‘Manhattan’ Victim Rockin’ With Soap Stars

You never know if Friday the 13th alumn will hit it big as not too many have had the opportunity to showcase their talents in the mainstream. However, Scott Reeves (Sean Robertson, Jason Takes Manhattan) has been a long standing soap star for years now and currently stars on General Hospital. Why mention this, you wonder? Well, we have female visitors too and just recently it was brought to our attention at the Camp Blood forum that Scott and other General Hospital cast memebers created a band called Port Chuck.

So, if you are interested in seeing Scott in a jam session with his fellow band members, check out the video below and for more information about the band, check out the website for Port Chuck.

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7 Responses to “ ‘Manhattan’ Victim Rockin’ With Soap Stars ”

  1. Wow…so uh…it’s a “man-boy band” great. Just what we need. I know I’m always a dick on JTM, and it comes with good reason for me, but I think Scott Reaves should let it be. I did check them out…guitarist is cool, but that’s as far as it goes. Sorry guys.

  2. A “man-boy band”. :)

    I think you just coined the phrase for the next big thing in music!

  3. If you’re going to cover the Scorpions then you better be able to hit that high note.

  4. Well, at least he’s working, more than you can say for most of the alum….

  5. Yeah I remember when My Mom was watching Young And The Restless. He played some dude named Ryan. Only reason I know and remember that is because it was shortly after JTM, and I walked in and said “thats the dude from JTM”.

  6. Some men like soaps too, not just women… That sounded a bit 1950’s.

  7. What the hell? Stick to acting!!!! Very few people have the talent to have a music career aside from an acting career. They are not one of these people.

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