German Friday the 13th VHS Cover Shots

I recently bought these VHS tapes for my collection and I really like seeing “Freitag Der 13″ in big bold red text. It’s always fun to see the title displayed in different languages. Check out the back covers for The New Blood and Jason Takes Manhattan. A few different pictures are used for the back covers, which I always like to see. After staring at one picture on the back of the US covers for so many years it is nice to see an array of pictures to look at.

The back cover for The New Blood features Dr. Crews working overtime to make Tina crazy so to exploit her powers. “Dr. Crews, what’s that big metal spike sticking out of your back pocket?” Also, the Jason Takes Manhattan cover displays a shot of Gang Banger #1 “handling” Renee. This is a pretty rare photo to show up on any cover for this movie regardless of home video format. I still don’t understand why Gang Banger #1 did not win the Gangs of New York Bracket Challenge. What does Street Urchin have that he does not?



IMG_0661I also received the VHS for A New Beginning, but the front cover and pics on the back cover are the same as the US vhs and laserdisc so I didn’t see a need to post a picture for that. However, the Part 2 front cover is completely different from any other cover that is out there and I like it because it takes the concept of a figure holding an axe and makes it more like a three dimensional figure/axe. The back cover is exactly the same as the US release, so there are no pics for that.

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18 Responses to “ German Friday the 13th VHS Cover Shots ”

  1. The part 2 cover looks proper retro,oldschool cool.Wish todays movie covers had that kind of exploitative artwork still on them………..KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA.

  2. very cool, love seeing these

  3. i like the back of part 7. great shot of jason being hung by the wiring.

  4. I have the complete set of German VHS at home – well at least 1 – 9. I was collecting them the time before the DVDs hit the market. Here in Germany it was pretty tough to get your hands on these kind of films. No mall would ever sell them. And especially since I was around 14 – 16 when I got them it was even harder to come by. The only chance to get your hands on these films was to be the first guy to ask when the little video store around the corner was closing their doors in the 90`s. Furthermore, part 3 and part 4 were actually banned off the German market back then, what adds a bunch more difficulties. It was illegal just to own them. So you had to find one who bought these in the 80`s and was ready to re-sell them. A part 3 or 4 VHS with the large sized cover as you see them here were sold easily for $150.

  5. I like the part 2 cover. That’s cool.

  6. LOL. I never bought the german versions because they were censored. Yup, they took the R-rated versions and cut them up even more (except Part 1 where we had the unrated version). So I catually imported the VHS´s from England.


    I wonder what that means? There’s no ‘Jason’ in ‘The New Blood’.

    Cool being able to check these out. As a youth seeing the back covers always made me want to pee my pants. They looked so scary! Pt 5s box had Junior getting a cleaver in the throat– a scene that was actually cut from the final film. I always wondered why there was a f*cked up little alien creature playing Zaxxon on Pt 4.

    These are great. I like how big the credits are on the back. Showing Jason’s face is a bit of a spoiler. I might have opted out of seeing the flick if i’d seen that! I’m sorry but that face is a bit in error. Looks like darth vader from return of the jedi. It’s awesome when he pukes though. Did Kane really puke on demand for that scene? it seemed like a lot of puke.

  8. ratta,

    it means “Jason in a bloodrush”. Itßs was common practise for the grman distributors to rename he titles of a movie. Over here Part 2 got the tagline “Jason´s return”, part 3 was called “and again … it´s Friday the 13th”, instead of “Jason takes Manhattan” we got “Deatthrap Manhattan”.
    But if you compare this to the names the Godzilla-movies got over here then his is not too bad. The Godzilla-movies from the 50-60´s got stupid titles which included “Frankenstein” and/or “King Kong” . They even renamed/redubbed Monsters like Mechagodzilla nad JEtJaguar into King Kong to justify the title).

  9. That’s cool, Germaniac. Thanks for letting us know about the translations. It is interesting that the distributors would change the name. I saw that different title for the Part 3 German record I own. Good stuff! :)

  10. Do you know off the top of your head, what scenes or effect shots were cut in the German releases? Just curious as I am a franchise information junkie. Thanks.

  11. Mario,
    I too bought all of my Friday movies from the local video stores as they sold their extra copies. Otherwise, you had to wait a year or more after the video release to be able to buy the movie on VHS and even then it cost $30 or more brand new. I could get the used movies 4 months after the video release and get them for about $10. Best collecting time of my life, hounding the video store owners to sell me their copies. I am sure they were annoyed by that 10 year old kid always coming into their store trying to take their badly needed inventory. ;)

  12. Okay, here is a list ofthe cut stuff from the old VHS. But remember: since the release of the DVD´s Germany finally got them “uncut” (meaning identical to the R-rated version).
    I am linking the reports from (a site which features reports on all the stuff that got cut in german relases of varios movies/games etc)

    Part 1: Germany always had the unrated version (yup, in this case we got to see more than the USA!)

    Part 2: They cut a second out of Scott´s death (we don´t see the tiny bit when the blood starts to flow).

    Part 3: We got it uncut … but it´s banned !!!. Therefore we don´t have an DVD-release. Germn fans only got to see this via bootleg copys of the VHS-release (since it was banned the VHS was not to be sold in Germany)or by importing it from USA or somewhere else (Since some UK-releaes of F13-movies were cut as well it was not the best alternative).There is a small censorship in the dubbing of the dialouge. Debbie never mentions that she is pregnant in the German version.

    Final Chapter: In order to prevent that this one doesn´t get banned like Part 3, the german distributor cut the movie down heavily … but for some stupid reason it still got banned!!!!
    The cuts:
    We don´t see Axel´s 180 degree head-twist. We see the “overhead” shot when Jason slices the throat, but we don´t see the shoit with the saw sticking in the throat.
    Death of the Nurse: We don´t see how Jason pulls down the scalpel. We see how Jason stabs her and she screams. That´s it.
    Jason grabs her hear. CUT. Close-up of her blouse with blood flowing down!
    Twin 1: We don´t see how Jason throws/ pins her body to the wall.
    Jimbo: Jimbo gets the corkscrew in the hand, struuggles to get it free. He turns around to see who did it. CUT. Twin enters thebedroom. That´s right. Rhe german´s never saw the leaver coming.
    Doug´s death: The scene ends after the shot of Doug´s feet and JAson´s closeup.
    Sarah: We don´t get to see her lying on the ground.
    Jason: We see Jason gettingh it with the machete. Trish screams. CUT. Tommy picks up the machete which lays next to Jason.

    Part 5:
    Eddie´s death is missing completley.
    While the old german release showed how Demon got impaled, it misses the sot where he actualy dies.
    The shot of the cleaver coming towards Ethel as well as the sequezzed tomato are missing for some reason.
    the closeup-shot of the machete stabbing Violet is missing.
    Pam finding Matt´s body is missing completly! (So he is just “missing” in the german version!!!)

    Part 6:
    Darren´s death: Blood splattering on the car-window and a few seconds of Jason lifting the body were cut as well as a cut of Lizbeth behind the blood-splattered ccar window reacting to the death.
    After Jason killed the paintball-guy he looks at the machete. But the german-version cut´s away before the camera revelas the cut-off arms that´s still attached to the machete.
    After Jason rased Sissy´s upper-bofdyup the scene cut´s away. No head-twisting in the german version. We also don´t see Jason walking behind the window, carrying Sissy´s corpse. Nancy wakes up for no reason in the old german version (you can still see Jason´s shadow moving in that scene).
    After Jason enters the cabin to kill Paula the scene cut´s away. No blood on thw indow. For some reason´s the germans got to see this in inte intro of Part 7!
    When Officer Thornton dies there is a second missing (the final moments of his deathh in closeup).
    We see Jason grabbing Officer Pappas, but then the german version cuts away (it´s a very ugly cut because of the sudden change of music)
    And the scene where Sissy´s head is falling out of the car is gone! We see the shot from above, that´s it. So it apears the door was already open when Megan got to the car.

    TNB: Was alwas identical to the english version.
    (Most movies that get dubbed over here are ruined by the dubing because the voices don´t fit, the athmosphere is gone or the translations aren´t really spot on. Tha´t the case for most F13th as well. Part 1 and 5 are horribly dubbed for example. A funny scene is in TNB: In the german version Tina tells Crews “Can you speak english?” (after their first session) in the german version she says 2Can you speak german?”.)

    Part 8:
    Suzy: The sene cuts away before the arrow enters her body. We do not see her dead body as well (just Jason moving the arrow).
    Boxer: The scene ends justa nano-second after the rock makes contact to his skin.
    Wayne: The scene ends shortly after his body makes contact to the control-panel.The elctrocution is missing. the scene where the camera slides across his burning body is missing as well.
    Julius: Jason grabs his jacket, reaches out. CUT. Then we suddenly see Jason on the roof looking down. A cut that absolutley destroys this scene.
    McCulloch: After Jason pushes his body into the barrel the scene is cut. We don´t see Mc Culloch´s leg´s moving (for some reason missed this one).

    I think those were all the scenes that where cut.
    JGTH (r-rated) and the rest where released identical to the r-rated versions.

  13. Wow, I am surprised at some of the edits. And I thought we had it bad here in the states. Unbelievable. Thanks, Germaniac for posting these. You’re right, I do like the change in dialogue for Tina where she says, “Can you speak German?” funny stuff. :)

  14. And your not alone in thinking the same way as well, jasonsfury my good man! I mean I thought over here in the U.S. people were too purtanical and this & that, but a lot of those edits, if I were a German youth in one of my ancestors homelands, trying to enjoy the early Friday films on the VHS tape glory days, if I would have been them EVEN MORE CENSORED as the originally were in from the forcefully cut R-form, I doubt highly I would have loved the series as much. It’s it’s interesting for me to think about it for a bit.

  15. Deleted scenes(low quality) from various cuts/workprints of parts 5,6 & 9 as well as other films:

  16. i like them.

  17. In Sweden, the distributor of CIC Video cut down parts 2-4 heavily in order to prevent a complete banning. Part 3 is the one I remember most. When I bought a VHS from the UK instead I got to see a completely new movie!

    Not that I didn´t realise it was very cut. It was very obvious at most of the cuts that it was a cut. And the movie was only 72 minutes long! 72!

    There surely were minor cuts a little here and there too, but these major ones made MANY minutes:

    After the very first title pages of PARAMOUNT PICTURES PRESENTS and A FRANK MANCUSO JR/JASON INC. PRODUCTION it cuts to the zooming in on Mrs Voorhees´ head and the main titles starting. People had already seen part 2, hadn´t they?

    When they pick up Vera in the beginning you did manage to see Debbie starting to react on seeing the smoke from the van, but before any exclamation “Hey, the van´s on fire” it CUTS to….

    …the van passing the cafeteria.

    Seriously, you couldn´t joke about drugs, could you? :-/

    And thus, we never knew Debbie was pregnant either.

    When Chris is in the closet where she will find Debbie´s corpse, if I recall right it more or less instantly CUTS to…

    …when she is in the other room in the next scene, grabs the stool and breaks the window and climbs out of it.

    And when she has gotten into the barn, Jason has come in after her, and she has fallen down on him and tries to get out of the barn again, it very abruptly CUTS…

    …the sound in the background of Jason hacking and chopping on Ali, and Chris reaching for the axe.

    In part 2, I´m not sure, but I do have an old ex-rental VHS that I´m about to e-mail jasonsfury and ask if he´d like to have. I guess I could watch it once and try to keep notes on what´s in and what´s out. :-)

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