Friday The 13th Part 3 Deleted Scenes Reconstructed as Video

I’ve been on a deleted scene kick lately, yesterday I spoke about how the power is within fans’ hands to make some movement instead of waiting around for Paramount to open the theoretical vault, blah blah blah. But here’s a prime example I wanted to share, something from the Friday the 13th Forum that deserves some closer attention.

So what the hell am I referring to that has me grinning like a stupid goon even months after the fact? It started with some Friday the 13th Part 3 (1982) ‘contact cards’ of a deleted scene and the holy grail alternate ending posted on Scabboy’s sadly defunct blog. Contact cards are essentially – as far as I can tell – photographic frame grabs from film negative. Where this traveled further was when Forum user Slash Man got the genius notion to compile the low-q black & white frames together like a flipbook animation. The resulting videos, while obviously jerky and lacking original sound, give us a tip-of-the-tongue taste of material we’ve only daydreamed about and will likely never see in full. Extra points for dropping in some Manfredini to feed our ears as well. Play buttons? You know you want to click ‘em…

So this first one is an omitted sequence of part 3′s Crazy Ralph imitator, the biblically-named Abel. He was going to cross paths with Chris and Rick in the woods later on in the film and carry on with his ranting and raving. Not a terribly devastating loss of a scene, it would appear. I’m not sure if this scene is in the novelization as my copy isn’t within direct reach right now – feel free to illuminate.

And here is the gravy: motion of unmasked Jason with Chris’ decapitated head from the dream sequence that was dopily replaced by a pond-bursting Mrs Voorhees with strangely re-capitated head? The powers that be were clearly smoking some of Chuck & Chilli’s weed when they made that ‘creative’ decision. This is one lost scene that deserves to be seen properly someday, somehow.

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4 Responses to “ Friday The 13th Part 3 Deleted Scenes Reconstructed as Video ”

  1. Great stuff! Thanks so much for sharing. And a fair point about the execs smoking Chuck’n'Chill’s weed. Wonder what made them alter that scene? Hmmm.

  2. it’s wonderful to get a taste of all the excised material that paramount either lost or just wont work to bring to the fans.

  3. W.T.F.That would’ve been a much more satisfying ending.Bummer……………………………………………………..KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA.

  4. Wow, I never knew these videos would ever catch on! Thanks for posting them, I’m glad you like it. Though the original scenes are assumed to be destroyed, there’s more contact cards, like these (mainly from Part 3). For one, there’s the uncensored death scenes, and Scabboy’s article also claims that there’s another version of Chris’ decapitation…

    These are also on link-only privacy because I’m not sure how Scabboy would feel about these being used, but at least the fans got to see it.

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