Ken Kirzinger More Jason In Part 8 Than You Think

The ties between Kane Hodder and Ken Kirzinger were really brought to life when they both were considered to play Jason in Freddy vs Jason. Ronny Yu’s determination to change the overall physical stature of the Jason character led to the hiring of Ken and left Kane a bit disgruntled over the decision. That was 2024, but what about their work together on Friday the 13th Part 8: Jason Takes Manhattan?

By now, a lot of people know that Ken Kirzinger played the cook in the diner in Manhattan that Jason grabs and throws into the mirror.

Some fans may have heard or are aware of the fact that Ken also played Jason in a brief shot when walking out of the subway car after the car is stopped. Jason then chases after Rennie and Shaun through the subway car door.

What a lot of fans may not realize is that Ken also played Jason in a crucial scene during the time when the characters were in Manhattan. The scene in particular is when Rennie and the others are in the Irish cop’s car and Jason is standing in front of the car. Rennie then drives the cop car directly into the Jason and he falls to the ground.

Well, Ken certainly did take one for the team or, well, Jason. Check out the call sheet below for solid physical proof that Ken is Jason in this scene. And even if some fans knew that Jason looked a little different in this scene than in others, now you have confirmation of your beliefs. In the call sheet, Jason is referred to as Ethan, so look at the info that is highlighted in the red boxes below.

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17 Responses to “ Ken Kirzinger More Jason In Part 8 Than You Think ”

  1. The more you know…

  2. I truly love the writing, I appreciate all the in-depth info, keep it coming.

  3. I guess that confirm Ken wasn’t Jason inside the subway train before he got out. Jason look so tall that his head seem to reach the ceiling of the train, that I thought it was Ken. I know Kane is tall, but I can’t imagine him being tall enough to have his head almost touch the ceiling compare to Ken.

  4. More behind-the-scenes treasure brought to the surface by JF and Keep it coming please!

  5. Curious though, you would think that Kane Hodder (already a seasoned stuntman/stunt coordinator at the time) would have done his own stunts. Guess ole’ Jason even needs a break once in a while!

  6. This is exactly why I love this website, decades down the road and I’m still learning cool little tidbits about the franchise I grew up watching! great work!

  7. I always thought that was him

  8. Completely awesome! I too enjoy the fact that this website always sheds light on topics that have debated for years! That call sheet is cool as there is a lot of information there.

  9. thats really cool, i never knew he was the jason who got run over.

  10. Holy guacamole! How could I have NOT known about this?? There were a LOT of fans who were disgruntled about Ken playing Jason in FvsJ, including me, and now it turns out that he had ALREADY played Jason (and was the cook for that matter also)?? I can’t believe I didn’t know about this until now!
    Like others have said, this is why I LOVE this website!!

  11. Its Amazing how much info is unearthed, fanf****ngtastic, keep up all the good work jasonfury, thats why i tune in everyday.

  12. My admiraton and acceptance bar has just went
    up for Ken. I never knew!!! AMAZING work

  13. I knew about the diner scene, but not the others. It looked like Kane to Me. But thats some more Jason knowledge to file away. Thanks for pointing that out Jasons Fury.

  14. I never new that!
    Wow good job Ken!!
    Love the info too, cool!

  15. I don’t care, I’m still pissed he didn’t pick Kane Hodder LOL

  16. And knowing is half the battle.

  17. Ken did a great job…wish he was just as nasty in Freddy vs. Jason…after all, he showed us in part 8 that he is worthy of Kane’s Jason…I never saw the difference…

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