John Carl Buechler (Director, The New Blood) Discusses Dream Master

johncarlI missed this one back in the middle of December, but John sat down with the producers of the Never Sleep Again doco to talk about his involvement in the special effects for A Nightmare On Elm Street 4: The Dream Master. This is a another interview I am excited to hear as it is truly amazing how many people from the Friday the 13th franchise were involved with Freddy in some capacity throughout the 80’s.

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4 Responses to “ John Carl Buechler (Director, The New Blood) Discusses Dream Master ”

  1. John Carl Buelcher is a cool guy. I believe that he is the most “fan-friendly” of all the F13 directors because I see him all the time at conventions and he never hesitates to talk to his fans at length. I didn’t even know that he did effects for The Dream Master but I think its a cool that he worked on two of my favorite horror franchises of the 1980s.

    Buelcher = Coolness.

  2. I didn’t know he worked on the effects either. Awesome! I am looking forward to the documentary.

  3. Don’t forget troll!

  4. John Carl Buelcher looks like the kind of guy you would find at one of the shadiest bars in San Bernadino Country, CA. I think it would really cool to have a drink with him and discuss A New Blood until he passes out over his own bar stool and the owner of the bar throws him out even though he can’t even stand up. Since I doubt that will ever happen though, it is a great consolation to know that he will be doing this interview for Never Sleep Again. This is the next best thing and makes Never Sleep Again completely worth a purchase.

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