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Friday the 13th Master Kompendium

Posted 19 Dec 2009 in Merchandise

This German Friday the 13th hardcover book had a limited run of 333 copies. From the photos of the book, it looks like it was published in 2005. This would be a fun collectable to own as I am sure there are number of images not seen commonly around the net and I think it would be fun to try and translate the German text while learning something about the franchise! Read the loosely translated description of the book below. Daniel Libbits published compendium has nearly 130 pages.  There is a short introduction to the subject of Slasher/Splatter by director Sean Cunningham. In the book all of the faces of Jason are chronicalled as well as the films in the franchise including a large number...

Beautiful German VHS Cover

Posted 24 Nov 2009 in Merchandise

I own the Japanese VHS and that cover is pretty much the same along with the UK release and a few others. That cover has a picture of Adrienne King in the canoe at the end of the movie before Jason jumps out of the water to grab her. I have always liked that VHS cover, but I really like the German VHS! I have seen this type of image before on certain posters from different countries, but this just looks great on VHS and in German. This VHS is up for auction on eBay. If interested, check out the auction and place your bid!

German Friday Franchise DVD Box Set

Posted 23 Nov 2009 in Merchandise

Now, I am not exactly sure if this authentic as this set contains both Paramount and New Line/Warner Bros. releases from the franchise. I am thinking it is not a legitimate release, but I still like the art work on the main box and would love to one day see a full release of all movies in one package. If you look on the DVD’s, part 2-4 are in English? The rest are in German. I find that strange? However, since I do not live in Germany, I would not know for sure how the movies are released. Any info on this would be appreciated!

Jason X German Video Store Standee

Posted 29 Oct 2009 in Merchandise

Mario was nice enough to send me some photos of a Jason X standee he acquired a few years back from a local video store. I am impressed  at the size of the standee, it coming from a video store and all. I would think it came from a theater lobby. Very cool! Thanks, Mario.

Jason Takes Manhattan Video Store Display

Posted 23 Oct 2009 in Merchandise

Mario sent me these photos of a cardboard standee he bought from a video store a while back where he lives in Germany. The interesting thing we noticed is that the hockey mask shown is from Jason Lives and not Jason Takes Manhattan. Anyway, I have never seen anything like this before for the movie. I like it!

German Friday the 13th VHS Cover Shots

Posted 14 Oct 2009 in Merchandise

I recently bought these VHS tapes for my collection and I really like seeing “Freitag Der 13″ in big bold red text. It’s always fun to see the title displayed in different languages. Check out the back covers for The New Blood and Jason Takes Manhattan. A few different pictures are used for the back covers, which I always like to see. After staring at one picture on the back of the US covers for so many years it is nice to see an array of pictures to look at. The back cover for The New Blood features Dr. Crews working overtime to make Tina crazy so to exploit her powers. “Dr. Crews, what’s that big metal spike sticking out...