Awesome Part 7 Jason Mask at eBay

I found this while browsing eBay, and I have to say, there is nothing better out there that I have seen. The mask is so incredibly detailed, and it also comes with the hockey mask. Bonus! The bidding goes through April 18th and the price is at $142.50. If you have the money, go ahead and jump into the bidding.

Oh yea, the the seller is throwing in a huge French poster of Friday the 13th (1980).

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11 Responses to “ Awesome Part 7 Jason Mask at eBay ”

  1. oh sure looks like the real thing (minus the mask, too shiny).

  2. this is awesome, the under mask is made by justin maybry at

  3. baaaad-ass.. very accurate

  4. Justin does a good job, Andrew. Great detail!

    Chris, I think the hockey mask is pretty good also. I don’t know if it’s too shiny, but it dooes look a little odd on the Jason Mask. It could just be the angle of the picture.

  5. I like it, and I like the shininess of the mask too, seeing as how it’s a part 7.

  6. The best thing ya’ll have shown on here all year.

  7. Wow, that’s a pretty impressive piece of work!

  8. I’m a big collector of masks and such. This one looks great. If anyone is interested in possibly purchasing a hock from me, let me know. Drop me an email at [email protected]

    I’m considering selling the hock that I am seen wearing on the Friday the 13th Deluxe Edition DVD and Blu Ray. I’m in the crowd during the Q & A session ;)

    I’m basically considering parting with it to buy more masks to paint up.

  9. All I’ve got to say is that those mask replicas look absolutely amazingly incredible! Whoever made it payed 200% attention to detail, and it paid off.

  10. Too shiny and rubbery looking. Price is too high for what it is. I was all excited about a “maggothead” from nightowl, when I FINALLY got it and saw it in person, I was unimpressed. Ebayed it.
    There are some real artists out there though, but it takes time to look and research.
    Trust me…in the long run, you’d rather have a better product.

  11. how much is this?

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