Tom McLoughlin (Director, Jason Lives) Talks Freddy’s Nightmares

tomMcSome fans may not be aware but Tom actually was a part of the Freddy universe at one point in the 80’s.  After he directed Jason Lives in 1986, he went on to direct TV and other movies. In 1988, he was enlisted to direct the Freddy’s Nightmares  episode, It’s a Miserable Life.

In that episode he cast his wife, Nancy, who  played Lizbeth in Jason Lives, as well as Lar Park Lincoln from The New Blood.

Well, that landed him an opportunity to be interviewed for the Nightmare on Elm Street documentary, Never Sleep Again. Today he was interviewed and offered his thoughts on the franchise. Can’t wait to see what he has too say come April!

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7 Responses to “ Tom McLoughlin (Director, Jason Lives) Talks Freddy’s Nightmares ”

  1. Will be cool to see.

  2. “Don’t leave home without it!” he loves telling that anecdote.

  3. ““Don’t leave home without it!” he loves telling that anecdote”

    :) Exactly. He does say that during every interview. But he’s cool because he is very good at explaining his intentions and actions for Jason Lives. I also think it’s great he is still active in Hollywood right now. Most people from the franchise in the 80’s are not.

  4. Tom does seem like a really cool guy. Jason Lives may be my least favorite of the original 8 films Paramount did (a little too goofy and dry for my tastes, compared to other entries), but I respect Tom for having done his thing with it and keeping his vision intact, in terms of the aesthetic. Still, I enjoy watching it from time to time – it certainly has its moments. Plus, Tom did deliver one of the coolest low budget chillers EVER from the early 80’s with his vastly underrated debut, One Dark Night. Fuckin’ love that flick to death.

    Also – for what it’s worth, I wish the studio in charge would get off their asses and put Freddy’s Nightmares out on DVD. I mean shit – Tales from the Darkside and Friday the 13th: The Series made it out to DVD. This one seems like a no-brainer as well. Maybe the inevitable success this year of the Nightmare remake/reboot will finally make it happen.

  5. Yeah you can really tell he had a lot of passion and really enjoyed making part 6! That is probably my favorite of the series.

  6. I think he keeps making references to the American Express slogan because he REALLY wants to direct an American Express commercial. I think he would be great to direct an American Express commercial because of the excellent work he did on Jason Lives and It’s a Miserable Life.

  7. They should just use that part 6 clip in a Visa commercial… “if you’re at crystal lake, Jason will take your life, *mouth impaling– scream ends* but he won’t take American Express” *card drifts into muddy water*

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