Friday The 13th: The Storm

I don’t usually cotton to fanfilms because most make the same mistakes of low-concept storytelling and Jason Voorhees fanboy ego-fulfillment (watch as many as I have and you’ll understand exactly what I mean). However, perhaps the tide has been turning in recent times. Friday The 13th: Mothers Day was pretty darn good, and now a new project has caught my eye - Friday The 13th: The Storm. Directed by Joe Patnaud of the well-received The Cold Heart Of Crystal Lake and Produced by Tim Whitfield of the legendary unreleased Friday The 13th: The Obsession. Here’s what’s brewing for Friday The 13th: The Storm + pretty pictures…

A serene day at Crystal Lake turns into a nightmare for Sarah, when she draws the attention of Jason Voorhees. Upon arriving home, a nasty rain storm sets in as Jason tracks down his latest victims. Thunder crashes, Lightning strikes… and Jason slashes his way through an unsuspecting suburban home.

We’ll be checking in periodically on this promising production so stay tuned.

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  1. This looks really good, hope they do some good kills n fx. Jason looks brill.

    Cold Heart wasnt too shabby so am looking forward to this one.

  2. Looks good. I like how Jason looks. Looking forward to it.

  3. Neat, I wonder what camera they’re using. The quality make it look very professional as compared to Cold Heart and Mother’s Day.

  4. The cam we\’re using is the HVX200A.. with nikon prime lenses.

  5. *Seizure* 6,000 dollar camera, jesus I’d be doing a film I could sell then. But hey, I suppose donations could help out huh? Is this going to be the awesome classic 2-4 Jason?

  6. Hey, this isn’t entirely off-topic, but is anyone else having problems with going to the Friday boards? I can’t seem to go to:

    and I was just wondering if it was a site problem, or a problem on my end.

    Anyways, I’m really excited to check this fan film out. I’ve mentioned it in the thread. This looks like it may be the best fan film out there so far.

  7. Ghastly…

    Yes… This is my take on a part 4 Jason, with a pinch of Kane Hodder thrown in.

    And… I do other things with the HVX then just this fanfilm. : -)

  8. So essentially it’s a more angry Ted White, awesome. Hopefully you’ve got a good budget for effects. I know alot of people doing fan films don’t have the funds for Savini-esque stuff.

  9. lesbians kissing in a jason movie, now that’s what i’m talking about!!! THAT’s a worthy update for the new generation, much better than just adding some abercrombie and fitch losers, redneck shit, and shaky camera-work.

    if the new F13th had had some hot lesbian action, i would have put all complaints aside.

  10. do they have an official website to keep up on this?

  11. I spy with my little eye a man who is wearing a hockey mask and doesn’t look like Jason. Well, atleast from what the picture shows. Perhaps Jarvis is making a return the way Part 4 & 5 tipped it to?

  12. But weren’t you glad they got theirs Tommy? Sean Cunningham said it in His Name Was Jason and I’ll repeat it for you “It’s about nerd revenge. Getting back at that jock or ripping the clothes off that Cheerleader.” Those abercrombie and fitch guys were the kind of characters you loved to hate. Well, except Chewie and Lawrence but that’s because they’re comic releif and just like me…funny and makes a fool of himself.

  13. Tommy… We’ve agreed to give this website all the info regarding The Storm first, so if you’re interested, keep checking back here!

  14. sounds good! i think jason looks good in the pics…usually in fan films he just looks like some kid in a store-bought costume. this guy looks like he has a good build for it. …i’m not to crazy about the shirt tucked in, but i guess kane hodder’s was like that for a couple entries.

    ghastly, i like that the Fridays always have a couple people you want to see bite it, but when it’s 90% of the characters, to me it’s missing the point. i don’t watch these movies because i like violence…i don’t see jason as a superhero that kills the people i don’t like. i prefer him as a villain, and i prefer to sympathize with many of the characters…that way the deaths are upsetting. i watch horror for more of a negative rush….otherwise i’d watch superman or some shit.

    when you look at the characters in the early movies, they’re mischevious and like to indulge in life’s pleasures, but most of them are also good people who are fun to be around. i relate to that…that’s like me and my circle of people. and that’s what i want to fill up the other hour of the movie that isn’t jason killing people.

    …but to each his own.

  15. The original plan was to have the shirt untucked… but none of the work shirts seemed to fit correctly, they just made him look fat.

    So we said ‘hey, lets try it tucked in’… and it looked way better. :)

  16. Okay, ive seent these filmakers come up before (on the orig board), question how can we get these on trusted sites?

  17. Cannot wait for this one :D


  19. Girl on Girl action? Count me in.

    but in all seriousness, from those images this looks to have better production value than most. Jason doesn’t look like someone simply bought a bargain basement mask from Wal-Mart. I am very interested in seeing the final product.


  20. Im kinda curious… how did the people involved with this fanfilm get the money to do such? AND would it be possible to get a DVD-R of it when it’s done? Would be cool to add a few fan films to my Friday the 13th collection.

    To expand on people saying this looks very professional and whatnot, I think the movie looks well thought-out, shot, and the atmosphere seems to be there. My question though is this: What do you plan to use for music?

  21. what are the rules for distributing fanfilms? i think you’re not allowed to make any profit off of it if you use the characters, music, etc. i’d like to hear a slightly modified version of the original score…hell i’d volunteer to make it but unfortunately i just replaced my computer and my sound card for recording isn’t compatible…and with the economic times, i won’t be replacing it for a while.

    i’d say they should package it up nice and just make it a minimum donation type thing, to cover costs. i’d be willing to donate the amount i’d pay for any official movie.

    any chance this is being filmed in hi-def???

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