Play Nintendo’s Friday the 13th Now!

Friday_nintendoI know there are a lot of our visitors that are aware of this link I have below. However, there are people who are either new to the series and do not know or there may be lifelong fans that just never found this link previously. At any rate, if you’re itching for come nostalgia and want to battle it out with with a floating Mrs. Voorhees head or a purple jumpsuited Jason, then click on the link below and enjoy! Oh yea, watch out for zombies that leap out of the water at you like Flipper on steroids.

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17 Responses to “ Play Nintendo’s Friday the 13th Now! ”

  1. The nintendo game was what introduced me to the series back when I was little, so no matter how bad it is I still hold a special place in my heart for it

  2. It was also my introduction to Jason. My brother bought it for me and I still have the cartridge. Unfortunately the box got thrown out some time ago. That cabin music was(and still is) scary as hell. I can still remember sitting in the dark cold basement late at night, 8 years old, then running up the steps after I turned the Nintendo off because I was freaked out.

    Anyone remember the edited rom that was on the old Friday the 13th board? I forgot who posted it, but I never got a chance to try it. Was it any good?

  3. what a great game. the music is awesome

    doo-doo ch-ch doo-doo ch-ch doo-doo chhhh dooo do-do

  4. Yea, no matter how cheesy this game is it is still awesome. I played when i was little and it scared the crap out of me with jason popping up and the creepy music. The one thing that hasn’t changed is how hard it is, damn 8 bit limited mobility.
    Thanks for the link, didn’t know about it!

  5. Woo hoo i’ve always wanted to play this.Cheers for link jasonsfury.Ahh the good ol 8 bit days,how i miss them.Imagine how good Jason would look on ps3 or x-box now.If Saw can get it’s own game then why not Friday The 13th…………….KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA.

  6. It was a lot easier for me to force myself to like something that was horrible when I was younger. The NES game for Friday the 13th is a perfect example of this. Im glad to see that the guys that posted above me haven’t lost their child-like ability to appreciate things just because of the franchise it represents. I wish I could still do this…but I have grown to actually appreciate good games and stay away from bad ones. The only cool thing about this game was the box art and the opening sequence that you got before you pressed start to actually begin playing the game. It was all downhill from there…

  7. One of the worst NES games ever made, and an insult to the franchise. I have to agree with The Angry Nintendo Nerd. I did buy it years ago, but I had no idea how horrible it was. LJN didnt really make any good games. They gave Freddy Kreuger and Jaws the same treatment. I say its time they made a new FT13th game for XBOX360 and PS3. Theres already a Saw game, so why not? With the great graphics we have now, I think a good company like Rockstar games or Activision could deliver us a great Jason game.

  8. I remember the very first day this game was released. My friend got it and we played it at his house all day. I have to agree that this is a terrible game, even for the time it came out. The nostalgia is there, however, seeing the floating Pamela head and Jason on a video game was a highlight of many youths in the 80’s ;)

  9. I love this game actually! Took the game genie to beat it because Jason gets insanely difficult to kill after the first time!! I also love the Angry Video Game Nerd’s review of it! LMFAO!! That guy rocks! is an EXCELLENT site! You can also download an emulator for old video games @ i.e. NES SNES, Genesis,Arcade games, etc. I highly recommend it! That’s where I found the aracde uncensored version of Splatterhouse (Japanese version I believe) and it’s soooo much better than the Turbo Graphix 16 version. The hockey mask is white like it’s supposed to be (very similar to Jason’s) and it’s gory as hell!!

  10. I actually have the cartridge and the box! I also have the game on my android so I can play it wherever I am!!!

  11. Still have this game for my NES today. I loved it, and still do. It scared the hell out of me when I was little, but now it just brings back great memories when I Play it.This is one of those games that you need to know how to play it in order to like it, if you don’t know how to play it, chances are you won’t like it.

  12. In most side-scrollers you run from left to right and kill things as you move. You should’ve been able to play as Jason in this game because it makes perfect sense.

    Instead, you can be any one of a series of counselors and you have to kill zombies with rocks and daggers. Lame. It would’ve been better if you just got to play as Jason and kill random counselors until you met the final “boss” enemy (Ginny, Tommy Jarvis, Tina, etc.)

  13. I don’t know what genre would make for a good F13th game but one thing I do know is that this thing was pure ass. By now it’s expected because pretty much all movie to video games are horrible, but as a kid this thing was so disappointing.

  14. I have beaten this game many times and it is not as bad or difficult as people say it is. You guys just need practice.
    I got this game for Christmas in 1989 and it has always been one of my favorite games.
    I want a current generation Friday the 13th game for Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Wii, DS and PSP. There is a lot of potential for a Friday the 13th game on those consoles. Imagine walking thru the woods in 3D trying to run away from Jason. I would love it.

  15. I agree with most everyone here, its a game I love to hate. Yes it is a terrible game, but it brings back alot of memories. I had to save money to get it and was so excited to play it. When I was a kid I truly loved the game. Unfortunately it didnt hold up as I got older, and now its just terrible.

    And yes a PS3 or XBox version is desperately needed.

  16. I think its sad that we haven’t had ANOTHER Friday the 13th game since this one. I still can’t believe that…

  17. Yeah, but you can say the same for most horror-film franchises from the 1980’s. The NES saw a video game release for Friday the 13th, A Nightmare on Elm Street, and JAWS. To my knowledge, only JAWS saw an updated release on a modern console with the PS2. The game was called Jaws Unleashed and the premise was cool since you actually got to play as the shark. Hell, I don’t even think anyone has ever made a video game for the Halloween franchise or the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. So I guess, in a way, we are lucky enough to have just one game even if it was made over 20 years ago.

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