Fun Black Rhino Jason Hoodie

Daniel wrote in and directed us to this Jason hoodie for sale and it is a really fun idea. Not only is it a sweatshirt with a hockey mask hoodie, but the sweatshirt can be zipped up all the way to the top of the hoodie and the person wearing it can see through the hockey mask.

Visit Shopecko for more details. 




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12 Responses to “ Fun Black Rhino Jason Hoodie ”

  1. That’s a fun little $100 jacket. But, if Jason’s wandering in the snow next year, he needs to keep warm.

  2. I would get it if it weren’t for the ridiculous looking giant pockets.

  3. LOL cool but if you wear this out you could get yourself in alot of trouble.

  4. the pockets ruin it. I will wait for it on clearance.

  5. I think it’s awesome.

    Mine is coming in the mail next week

  6. I have a bad feeling that people are going to use this to rob stores…

  7. cool jacket i will buy one soon for Christmas.

  8. I seen a couple hats like this. A knit cap with the mask on it and eye holes, but nothing this elaborate. This thing is sweet!!

  9. Although them pockets do make it look kinda stupid they could come in use

  10. I got one and it’s pretty sweet. Pockets aren’t that huge looking in real life. Hoodie is very well made with great attention to details. I posted pics of if on website so you can check them out.
    The only thing is that the holes on the mask are way lighter than the ones on the pictures and the eye holes are kinda sloppy looking compared to the website pics.

  11. Yeah… the first thought that came to my mind was people using it to rob stores…. ^^;

  12. This one is cool, but I much prefer the Lemar and Dauley Manhattan hoodie! It is so awesome! It’s really hard to find now and can be expensive, but so worth it. I got it for 100 about 2 years ago.
    And I agree with everyone above about the robbing thing. Mugging and robbing would be my concern. Although if you are robbing something you may not have the 100 bucks to buy this. LOL!

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