Disco Theme From Friday The 13th Part 3 on German 45 LP

friday23I love this item. I have this displayed in my room along with my Alice Cooper vinyl single of He’s Back from Jason Lives. The US version is great with the 3-D cover, but I just like seeing the title in German. I think it gives the album cover a very cool look.

Hot Ice, which performed the single on the album created a pretty big hit on the disco scene if I remember correctly. I have played this on my dad’s old record player and it sounds like new. Maybe there is something to the saying that vinyl sounds better.

Anyways, I was feeling a little nostalgic tonight on the verge of buying the reboot and Part 2 and Part 3 on Blu-Ray. I hope everyone enjoys the new version of Part 4-6 on DVD as well.



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12 Responses to “ Disco Theme From Friday The 13th Part 3 on German 45 LP ”

  1. that is a cool item i want one

  2. Part3 is banned in Germany together with Part 4. Part3 reads as ‘and again it´s friday the 13th’.

  3. I love disco!

  4. Jason seems a straight up metal head to me but this isstill a cool looking item………….KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA.

  5. The disco theme is available a ringback tone on Verizon Wireless.

  6. Wow. That record sure is a beauty!

  7. I actually have 2 Friday the 13th vinyls – one is the full US album with the 3D cover and featuring the part 3 theme with some of the score (got it on eBay of course), and the other is a 45LP single of the part 3 theme, and getting that was a complete fluke.

    I used to work at a Media Play, and sometimes when we were slow I’d look up random shit in the computers to see what we had in the warehouse. One day I searched for Friday the 13th and found a listing for “Friday the 13th Part 3 single”, price $0.01, exactly 1 copy in the warehouse. There was no other info, nothing about whether it was a cd or cassette or what, but it only cost a penny so I figured “what the hell” and ordered it. It arrived a few days later – a 45LP of the theme from part 3, in a plain unmarked paper sleeve. How this was able to make its way into the Media Play warehouse and entered into the computer system is beyond me.

  8. I remember clearly getting this full album way back in the day haha
    I may still have it somewhere! I loved the 3D cover and the music…..

  9. I absolutely loveee the intro music from Part 3 and since im a DJ i have been hoping to stumble upon it at vintage record shops for years now, but i have had no luck. I would love a copy of the vinyl but if it’s impossible to find or cost a million dollars does anyone know where i could download it from ?

  10. hola me encanta jason ya desde que vi la pelicula me senti como que el es otra parte de mi vida lo admiro mucho me encantaria conocerlo en persona para que sepan solo tengo 6 años y lo admiro muchisimo me encantaria tener el disco ya que me van a comprar el muñeco de jason adios saludos jason

  11. ha ha ha ch ch ch esto es para ti jason

  12. @Deputy Winslow

    Here ya go, mate. Enjoy! ;-)


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