LAST CALL! Scarefest NEXT WEEKEND (9/12-14)!! Lexington, Kentucky- Featuring Interview with Jeff Waldridge


Next weekend marks hopefully the first of many “Scarefest events! The event takes place in Lexington, KY at the Lexington Center and features an impressive list of horror celebrities as well as many folks involved in the paranormal. The main kicker for Friday the 13th fans? A cast reunion of the original Friday the 13th! Appearing at the event are Adrienne King (Alice), Betsy Palmer (Pamela Voorhees), Ari Lehman (Jason Voorhees), Tom Savinia (FX), Harry Manfredini (Composer), Victor Miller (Screenwriter FIRST CONVENTION APPEARANCE), and Ron Millke (Officer Dorf). Jason icon Kane Hodder will also be appearing for Friday the 13th fans! Golden tickets have now officially sold out. Advanced tickets are also no longer being sold. Initially ticket prices were to be increased on the day of the event. But due to overwhelming response tickets are the same price at the door as they would have been had one purchased advanced tickets! Please note: This event will NOT sell out. The Lexington Center is a very large venue. So come on out and enjoy a weekend of Friday the 13th, horror and paranormal happenings!

 We caught up with event host and co-founder of The Scare Fest Jeff Waldridge to find out what one can expect now and in the future as far as The Scare Fest goes,  as well as what goes into putting something like this together for horror fans



Friday the 13th Films: Tell us about yourself. You do a lot of paranormal investigating correct?

Jeff Waldridge: Yes but lately have not had a lot of time with convention planning but I do love investiagting. I have investigated with most of the top names in the field.

F13F: Being as though this is a Friday the 13th site, this question tends to be thrown out there pretty quickly. So…what is your favorite Friday the 13th installment and why?

JW: Part 6 or 7 because I think the Jason makeup is awesome in these 2 films, Plus it has the best and second best Jason in it and I will not name names on who I think was the best Jason but it starts with a Kane and ends with a Hodder LOL

F13F: What goes into putting together an event such as Scare Fest?

JW: A lot of time dedication and my soul. Realize in the last 6 months I have gotten divorced, moved twice, and lost 2 dogs in the divorce. Did this all while keeping the convention together and rolling.

F13F: How hard was it to pick a location once the event began to take off?

 JW: I had Lexington in mind when I approached my business partner Patti Starr about the event. Lexington KY needs something like this and it is close enought to several major cities.

F13F: What brought about the idea of getting together the cast of the original Friday the 13th?

JW: It fell into my lap. I wanted Betsay Palmer for sure then her agent gave me the idea and I then started adding to it. Now it has grown into something that will be filmed by a production company working with Paramount and hopefully included in an upcoming release of Friday the 13th on DVD if all works out.

F13F: Anyone from the cast that you would have liked to have had that never came together?

JW: Not really I mean I could sat here and second guess or wish I had someone but I think we have one of the most extensive cast reunions I have seen. At least the key players are there. I wanted to build a panel where the fan could ask anything from a production question, makeup question, score question, or acting question. Thats why I searched out Victor Miller the screenwriter and he has never ever done an event.

F13F: Anyone from the horror world that you pursued that was never finalized? (For a complete list CLICK HERE)

JW: Nope what you see is my wish list, Even PJ Soles, Michael Berryman, and Tony Todd were on my wish list even though I thought I would not get them due to other events but it looks like it worked out don’t it LOL.

F13F: Do you plan on turning this into an annual event?

JW: It will be every year in Lexington KY until the city stops supporting us. We have been approached by at least 5 other major cities welcoming us with open arms so we will see if we have The Scare Fest in another city but we will always have it in Lexington.

F13F: What would you like to see from a future Scare Fest?

JW: Honestly I plan to make it the Comic Con of the southeast. Thats why I am working very closely with some major movie companies. It is building so far.

F13F: How did Kane Hodder come to be a part of The Scare Fest?

JW: I went to Omega Con in Alabama with my business partner Patti Starr, She was a guest speaker at the event. They gave me a table to promote The Scare Fest and Kane was the only Horror star there the rest were Sci Fi and Paranormal. I went with Chip Coffey to a seminar and Patti called me on my cell and said Kane Hodder wants to talk to you. I then rushed down and spoke to Kane and the rest is history. He is a very very good guy and fans will love him.

F13F: The Scare Fest is not only a horror convention, it also features many aspects of the paranormal world. What can you tell us to expect from that point of The Scare Fest?

JW: You will be able to come to The Scare fest and hear real exorcists and people who have lived in possessed and haunted houses. Wre also have Denice Jones whos son inspired the horror film Sixth Sense this is the first event she has done. For Paranormal fans it will be educational and fun. For Horror fans it will be the greatest thing next to rotting flesh.

F13F: The elusive Golden Tickets are now sold out and all pre-sale tickets have been sold. But, fans can STILL be part of The Scare Fest. Tell us how?

JW: WE WILL NOT SELL OUT OF DAY AND WEEKEND PASSES. LET ME REPEAT THAT WE WILL NOT SELL OUT. They can purchase tickets at the door everyday of the event. We had to stop pre sales due to the overwhelming response and us not having enough time to mail all the tickets. Come to the door and buy a ticket you won’t be sorry.

F13F: What else would you like to tell Friday the 13th fans as well as those who may be interested in this convention in closing?

JW: You will not want to miss the first year of this event it will only grow from here. Come out and support us and we will support you the fans. Some conventions just throw guests at fans without thinking because it is about money for them, Sure I want to make some money but honestly I have a Job and I don’t care if I make a dime. I am a fan first and a promoter second. I will only have the guests I think fans would want to see. Please understand I have turned down some awesome guests because it is not worth it to me if the fans will not understand why I booked that guest. All guests will fit a theme or have a movie in common for the most part.

I have already started wrking on 2024’s guest list and just realize if you thought these guests were cool wait until you see 2024’s list.

For more information on The Scare Fest, please visit the official page at or the official myspace page at

NOTE: I will be attending this event and would love to get a word with some Friday the 13th fans. So if you see me, feel free to say hello! Check here for pics and a run down of the weekend events a short time after the event concludes.

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  1. Sweet. I wish I could go! I want to meet Kane Hodder!!!

  2. This looks pretty sweet!

  3. Meh, this is cool and all, but conventions-I dunno. I’ve heard so many negatives over the years of stand offish, tired of being asked the same thing by multiple groups, genre celebs. And oddly enough, even though I know the only bad things come from maybe when people cut lines, I never really gave two fucks about gerne conventions myself. It would seem the stuff I buy off Amazon frin 3rd party sellers, and eBay on occasion, would be sky high from the dealer’s booths, and plus, they never really have the retro Slashers reunion of casts that I REALLY would like to see. Also I never cared that much for the first Friday (the Steve Miner directed sequels and The Final Chapter-I don’t care who says it’s overated-are where it’s all at, baby). Also never got the big deal about autographs, but to each they’re own.

    Well the recent Friday the 13th part V: A New Beginning one I listened to about on Dead radio sounded great, but fuck it was WAY far off from me. I would have love to went to that one, though, and would also like some more part 3-D get togethers, and a part 2 or maybe Final Chapter one. I’ve wanted to meet Savini for the longest time, but over the years, that has dropped, as three close online friends I’ve been in contact and met offline with have told me what a strange, stand off-ish prick he is. So scratch that on my to do in life list. *lol*

    I don’t know; I just prefer to admire genre stars from a distance. Once I met’em, I would even be afraid I would ask too many ‘fan boy’ centric questions as well, and stuff that only the asshole vault keepers and film technictians on over at Cashamount would know of. But to each they’re own with respect. Here is to hoping everyone that attends has fun and isn’t charged up the ass for some decent shit. *lmao*

  4. it’ll be a last minute decescion for me.. its only like a hour away for me. Just dont know which day I can afford to go.

  5. Just a heads up. Paramount will be on hand doing some filming for a special feature on the upcoming Friday the 13th DVD!!

  6. Just a heads up. Paramount will be on hand filming a feature for the upcoming Friday the 13th DVD!

  7. cant wait!!!!!! just hope to be able to meet all of the cast members…and get autographs too!!! this is my 1st convention, dont know what to expect.

  8. from the scarefest myspace blog…

    You can view the events hosted by The Peace, Love, and, Lipgloss hour will be hosting Live Streaming interviews and events all weekend long.

    Head over to our blog or

    Awesome stuff!!

  9. Ron Millikie aka Officer Dorf has had to cancel due to illness.

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