Fan Films: Leatherface VS. Jason

leatherfacevsjaosnThis movie was completed a few years ago, but I like the vintage look that was added to the film and it’s a unique take on the matchup of horror icons.
The two meetings of Jason Voorhees ‘The Wessex County Killer’ and Leatherface. The first half of the story takes place moments after Friday The 13th Part 1, the second half takes place 28 years later…

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12 Responses to “ Fan Films: Leatherface VS. Jason ”


  2. Part 3 of movie Added

  3. Everyone is always so intrigued about how Jason gets his hockey mask but nobody ever seems to care about where the potato sack came from. I’m glad someone made a film that answers this question.

  4. Not too bad.

  5. very nice, expecially the soundtrack-)
    to jimbo x:
    i’m not sure but i think the sack was explained in fvj: during he jason’s dream the bad kids of the camp used the sack to cover jason’s face.

  6. Very cool movie. I wish Jason would have had the sack on the whole time, but I still like the movie. Great job!

  7. Really entertaining. enjoyed the bloopers at the end. When jason walks down the hill and falls on his ass was frggin hilarious. Good job!

  8. Quite entertaining :) Especially the beginning.

  9. …And that’s why you don’t walk a mile into the woods to take a piss!

  10. Was that Hurly from LOST?

  11. This film was kinda good.

  12. Loved that scene with Pink Floyd in the 2nd part.

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