The Great Scare Fest F.A.Q! Convention Starts TONIGHT!!


It’s crunch time. Zero Hour. Whatever you call it, The Scare Fest, the largest Horror & Paranormal Convention in the south, is about to make it’s triumphant return to Lexington, Kentucky! Doors will open on September 11 and if you still haven’t gotten your tickets you need to make it happen! What’s holding you back? Perhaps you have a burning question regarding the event? If this just so happens to be you, then you are going to love this guide to “Frequently Asked Questions” by Scare Fest Event Manager and Co-creator Jeff Waldridge. All of your burning questions answered! If this isn’t enough, be sure to check out Jeff’s recent appearance on the Eric Morse online radio show for a very informative discussion of Scare Fest, Horror conventions, and some great insight on working the in the paranormal field. Horror Guests at The Scare Fest include Kane Hodder, Robert Kurtzman, Doug Bradley, Gunnar Hansen, Danielle Harris, Ken Foree, Dee Wallace, Warrington Gillette and many more! If Paranormal is your thing, then you are going to be absolutely thrilled by the lineup of stars involved in the paranormal world ranging from Zak, Aaron and Nick from Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventurers, Bill Birnes from The History Channel’s UFO Hunters, Chip Coffey of Paranormal State and Psychic Kids, Co Creator of Scare Fest and president of Ghost Chasers International Patti Star, Ghost Hunter’s Shannon Sylvia, Carmen Reed from the real Haunting in Connecticut as well as many others!

Get your tickets now at and read on for the F.A.Q

Q. What is the address to the Lexington Center?
A. 430 West Vine Street, Lexington, KY 40507, phone number 859-233-4567

Q. I bought my ticket online, What type of paperwork should we bring with us?

A. Bring your picture ID and if possible the ticket confirmation receipt you received when you bought your tickets. If you did not receive a confirmation please email Patti Starr at pa[email protected] and she will send one out to you right away.

Q. What time does the convention open each day?

A. Friday, September 11, 2009, 5:00 pm – 10:00 pm

(Golden Tickets enter at 4:00 pm)
Saturday, September 12, 2009, 11:00 am – 8:00 pm

(Golden Tickets enter at 10:00 am)
Sunday, September 13, 2009, 12:00 pm – 6:00 pm

(Golden Tickets enter at 11:00 am)

Q. Where do we park our vehicles?

A. The Lexington Center parking lot located on High Street

Q. Are Autographs Free?
A. Unfortunately, no. The main reason the celebrities are doing the convention (instead of actual film work or time off to spend with their family) is because of the financial return these shows deliver. Some celebrities attending may sign for free, but nothing is guaranteed.

Q.How much are Autographs?
A. We have no way of knowing what autograph pricing will be. The price is set by the individual talent. Generally pricing is set at $15-25. I would plan on each one costing $20.00

Q. Are autographs included in the ticket price?
A. NO! Prices are decided by the guest.

Q.What are the times and days the guests will be signing?
A. The guest will be signing all day each day of the convention at their booth unless otherwise noted on the webpage.

Q. Are small Children allowed in free?
A. Children 6 and under are free any other children have to pay. They must be closely watched by parents due to the graphic nature of some displays.

Q.Do I need to plan for long guest lines? Will there be a large crowd?
A. Plan for long lines, The crowd will be large but we have enough space where all fans will be comfortable.

Q.Is there a concession stand?
A. Yes there is a concession stand inside the dealer room ran by the Lexington Center we have no control over what they serve or their prices. We do ask that you limit eating around dealer and star booths. We have a nice seating area at the concession stand where you can rest and eat.

Q.If I lose my keys or something what do I do?
A. We have a information booth and all staff have been directed that if they are given or if they find a lost item to take it to the information booth. We are not responsible for anything lost or stolen at the convention but if you do lose something ask about it at the information booth.

Q.Do I get in the costume ball free?
A. The only fans who get in are Golden and Platinum ticket holders all other will be charged $15.00. Dealers will pay $5.00 when they show their dealer pass.

Q.Can I attend the V.I.P. Party?
A. Only Golden, Platinum, and stars can go to the VIP party. We are making a selct amount of tickets available to everyone else for $50.00

Q.I have a machete, Chainsaw, or other item I would like to get signed, Can I?
A. Yes, but you have to keep the items in a box, sheath, or container until it is signed and then you must take it to your vehicle. Usually the Lexington Center does not allow this but they have made an exception for this event.

Q.Are there ATM machines?
A. Yes there is an ATM machine in the Lexington Center and at several locations close by.

Q.If I email you will I get a response?
A. Yes we strive on answering emails if it is sent to [email protected] If we are emailed the weekend of the show we may not have access to our email.

I hope this helps out

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  1. When you view the guest that will be attending on the site for this, I noticed that they used a picture of sack-head Jason next to Warrington Gellet’s name. Also, why would you not credit Ken Foree for having been in ‘From Beyond’. And they never say under Kane Hodders name that he was in ‘Monster’, that movie was an Oscar winner, and pretty scary too.

  2. totally off topic i know. but anyone know how far we are through round 1 of bracket challenge? i feel like were gettin kinda close to round 2

  3. Just bumped this up as a reminder. Hope to see a lot of you guys there this weekend!

  4. Just returned from Scarefest and I really enjoyed it. All the celebrities were all very friendly. My hats are off to all the organizers of the event. There was a really cool Q & A Seminar with Ken Foree, Danielle Harris, Dee Wallace-Stone and Leslie Easterbrook. Kane Hodder and Warrington Gillette were there as well and it was really great to see them. I wish I could have gone last year. I guess I’ll be going to Cincinnati in November.

  5. Horror hound was sweet to go to. But id love to go to more horror conventions. If you havent been to one I highly recomened visiting one sometime. Just remember to bring alot of spending cash. They offer some of the coolest stuff ranging from masks,t-shirts,action figures,dvd/blu-ray and of course to get the autographs of some of horrors biggest names.

  6. Scarefest was absolutely phenomenal. I actually met a lot of people who say they come to this very site. Hopefully some will make themselves known. I appreciate all the kind words from everyone I met. It means a lot.

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