Japanese Friday the 13th trailers, Oh My!

Posted 10 Sep 2024 in Fans

tommyIn continuing the tradition of my love for Japanese Friday the 13th items, I found the Japanese trailers for Part2, 3, and 4 on Youtube. They were uploaded by Lammert, who use to run http://www.jasonconquers.com one of the oldest Friday the 13th websites on the web. As for the trailers, there are no new scenes that are shown, but one thing I noticed was the amount of gore and/or deaths that are shown. In the U.S. some of these shots would never have made it into any sort of trailer, theatrical or home video. Enjoy!



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Posted by jasonsfury


  1. ratta tatta touille (10 Sep 2024, 16:22)

    love the poster. The Keep was pretty good too

  2. daizab (Japanese F13 fan) (10 Sep 2024, 16:33)

    “jyuu san nichi no kinyoubi”
    These trailers were collected to laser disc and the videocassette of Japan. (3,4,5,6)
    The part where the end is shown exists though it can enjoy that there are a lot of killing scenes. It was a little regrettable.
    However, it is glad that a Japanese version is evaluated in the foreign country.

  3. Chris. B (10 Sep 2024, 18:25)

    Those trailers were awesome. Why don\’t they make trailers like that here in the US?

  4. tommyblah (11 Sep 2024, 1:37)

    awesome? they’re all about ruining the ending and showing you half the money shots…yet none of it would make any sense to someone who doesn’t know what it is. a preview is supposed to briefly set up the plot to draw you in. if i saw these and then saw the movies, i’d be kind of pissed five minutes from the end when i realize i’ve already seen the conclusion.

  5. jasonsfury (11 Sep 2024, 8:43)

    In hindsight, yea I would be a little upset as well. However, for nostalgic reasons, I really dig these trailers. :)

  6. John Robert (11 Sep 2024, 22:50)

    Cool to watch, cheers for the post.

    They do give quite a bit away. Glad those weren’t our trailers.

    Damn, I’m reminded I need Part 4 on blu-ray so badly.

  7. cat (13 Sep 2024, 14:39)

    yeah they were good, but the Jap blokes voice was weak, didnt fit.

  8. newty28 (25 Mar 2024, 7:30)

    The Special Edition transfers Look Really Good Im not sure a blu-ray transfer would be much.On the Friday the 13th SE I notic alot of clearer things That ive never seen before.

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