Which Actor/Crew Member Do You Want Interviewed?

PP30575_Friday_13th_1she-01We at fridaythe13thfilms.com are finishinig up the details on some great events for the fans. There will be two contests, both of which should be announced in the next couple of days. Also, some special interviews are still planned to be unveiled soon. With all of these things going on, it got us thinking, what interview would fans most want to see happen? There have been a lot of people from the friday the 13th franchise interviewed over the years. Some have been way more accessable than others, hence many more interviews.

Recently, we interviewed Spencer Stump and he was very gracious and was willing to offer a lot of information about his experiences filming Freddy vs Jason. This was great to read as no one had really interviewed Spencer previously. He is great and was fun to communicate with. These are the type of interviews we enjoy and fans do as well. So, what actor or crew member from the series would you most like to have interviewed and what questions would you have for them?

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  1. Amy Steel please! (f13 part 2)

  2. Carol Locatell, Ethel from part 5.

  3. Ethel from part 5 or Crispin Glover from part IV, to see what his take is on these movies after all these years.

  4. I would have to say Steve Miner (director of FT13th parts 2 and 3). Ive never seen him being interviewed about Jason. The only time Ive seen Him speak was on The Last House On The Left DVD (1972). He didnt appear on the His Name Was Jason DVD, nor the bonus disc on the From Crystal Lake To Manhattan box set. Im just curious what He has to say.

  5. Ken Kirzinger from Freddy vs Jason. He seems like a very genuine guy!

  6. Jennifer Cooke(Megan from part VI) because I have recently found out that she wants nothing to do with this franchise.

  7. Crispin Glover!

  8. Steve Miner!

  9. I’d say Jeffrey Rogers & Rachel Howard, Andy & Chili from part 3. Neither have been around since the 80s. Would love to see what they are up to aside from “working in the health industry”. Most of the others from Part 3 have been visible since…

  10. I’d like to see the actress/stuntwoman Julie Michaels interviewed (she was the F.B.I agent used as bait at the begining of J.G.T.H).She was a dead ringer for my good lady when she starred in “Roadhouse”.I’d also like to see 80’s horror movie veteran Thom Matthews (Tommy J in Part VI) interviewed along with Corey Feldman (Tommy J in Part IV).I wonder how Corey would feel about resurecting his character if any further sequels asked it of him.I’d like to think he’d jump at the chance……………………..KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA.

  11. Walt Gorney if he was still with us. I would like to see what thinks of the franchise, and which movies did he liked (if any). I would like to know (if he was still with us) if he would take part in a return to the franchise (any part).

  12. I would also love to see an interview with Rachel Howard (Chili) or Marta Kober/Scorcese (Sandra from Part. II). Kirsten Baker would also be a great one!

  13. Martin Kitrosser, screenwriter of Friday the 13th Part III and A New Beginning. Would be nice to hear his thoughts on the series, and his opinions of how A New Beginning was executed through production. He currently serves as a script supervisor on Quentin Tarantino’s films.

  14. I have to agree with others, Crispin Glover would be a great interview. I would like to read about his memories of the film and being on the set.

  15. o Also Marta Kober from part 2 (Sandra). Since no one knows what she is doing or up to. Has there been any word if she is ok? But I liked her in part 2 and in the movie RAD!

  16. Ted White

  17. Steve miner or Amy steel

  18. I’d like to see Juliette Cummins (Robin Part 5) and Heidi Kozak (Sandra Part 7) interviewed. They could be asked about their experience on the Friday films and also their involvement in Slumber Party Massacre 2

  19. crispin glover

  20. Steve Miner….He played such a major part in the first 3 films, and never talks about them.

  21. I would like to see, Willie Adams “Barry” and Debra S. Hayes “Claudette” from Part 1 interviewed. I can’t find any bio’s on them. It’s as if they just disappeared!

  22. I have to add to the long list of those who would like to hear from Steve Miner.

  23. Melanie Kinnaman (Pam) from Friday the 13th A New Beginning, I woul like to hear more about her experiences from part 5 and her perspective on the franchise.

  24. Steve Miner. I’m sure there are a lot of interesting stories he could tell about the making of the first 3 movies.

  25. Marta Kober from part 2 (if she is alive still) or Tracie Savage? Hott.

  26. How about the girl who played Melissa, Tina’s rival from F13 part 7?

    It seems she just dropped off the face of the earth, has anyone heard from her since the film?

  27. I have to agree with dennis and say Jeffrey Rogers or Rachel Howard from Part 3. Of course, if you are able to get Steve Miner that would be phenomenal.

  28. Steve Miner!!

    Platinum Dunes would have to contact him to direct next F13 movie!!

  29. Amy steel, Crispin Glover, Steve Miner…In that order. Of course the obvious name, K.B., is a never gonna happen thing.

  30. My pick would be the reverse order of the above pics:

    Steve Miner, Crispin Glover, Amy Steel

  31. Yeah Amy Steel would be cool. I don’t know how accessible Steve Miner would be since he has distanced himself almost completely from the Friday universe, but I would love to hear his thoughts on the series.

  32. Right now, Steve Miner would be very tough to get. However, he is tentatively scheduled to be at the reunion in August. Perhaps our website can use that to our advantage. ;)

    As for the rest, we will look into all of these actors. Some we have contacted already. We will keep you updated. Thanks for the responses everyone. These are all great choices!

  33. That would be really awesome if you can swing that, Jasonsfury!! I think pretty much everybody in the Friday universe has been waiting to hear more from Miner. Anybody know why he’s kind of decided to stay away from the franchise to this point?

  34. How about Barbara Howard? I had such a crush on her.

  35. Well, I’m a bit curious about Amy Steel, Jeanine Taylor and Larry Zerner….thought they were great actors, and never seen again in recent years…..I don’t really have any questions, but maybe some other fans do. Of these three castmembers ( I like most of the Friday caracters) I had the most fun watching, was Jeanine…..the scene where she’s talking to the mirror really makes me laugh, even after watching the movie over a 100 times….In my opinion she really brought a frsh and “real” character to the first movie.

    If it’s possible I would like to tell her that when I had a chance to do an interview…but no real question.

  36. Crispin Glover and Judie Aronson(man I was in love with her when I was a kid)

  37. 1.The LOVELY… Lar Park Lincoln
    2.the dead fuck & the drunk teddy…i mean, Crispin Glover&Lawrence Monoson

  38. Dana Kimmel, Lauren-Marie Taylor or Melanie Kinnaman

  39. 1. Warrington Gillette (because he was fired as Jason)

    2. Steve Miner (he seems to have distanced himself from the franchise)

    3. Dana Kimmel (she seems to dislike the horror genre)

  40. thom mathews, jennifer cooke, kristen baker and the actress who played melissa from 7, i can’t think of her name off hand… i think they’d be interesting to hear from because i’ve never heard of them giving any interviews.

  41. I would also like to hear from Marta Kober.

  42. Part 1: Jeanine Taylor
    Part 2: Marta Kober
    Part 3: Jeffrey Rodgers,Rachel Howard
    Steve Miner and “Melissa” the bitch from part 7!

  43. Melissa was played by Susan Jennifer Sullivan, and I can’t find any credits to her name other than F13 Part 7.

    It’s not impossible that she experienced what Adrienne King had to put up with after F13 1-2. Some kooky “fan” out there may have taken her “Melissa” character seriously and harassed her into becoming a recluse. I hope that’s NOT the case! LOL

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