Jason Voorhees 18″ Killer Cut Edition

I own the 18″ Jason Voorhees last was released last year and it is one of my all time favorite figures ever for the franchise. However, the one gripe have, as do a lot of other fans, is that the long hair is attached to the straps of the hockey mask. So, when the hockey mask is removed from the head, Jason essentially loses most of his hair. (Insert Joke Here)

Well, now Art of Toys has gone ahead and fixed that. Basically, they have taken the Neca 18″ figure and added to it to create the definitive Reboot Jason Voorhees. They completely resculpted the head, adding more detail in the eye and mouth area. The head has been reshaped and actual strands of hair have been added to give the figure a more realistic look. Also, blood splatter and weathering have been added to the figure and machete.

Overall, this is one scary looking dude. If you desire this custom figure, check out the video they created, below, and visit their eBay page to purchase.

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6 Responses to “ Jason Voorhees 18″ Killer Cut Edition ”

  1. Why go through all the trouble to re-sculpt the head and make it look that good, only to put that god awful looking hockey mask on it. That has to be the one of the worst hockey masks i’ve ever seen on a figure.

  2. I dont have a problem with the mask so much as the resculpted face. I mean That looks nothing like what he looked like in the reboot. his face was fatter, his clef lip wasnt as drastic and he didnt have that weird split in his forehead! I want the real face for this figure.

  3. Its really good, but like joey says, it doesnt look much like him at all! I dont know what jason they were watching when they made this, but it sure wasnt any off the films!!!

  4. That video is a little over the top…haha

    Cool figure though, although it looks very little like the actual remake Jason.

  5. Perfect video and excellent look for this figure.

  6. I like the figure. Often times I think figure makers make a figures with a Jason more along the lines of what he should have looked lie in the films rather than what he did. While I love the new film and like what they did, it felt rather tame. I knw they were wanting realism, but if you look at Part 2’s Jason it’s still rather bumby and more pronounced.

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