Fuller Talks Nightmare Remake and Friday Sequel

POSTER_SequelWell, right after we post a little update on the Friday the 13th sequel, Dread Central interviews Brad Fuller about the Nightmare On Elm Street remake and the, get this, new direction Platinum Dunes is moving towards. From the sound of Mr. Fuller’s comments, we won’t be seing Jason Voorhees anytime soon and probably not by Platinum Dunes, maybe ever. Read on for the snippet in relation to Friday the 13th and for the entire interview visit Dread Central.

Fuller said,We still aren’t sure what’s going to happen with the Friday the 13th sequel. Since Chainsaw is now in the hands of Twisted, that means we’re done with Leatherface now. The studio has decided to move forward and look for new types of material, which is how we got involved with Existence 2.0. I love action-y type material, and these graphic novels had that feel to them. Our writers are currently working on the script for that project.

We’ve made the decision to not pursue any new horror projects beyond what we’re planning for the upcoming remake of The Monster Squad. For that film we will be aging the Monster Squad up a bit so that it’s relatable to today’s audiences, but it will still very much be in the same spirit as the original. And, of course, The Wolfman will still have nards,Fuller added.

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28 Responses to “ Fuller Talks Nightmare Remake and Friday Sequel ”

  1. Bummer. Well I just hope they dont wait too long to make another one. Hopefully lionsgate will aquire the rights to Friday.

  2. bummer, I was looking forward to a sequel.

  3. I say let Paramount make their own sequel. It’d be better made by the original company. I’m worried about the Nightmare on Elm Street sequels. Jackie is signed on for two more movies.

  4. Best news I’ve heard all week!

    Monster Squad………idiots, what are PD thinking?

    I know……$$$$

  5. GREAT NEWS I DONT WANT Platinum Dunes OR Fuller TOUCHING THE NEXT MOVIE ! I HOPE SOME SOMEone els picks up the rights to friday the 13th and makes it right but it also could be the end of jason for like 3 years or more ,,and there might be a new freddy vs jason THEN 2 YEARS LATER A NEW FRIDAY THE 13TH MOVIE ,,. THAT CANT SUCK .,SO I HOPE THIS IS GOOD NEWS new line or Twisted picks friday thr 13th up and starts giving us what we realy almost want !!!!

  6. I already want a sequel, but so far it’s not looking so good for f13 part 2. If platinum dunes don’t want to helm the sequel they should just give the rights back to paramount and let them take care of it and they can go back to their stupid monster squad remake. And I’m sure other studios would want to do a part 2 like the already mentioned Lionsgate.

  7. GOOD!!!!!

    I want a new Friday but lets get real producers this time and make a good Jason film. The remake sucked ass. Birng Derek mears back, cause he was cool, but everything else pretty much blew. Made Part 8 look like a classic.

    Might help to have a fucking score this time too.. morons.

    Elm Street will blow goats.

  8. Seriously, The Monster Squad??? That is Hilarious…as a child of the 80s this remake is going to be their first bomb.

  9. WOW!

    So everything they said in the past about the F13 sequel was just a bunch of “smoke and mirrors”?

    What was the point of hyping the sequel if it was gonna all come to vaporware anyway? I think they all knew about this for a long time.

  10. @francisco It’s not an issue of Platinum Dunes “giving the rights back to Paramount”… Platinum Dunes doesn’t own the rights, Paramount and New Line can still go ahead with the sequel without PD involved at all.

  11. i think the 2009 movie should of been just another Friday the 13Th movie!not a remake/re-imaging/reboot!!!if you take out the mum bit at the beginning(60 seconds),then it is just another Friday!and i agree with RC1983…the score was very bad.the classic Jason sound was hardly used in it!and what was the snow/ice in the 2nd one going to be?did that mean that the “go” ahead was cold!!LOL.
    and 1 more thing!the teaser and trailer they released before the opening date looked very impressive but the movie was average-bad.now what about the new Freddy coming soon!same thing will happen- me thinks!!!

  12. I’m happy PD will not be involved!

    I said right from the get go that I wished the rights would have went to Lionsgate. They would have kept the re-boot simpler and much darker and hired better writers (with less annoying characters), and probably would not have had a problem using some Manfredini scoring, you know, to make you feel you were watching a Friday the 13th movie.

    Paramount can take if over if Lionsgate doesn’t since they did okay until JTM.

    The re-boot really did not do all that well, except fot the opening weekend; the drop off after that was spectacular. PD blew it.

    I don’t need Part 2 from PD.

    But please, for the love of Jason, release parts 4 – 7 on blu-ray!! Soon!!

  13. How nice of them to take on enduring franchises like Jason and Freddy, make one movie, and then ditch them without the coutesy of a reach-around! Gotta follow the money train i guess! But its good to hear that wolfman will still have nards, even though i would like to kick the platinum dunes people in their own nards!

    I wonder if the scary german guy will still be alive in this one.

  14. DOn’t worry about a sequel. One will happen. 2009 made almost $100,000,000. on a $19,000,000. budget.

    I’m sure Sean Cunningham is working on keeping his baby alive.

    Insead of Brad Fuller and the PD guys, you should be getting in touch with Cunningham for news.

  15. I’m so confused over the rights/ownership with this franchise. Correct me if I’m wrong but New Line owns Jason, Pamela, (the
    Vorhees name as well), & Crystal Lake? Paramont owns the F13th name, the 1st 8 films, & the characters associated from those flics (Tommy Jarvis, Tina Sheppard, etc)? That’s what I always thought since all of the flics after pt.8 never had F13th part 9, 10, etc in the title. I guess Paramount figured that a reboot/remake was going to happen eventually & they could still profit from it? Hopefully a sequel will happen in the future & with the right people behind it this time.

  16. A sequal will still happen. Just not by Plantinum Dunes. Who knows, maybe thats a good thing. Give it time. Jason will never die.

  17. Yes.. I have to agree, PD are not integral to the F13 sequel. I would certainly endorse New Line or Lionsgate to pick up the reins & bring in Todd Farmer to script it & retain the services of Derek Mears as Jason.

  18. Even if PD not doing part 2 of the reboot, I think New Line Cinema can still do the movie. And please bring back Derek Mears!! :)

  19. I don’t know what to say here… I mean we had that dumbass fuller talking all this hype about a Friday sequel and that they had a good script or whatever… didn’t really believe that one though. Why is Newline letting these jerk-offs fuck up their movies? Watch and see what I tell you. Nightmare will suck!!! Thats why they are getting out of the horror movies all together. They know that they dropped the ball (if they ever had it to begin with) with Friday the 13th. They knew it from the get go. I hate PD they are a bunch of no talent ass wipes. They are now remaking The Monster Squad!!!! really PD you can’t do any better than that. Their going to make it appeal to the new audience. Yeah we heard that before :COUGH: Friday The 13th:COUGH: what did that appeal to? These guys are a fuckin waste of life.

  20. THEY REALY SUCK Plantinum Dunes STICK TO Transformers they gave us a shitty friday the 13th reboot of the first 4 movies it sucked they did better with the texas chainsaw 1&2 now this fuck fuller talking all this hype about a Friday sequel and that they had a good script and now they are not doing it hahah ya well ill tell you all something we will get a part 2 but i bet Derek Mears!will not be back i do want him but there remaking the monster squad so he will be frankinstine he is under contract to them for one more movie and it dont have to be friday the 13th so we might get Kain Hodder back im cool with that or a new jason but no matter what we will get a part 2 and i hope its done right this could be shaping up to be a big APRIL’S FOOLS DAY JOKE TOO lol but jasons fury you need to get some more info for us and keed doing a kick ass job like you are i love this site and i love friday the 13th jason will never die !!!!!!

  21. I agree with what a lot of you have to say. No sense in rushing a sequel when it’s not in good hands. Adding some of the original F13 characters would be a nice touch. Ever since New Line came in, the movies have really changed. If they make a sequel, it needs to scream Friday the 13th.
    That said, I still loves the remake. Best Jason movie in years!

  22. This is great news! Hopefully Paramount will have sole rights again and do the next one (which is the 13th in the series don’t forget). Isn’t New Line Cinema defunct now? If Paramount is smart enough to get the rights back, we actually may have a truly classic style Friday again, with the 13th Film being the selling point. Please get rid of Shannon & Swift, they seem cool, but the last to movies they wrote sucked. Of Course there will be a another Friday, FANS REJOICE!! hopefully “Platnum Douches” won’t have any involvement!

  23. would’ve been nice if the people at platinum dunes had decided to stop makin’ horror movies, before the remake… but i guess now there’s hope for the sequel.

  24. I still want more news on this !whole Jason thing ,,I want to know what there realy going to do with Friday the 13th part 2..

  25. I dont understand why pwoplw have issues with the 2009 remake!!! It was a good flick and a good way to reboot a dead series. Lets face it, New line ruined F13 and a new direction was badly needed. I think that another movie (or 4) could be pulled off based on the story line from the 2009 movie.

    There have been 67 friday the 13th films…I have a feeling there will be a few more.

  26. yeah jay jay,
    it was that good there rushing to make the second one m8!!!

  27. I don’t think that new line is to blame for what has happend to the series. It was all the “writers”, directors, actors, “producers”…. And the movies were getting pretty bad when Paramount had the rights. But in my opinion Platinum Dunes did do a good job compared to the previous 4 movies, but it wasn’t a great job by any means. I mean an 80% drop in one week is horrible. I hope that someone with the right sense can get the rights to Friday the 13th cause God knows Newline/Platinum Dunes, and Paramount have no clue how to make a good Friday the 13th movie that can live up to the originals and not be, just a guy in the woods killing people and giving the audience the impression that Jason is a weed farmer. I loved Derek Mears as Jason, that was the only really good thing about the reboot. Sorry for the rant.

  28. Give Me a break,
    The Remake sucked worse than a Billy Ray Cyrus
    and Miley duet.
    Platinum Dunes Sucks.
    I just hope whoever makes the film sets it in the Winter!!!

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