Video Look At Crazy Ralph Bust

ralph6I am a big fan of the Crazy Ralph character and anytime something new or special is created to represent the charatcter I think it is worth mentioning to everyone. We have mentioned the new Crazy Ralph mask/bust by Josh Stephenson previously and shown pictures, however a video representation really displays the great detail of the Walt Gorney character.

Check out the video below of Crazy Ralph. Notice the authentic hat and shirt material that completes the character bust. I think this looks completely realistic and was more amazed by the detail seeing it on video. Let us know your thoughts.

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4 Responses to “ Video Look At Crazy Ralph Bust ”

  1. This resembles the puppet Walter from Jeff Dunham. LOL The mouth and the eyes.

  2. Cool vid Jason, thanks! The bust in the video is the #1 copy in a limited run of, what else? 13. The only other ones out there are a test copy and a proto copy. All subsequent copies will include hat, hair and eyes only. Click my name for the link if interested.

  3. Thanks for all the feedback everyone.

  4. Josh, you did a great job on this mask. I hope people order this soon, before the limited run is over!

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