Catherine Parks (’Vera;’ Friday the 13th Part 3)


How much did you about the FRIDAY THE 13TH movies when you were offered the part of Vera in PART 3? Which character did you initially audition for and how did you feel about slasher movies and horror in general at that time?

“I auditioned for the part of Vera and because I was new to Los Angeles at the time I knew nothing of the previous Fridays.”

What was it about your character that interested you the most and did she remind you of any character in particular from the previous films? Do you wish you could have played the part of Chris or were you happy with your part?
“I had been in Los Angeles only 6 months and I was happy to working mostly. Friday was one of my first screen credits. Ireally enjoyed my character and when I watch it now it seems very real to me.”

What was your opinion on the script when you first read it and were you apprehensive about working with not only prosthetics but also 3-D?
“I was excited to learn something new. The prosthetics were a lot of fun. The script read easily for me.”

What kind of preparations did you and the other actors do before filming commenced? Did you spend much time together before the shoot so your friendships were convincing?
“Not so much before, but during the filming we really got to know one another and had a real blast! With this film there was lot of time during the scenes to prepare and Steve Miner gave us excellent direction.”

How challenging was it to film your death scene, particularly with the 3-D effects? How was the effect achieved and how long did it take to film?
“We had to shoot that particular scene in one take because the prosthetics would be ruined once I hit the water. The water was freezing!”

How did it feel to be the first victim to be killed on-screen by the new and improved Jason Voorhees? How menacing did you find Richard Brooker once he wore the mask and do you feel that the franchise would have lasted as long as it has without it?
“I remember having a really nice conversation with Richard and was sympathetic to how uncomfortable his mask was especially during the warmer months. He was very charming. When a film has an icon that people can identify with I believe it helps a lot. I’m grateful that the mask has caught on with the other Friday’s as well.”

Have you watched any of the FRIDAY THE 13TH movies since PART 3 and how do you feel about the way in which the series has progressed?
“I never imagined that it would, we were told by everyone that Part III would be the final series.”

How has FRIDAY THE 13TH PART 3 played a part in your life over the twenty-plus years and are you proud of your place in the series’ history?
“I am very proud to be a part of something that has lasted so long. I believe this film has one of the longest running series in film history. I travel all over the country signing autographs at conventions honoring the cast members. I am very happy to be able to meet so many fans. It has been a wonderful experience.”



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17 Responses to “ Catherine Parks (’Vera;’ Friday the 13th Part 3) ”

  1. I think that Jason will have a couple of running scenes in this new movie..

  2. I also think that Jason will have long hair in this one as well, it will be ragged and matted, terrible looking.

  3. loved you in friday 3 cathrine
    you rock!!!

  4. i hope he doesnt have hair or run.if he does im only seeing the movie to say ive seen the last friday the 13th in the theatre

  5. huh? This post is about an interview with a cast member of part III…lol

  6. running wouldnt offend me he did in 3 and 4(although id rather he didnt)but the hair thing is gonna look ridiculus
    shelly shoulda banged vera

  7. who cares about the new jason details, be happy we get another friday! besides this is about vera in friday 3, not the new movie. catherine was my fav in part 3 =]

  8. i want to see how the cabins are gonna look and if it will have that 80’s feeling, vera i would have liked to see u give shelly a lil something , i think the guy who played shelly died a while back RIP

  9. Nope. The guy who played Shelly (Larry Zerner) is alive and well. He’s an attorney in LA actually.

  10. “I hope he doesn’t run” Whatever, he better run… much more realistic and scary. Great interview.

  11. No the guy who played Shelly is most definitely alive and you can read our interview with him here

  12. How can we get in touch with her for a autograph?

  13. Mike, I can’t give out her personal email but if you visit her site at there’s contact details for her agency, they should be able to help you

  14. I always thought Vera/Catherine Parks was the prettiest girl in ANY Friday movie, with one of the best death scenes too! Great to hear from her again.

  15. Wow! She’s still hot! Thanks for the interview and pic (wink, wink).

  16. What kind of Friday fan thinks that Larry Zerner aka Shelly was dead??? Amazing, the lack of knowledge. Catherine was a fave of mine too and meeting her was the highlight of the convention!

  17. it would be an important moment for me, if I had the chance to meet Catherine, just as much as all the other actors. I think it’s a real good thing that Catherine and also Larry and the others who gave an interview with the Friday fan-site, are still very fond off the movie they performed in. I don’t know about all of you people out htere, but isn’t Catherine looking great? When movies, made in the eighties, are in my personal top 10, I’m always curious about where they are now, and how they look at this moment. When I saw pictures from Catherine, Larry, Adrienne and Betsy, I just thougt: they still have that same look in their eyes, you know that catching-thing on their faces. So over time, there hasn’t been any big changes; I could still recognize them on the street.
    It’s a good thing to have a Friday the 13th fan site, where we can see and read stuff about the people who left a mark in horrorfilm history, so I thank the creators of this website…Guys, and girls, you’ve done a great job!
    I’ll be around on this site to check out information and read new interviews, wich feels like you get to know persons that probably never know you. It’s a strange but special treat.

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