Early New Friday Ideas

I saw this interview on Chud and found the following comments to be pretty interesting, regarding the development of New Friday:

Fuller: We had all kinds of crazy scripts. We had one script that had Jason in the suburbs and he was going into people’s homes and killing him. There was the one where there was barbed wire in the water…

Form: We had one where Camp Crystal Lake was open again, and this time there were campers.

Fuller: We went through a lot of versions to come up with what we have now.

Form: But we never had a version that changed the character of Jason, just ones that put him in different settings.

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59 Responses to “ Early New Friday Ideas ”

  1. So glad they just stuck with Crystal Lake. Jason in the suburbs was pretty much previewed in Freddy vs. Jason.

  2. I don’t care what they do. I’m not fussy. If it’s an F13 flick I’ll see it.

  3. Yes! Boobs, bud and blood! What more is there! Finally got to see Part 3 in 3D the other night!

  4. Particularmente me gustaria ver un jason mas basico es decir desde el cristal lake reconstrido
    the film could name ….¨´the return to cristal lake¨´

  5. Jason in the Suburbs? It’s been done. They called it Halloween. But i like the idea with Crystal Lake being open and actually having campers. That’d be sweet. Maybe it can be in one of the sequels we can expect.

  6. Hey Mark Saw where did you see part 3 in 3D?

  7. I found it more interesting that the teaser will be online “In September-ish” and a trailer will debut some months later. They also wanted to do some red band stuff for the internet fans. Can’t wait!

  8. Hey cerati900, english please!! Lol

  9. Ok this pisses me off. The guy from Chud.com is pretty much saying that no Friday maovie is a great movie andthat the remake is no exeption but it has an opertunity to be a great Friday movie?!? What the hell’s up with that? And the other thing that binds me up is that it seems like Fuller and Form only focussed on puting nutity and drugs in the new movie. That’s not what Friday the 13th movies are about!!

  10. Finally the return of Jason Voorhees to the big screen!!!!

  11. Glad they didn’t do Jason in the suburbs.
    Can’t wait to see it.

  12. I heard another script had Jason wearing a victim’s thong while he killed people.

  13. If Jason isn’t killing “campers” who’s he killing in this new movie at Crystal Lake?

    Did I miss something?

  14. Jason kills counselors, not campers, Splatterhouse. The only sequel that actually had campers was Jason Lives, & he didn’t kill any of them. They’re kids.

  15. i cant wait to see a teaser trailer. and i agree it would of been cool to have campers at crystal lake, maybe have jason hack up an 8 year old haha

  16. In response to Splatterhouse: The New Friday revolves around a group of young people who are investigating the disappearance of a girl (the group leader’s sister) out at Crystal Lake. What the girl was doing at Crystal Lake in the first place and why it takes an entire group of kids to go find her (moral support?) has yet to be revealed. Apparently, the cops won’t do anything about it (probably because they’re superstitious about Jason if I had to guess), so the group has to go find out themselves.

  17. I’m guessing they’re the ones he’ll be killing, plus a few cops, according to the bootleg trailer. I’m curious about the whole “barbed wire in the water” plot detail above. What does that even mean? What reason would there possibly be to put barbed wire in the water? Hmmm…

  18. Also, in response to voorhees213: Jason has killed campers. He killed three of them in Jason Goes to Hell. But that movie was terrible, so I don’t blame you for not remembering. Still, aren’t the counselors technically campers too? I mean, they are in cabins out in the woods, just like those little kids in Jason Lives.

  19. jasons first on screen murder was in the an apartment building but jason at crystal lake is the only way to go they should have never taken him away from there.

  20. i heard somewhere that Creighton Duke was wearing a thong and playing with my dong pong!! pong!!! pong!!!…….shut the hell up with the thong stuff it’s not funny moron.

  21. Just read an article over at shocktillyoudrop.com that said “His Name Is Jason” documentary debuts February 3rd. Mark your calendars.

  22. Please don’t talk about the P.O.S that was Jason Goes to Hell. That movie makes Jason X look like The Dark Knight or The Godfather Part 2. LMAO!!!!!

  23. In response to Micah, Jason killed two campers in New Blood. Remember, the sleeping bag! How can you forget that!

  24. clarification: campers = anyone camping in the woods (tent, cabin, otheriwse). I feel the reference to campers in F13th is for the children campers, just like in opening scenes of part 1 and part 6.

  25. I’m not sure if this is new info or not but I found a new version of the trailer(still a bootleg) but is a little clearer but if you pause it a 1:39 you see like a kid with black ripped up clothes walking through the woods w/a monster head so we know its jason. If you have trouble seeing it like keep pressing pause and play around 1:35 until you reach 1:39

  26. OK, my bad, the sleeping bag kill from VII, &, technically, Rob was “camping” in The Final Chapter. I just assumed campers=kids at camp, but you guys are absolutely right. And yes, JGTH sucked, but the chick (camper)that gets torn in half in the tent – that was just awesome, especially if you have the unrated version.

  27. Hey Blood, what about the Jarvis’s? They lived in a cabin, but I wouldn’t call them campers. But you all forgot Rob from part 4. He was a camper and a he got killed. He slept in a tent remember?

  28. Oh yea, and also Corey and his girlfreind from Jason Lives. They both were killed too his girls parents’ camper.

  29. Opps I mean Cort. My bad lol and I didn’t notice that Voorhees213 alrady mentioned Rob. Man, I’m batting a thousend today lol!!

  30. SplitSkull, sorry my point is that the term campers in referrence to the movies would be kids at camp, not campers (tent or otherwise). Having actual kids at the camp would add to the atmosphere of the film.

  31. on the friday remake imdb it says that one of the initial ideas was to make Friday the 13th part XI, which would of erased the events of manhattan-freddyvsjason, and picked up after the new blood, and would have a very 80s feel to it. its a damn shame they didnt go with that one.

  32. Did you all see the pic from the new movie a few weeks ago in the Entertainment Magazine, showing Jason on the bank of the lake and the nude girl in the water lookingat him? Looked more like the old films…

  33. I think everyone and their mother has seen that pick and then some by now. I wonder when those other photos of Jason will come back online along with the teaser trailer? Septemberish is so vague. They are still playing cat and mouse with the blurry Comic Con video.

  34. That batch of photos with Jason with the axe over his head etc are now back online. Platinum Dunes released them “officially” this time.

  35. I’d like to see someone FISHING at Crystal lake for once!!Out of all of the Friday movies and the huge beautiful Crystal lake not ONCE has any one fished in there!! If you’re from New Jersey like I am and so is Jason Voorhees and there is a lake and NO ONE fishes it, that is just….Sacrilegious !!!!

  36. Well I’m just hoping for an over all good movie. I’m already happy with a back-to-basics with an attractive cast of teenage Spam (thank you, Joe Bob Briggs), with old-school (parts 2-through-4) Jason, thankfully, in *both* the classic pillow case head and hockey masked looks. And it’s set back at Crystal Lake, Essex county, once again.

    So I’m alrady a bit pleased. I do hope it’s better then the recent Texas Chainsaw reduxes, though TCM: The Beginning does has it’s grisly moments, albiet in a bigger budgeted a bit too glossy way.

    As for people fishing and the like: No offence, cause I’m from the Voulenteer state of Tennessee, so I’ve done some Fishing myself, but I chould give to shits and a flying fuck about that. And for the record, while exercised entirely and not seen instill the totally bullshit 2024 ‘ultimate edition’ (yeah, right) boxset, Part VII *did* have a Fishing sequence breifly at the end, with the panning over to see te Fisherman reel in a fish and to show that the almighty Voorhees is still alive. I can see why they cut it as the final images weren’t that impressive.

    But to each they’re own.

  37. So I think we all agree now. Jason has killed his share of campers.

  38. micah….he has not killed any overnight camp campers. He only has killed counselors and other random non Camp Crystal Lake/ Camp Forest Green camper, you know those in tents or visiting the lake for \


  40. I think it would bring a realizim to the film showing something like a person fishing and then something happening to him/her. It would be different to see that, as simple minded as it sounds. Little, suttle things like that make great moments in movies. JMO

  41. LOL. The Killing camper debate is a funny one and the answer depends on your point of view. If you are talking about kids coming to the camp and staying in the cabins like Jason did before he drowned and like the kids in Jason Lives did..well………..Jason never killed any campers. The End!!! LOL!!!!!

  42. Blood, my original comment about Jason killing campers was to voorhees213 after he/she said Jason doesn’t kill them. I just put it out there that Jason does kill campers and we’ve seen him do it. True he hasn’t killed any Camp Crystal Lake campers, but we all know he has killed counselors there and several tent campers in the surrounding area. Whether or not you count the counselors as campers depends on how you define camping. I don’t think I ever said anything about the tent campers being part of Camp Crystal Lake though, but you were right when you said they weren’t.

  43. J Miggidy is right. It is a funny debate, and pretty interesting too. Like I said, it all depends on how you define what a camper is. I would have to say the kiddies are definitely campers, because they’re at camp. Wouldn’t that technically make them “campers”? But we kow Jason never killed any of them. Should the counselors be concidered campers though. That’s the real question. It just depends on how you look at it.

  44. Hmmmm very interesting debate, indeed.

    I would personally answer “Yes” to the question of rather-or-not the adult Camp Counselors sould be consider ‘campers’ themselves. Cause to me, they’re also there, with the kiddies to watch over them, of course, and also they’re staying in cabins and are at a camp ground, as many of us on several occasions have been with family & friends. So, I don’t know what else you would call in.

    To me camping outside in a pop-tent also counts, of course, but being at camp grounds that is desinated and by a lake in a cabin should also count.

    I guess it’s all up to each individual viewer. To each they’re own. By the way, should anyone care, on over at the Friday part 2 threads of the IMDB boards, the now legendary “So was it Giny or the mouse that pissed?” discussion *still* continues, even with me. Now *THATS* a Friday discussion that will probably never die.

  45. Jason should’ve ate that rat lol!!

  46. The idea of making a movie that took place after part VII would be neat, but I would like to see one where Jason takes his journey. Journey’s from Manhattan all the way back to Crystal Lake. The journey wouldn’t take too long, because it shouldn’t. The camp would be reopened when Jason arrives back to his homeland, and that is where the real fun would happen. Jason would slaughter everybody in sight, where the FBI finally takes notice that Jason is not dead in his grave, that he is still alive, and thus leads to the events of JGTH. True JGTH wasn’t as good as what it should have been, but a sequel like that would definatly answer a lot of questions towards how Jason got from New York back to Crystal Lake, and why they finally tore down the camp and closed it for good. There had to be more of Jason picking off camp counslers as well as nearby campers, and possibly a few folks from town as well. It is an idea that could work, “IF” done right. What do you all think?

    BTW, the camp counslers I wouldn’t count as campers if they are in cabins, but the ones in the tents I would consider as campers. Then again, I might be wrong, but in my opinion, if you are in a cabin, with running water, toilet, stove, and all the bear necessities of life, then technically that is not camping, but I guess its how you look at it.

  47. Hey all, my thing about the kiddie campers and regular camper has to do with Jason’s psyche and how the adults(older teens) would respond. We caught a glimpse in part6, but I think a fully functional camp, as in the opening scenes of part1, would be the ultimate. We could see how evil Jason really is really is or how confused he is. This would be the best development for his character.

  48. Hey, I dig what Blood wrote. Very good idea there. I would love to see a future instalment like that, with a fully fuctional camp, with the almighty Mr. Voorhees stalking the staff and some kids who, like Nancy in part VI, who see’s the danger lurking that adult sare too busy to notice.

    Good one there.

  49. I have to agree, good idea.

    Also, I now consider anyone staying overnight @ CCL a camper, technically speaking. And it was the rat that took a piss in Pt.II, but wtf happened to Paul?? Anyone??

  50. excuse me, “attempting to stay overnight” is what I meant

  51. I too like Blood’s idea but when there’s kids in a movie like that, there’s potential of a pg-13 rating. THey realy don’t make movies were kids get killed. The new Rambo in an exeption.

  52. Well I’m open to both myself. About the part 2 piss thing, I was just always a bit disappointed that the film makers messed up anyhow: If it was Giny who got spooked from a mouse after seeing the bloody bed where Sandra and Jeff were speared, and Crazy Ralph’s corpse, and has already ran from the almighty Jason, then why the fuck would a small rodent spooked her *so* badly? And her thick, heavy denim jeans wouldn’t have let out that heavy of a stream. It would have just soaked them heavily.

    And if it was the mouse, then that was far too heavy of a flow for the small thing. It would have been akin to Giny pissing a gallon. Stangely enough, I hope the always lovely Amy Steel comments on it in the “His Name Was Jason” documentary. At least let it be commented on in the bonus features on the eventual DVD. By the way, check out more of it at http://www.horrordvds.com in the threads, with MySpace link pics to the shooting of the interviews and some general news on it. Enjoy.

    Oh, according to Ron Kurtz, the screen writer of the fine part 2, in the Crystal Lake Memories book, he comments that with Giny screaming for Paul the very next day, *that* is when we were supposed to see the deleted bit with the Mrs. Voorhees actress (Connie Hogan) winking at us the audieance, letting us know that Paul is dead. As we all know, they took it out for feeling too fake. I *SO* hope that and the alternative ending for part 3 are included one day. Damn Cashamount.

    Anyway, I see the new Friday remake as being a regular heavy R-rating, so I feel ne real need to worry about a possible PG-13 rating. So far, no instalment has been given that rating, and I don’y see it happening anytime soon, thankfully.

  53. hey mairon, im actually in the middle of making my own home made graphic novel for the events between part 8 and goes to hell. to sum it up, the FBI is investigating the sinking of the boat from part 8, as well as the murders of students and factulty from that ship in the alleys of manhattan. as this goes on, our loveable hero jason returns to crystal lake, weakened and looking to spend some “quality time” with his mother. (at least her head, anyways) but as it goes, an alternative rehabilitation clinic for teens with drug problems (sort of like the home in part 5, except for kids on drugs) is planning its annual “hike to sobriety” in the woods neighboring the abandoned camp crystal lake. as you’ve guessed, the kids wander off trail to check out the old camp, with brutal consequences. meanwhile, Tommy Jarvis is finally released from an institution after 5 years. He was promptly arrested after the events of jason lives and charged with all 18 murders. after 5 years of delayed trials and a complete lack of physical evidence linking him to the murders, tommy was released. he notices the news reports on the TV about the events from part 8 and the jason style murders in manhattan, and promplty heads out to finish this once and for all. and as you said the FBI eventually catch on that Jason is still around and set up that sting operation from the beginning of goes to hell, which is where i was planning to end the story.

    haha its a fun little thing to work on on my downtime, i got a buncha pages finished email me at royburnsbonanza@aol.com and i’ll show you some stuff.

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