doing that. I wonder what FvsJ would have been like if it had been made in the 80s? You know, during the height of these movies. Probably would have been even better! The Special effects wouldn’t be all CG, not that that is always a bad thing, I just prefer good ol’ fashioned gory effects! I (as well as many others) just waited for that match up for sooooooooo long and was beside myself when the release date came out. Could it have been better? Absolutely. IMO though it was better than most of the rejected scripts and hope for a sequel someday!

  31. I think FVJ would have worked better as a comic too. It is really slapstick and over the top, not suitable for an R-rated horror film which is supposed to be aimed at adults. But as a graphic novel I probably would have enjoyed it far more

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