DVD Releaseapalooza: Your Thoughts


Today is an important day for Friday The 13th fans as a slew of discs are released…

  • Friday The 13th (2009) – Killer Cut – DVD/Blu-Ray
  • Friday The 13th Part VI: Jason Lives – Special Edition
  • Friday The 13th Part V: A New Beginning – Special Edition
  • Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter – Special Edition
  • Friday The 13th Part 3 – Blu-Ray
  • Friday The 13th Part 2 – Blu-Ray

There’s something for everyone today – if you purchased or viewed any, sound off below!

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101 Responses to “ DVD Releaseapalooza: Your Thoughts ”


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  3. As a 41 yr old lifelong Friday fan you should know better than to POST IN CAPS… as well as spamming. Banned. Hope it was worth it!

  4. Killer Cut was awesome. It didn’t seem like a totally different movie as the filmmakers promised, but it added a lot to Jason’s character, especially the machete sharpening sequence.

    Looking forward to checking out the special features on the Special Edition DVDs tomorrow. I only watched the lost ending to Final Chapter and it was a pretty creepy scene. One aspect of it didn’t fit in with Friday the 13th and I think those who saw it know what I’m talking about.

  5. They screwed up the mask on the cover of prt 6 its the mask from prt 5 lame

  6. I don’t want to sound like a dick or anything Dusk, but why ban the guy for giving his thoughts? So what if it was in all caps? He made his point, didn’t say anything about anyone here and didn’t say anything offensive. No one’s feelings were hurt. I’ve seen MUCH worse in other posts on here such as people calling each other names, threatening each other, getting into heated arguments and becoming mortal enemies and those people aren’t banned. No offense man, but banning the guy for using all caps is kind of low.

  7. Dusk!

    Where was the spam???

  8. i don’t see where he spammed

    there are ways to get around a ban. its called using a different email. hahaha.

  9. Dusk obviously has a god-complex.

  10. The spam is in his second post.

    As far as new release, the blue-ray of the remake is awesome, only complaint, the digital copy is the theatrical cut :(

    I also ordered part 2 and 3 on blu-ray but i still haven’t received those.

  11. Worst Releases Ever

  12. the killer cut ROCKS!! i bitched and bitched after my two trips to the theaters to see it, but i had a lot of surrounding audience members annoying the piss out of me, so i was in a bitchy mood. also the picture was grainy and faded—shaky cam stuff was hard to make out. seeing it in crystal clear hi-def was mind-blowing.

    i too can’t believe they cut some of this stuff. there is no official rule that you have to make a slasher 90-95 minutes to show it in theaters…it’s not fair–freaking spiderman3 was 3 hours, so was watchmen.

    the stuff they cut made the movie 100% times better…jason sharpening the blade and thinking about his mother’s beheading then flipping out throwing shit was a very engaging scene. whitney’s escape was unexpected and really gave it something extra…added more significance to the sex scene.

    the chick rubbing oil on her tits at the beginning was lovely!! trent’s extended kill was much more satisfying. the ending had some long drawn out shots to make it feel more like a f13th ending.

    the extras were very good in my opinion. i wish they had used the alternate kill of the redneck, that rocked!! …especially since he drops his headless body later in the movie. but, it’s minor…oh well.

    all in all, I LOVE this movie now!!! i already watched it twice in one day. GOOD JOB FELLAS!!!

  13. anyone get part 4? are the slashed death scenes in a state where they can be reinserted in windows movie-maker (with a little audio looping of course, but i’m good at that)? i’ll only get it if i think i can patch it together to make a final chapter killer cut.

  14. Picked up Parts 4,5,and 6 on Deluxe DVD. I was very impressed with the Picture Quality and the awesome Bonus features. Can\’t wait for Parts 7 & 8 to get the special treatment.

  15. pt 4 slashed scenes are very ‘Prowler’. Definitely grisly the first time I watched.

    Seeing the Killer Cut of part 12 reinforced how wrong this movie is for me. Characters are just a bunch of models whose personalities are only differentiated by their hair color/hair style/boob-size. If there had been any face mangling at all I might’ve cared about this movie, but there was none, and no body parts either (except for the slashed scene of the barn dude, but … it wasn’t in the movie). The kill in the campfire was ‘original’, but not horrifying at all. She didn’t look burned to me, certainly not to the point of death. I will say that the black and white intro is very well done and terrifying. I think putting the Jason kid in there works. Maybe they should’ve remade Part 1 instead.

    Part 5 director/cast commentary was irritating. Every time Danny Steinmann would start giving some background on a cut effects scene or some script background, Shavar Ross or some other cast member would cut him off and start ragging on the actor’s shirt or something. The New Beginnings featurette for this one was very good/amusing.

    Not getting Part 6. Series ends with 5 for me.

    Fun day for Friday fans!

  16. tommyblah, you should get part 4! Reedit those scnes man! Long scenes from beginning of take to end, and several versions of each on featured. Picture quality is very good, except for a little ‘color timing’ difference (whatever the hell that means, Joe Zito kept saying it over and over). I’m sure you can fix it but probably no need. From what i remember it’s

    coroner front view hack; good, wider shot w/ lots of blood
    nurse; more blood
    banana; not much to add, knife going in and out more, more blood
    raft; more blood, also a top view
    spear gun crotch; nothing really to add, just a blooper
    jimmy; very squirmy gross takes of impact and hella blood! Ew!!
    Doug; zito says they should’ve used this in the movie instead! Good takes of fake head being crushed and real head with more blood
    Sarah; bloopers
    Ted; better shot of knife impact
    Jason; many more shots of impact, falling on blade, and aftermath. Zito proclaims ‘way to hideous for most audiences.


  17. Killer cut was better, but they should have kept the original scene when jason is caught stealing kerosene. That version was alot better than just randomly finding the mask. You can’t beat Jason taking the mask from a head he just cut off.

  18. I am trying to hold off on these. Ferrands (special features guy) said in an interview something aboot a boxed set, so I am holding out for it or an announcement sometime after the last Paramount releases.
    That being said, I doubt I will make it. Paramount’s boxed set history isn’t great.

  19. I picked up the killer cut blu ray yesterday and was very impressed :) i didnt think the added footage from the killer cut version made the movie that much better, i enjoyed the movie in theaters in the first place, the picture on the bluray is awesome, i watched both versions, the machette sparpening scene was cool, but in the theatrical version, i seems that he is trashing the room because he found the bag with the missing whittney flyers and couldnt find the dude (forgot his name) that the bag belonged too, it was nice to see why he was really getting upset about.

  20. I agree. They should have kept the original way Jason got the hockey mask. It’s kind of an homage to Part 3 when Jason kills Shelly and takes the mask from him. Same situation here, but cooler because Jason takes the mask in a such a bad ass fashion.

  21. I drove 50 minutes out of town to get to the nearest late-night video store to grab pt’s 2 & 3 blu-ray and 4,5 & 6 dvds at 12:00 AM tuesday morning. I was wise in choosing this ridiculous time because they only received 1 copy each!! They had a huge display for the 2024 remake though, must have been 100 copies of that…but with my old school taste, I’m nervous to check out this one, I’ll rent it first.
    With 5 kids and a full-time job, I’m still recovering from the “all-nighter”, so I’ve only quickly scanned these new releases. It could be my imagination but the new USA blus of 2 & 3 seem even cleaner than the UK blu-rays. Too early to tell though, haven’t compared. The 3-D is certainly better on blu…but still requires me to wear 2 pairs of glasses to avoid the double-visioning of the closer, in-your-face effects. The dvds of 4.5 & 6 are great too, which amazes me because I remember thinking the old original dvd transfers were as good as they’d ever get! The extras are simply “pinch myself, am I dreaming?” level of greatness. I am thrilled!!

  22. So since the guys who were able to recover all this stuff for the DVD Deluxe Editions had nothing to do with the releases of parts 1-3, does anybody know if they found anything juicy for those first three films, and if we’ll ever get to see any of it?

  23. I would hope that the inevitable box set of the new 8 SE discs will include something of an xtras disc that can include parts 2 and 3.

  24. Picked up Part 3D last night; HD quality of the 2D version is ok. They obviously did not spend a lot of time cleaning up the print because you can see dust and debris and artifacts throughout the film – not that I expected it to be like a Criterion Collection release. The 3D version was very cool and, imo, far superior to the SD version which was released a few months back. Special features are short and don’t reveal anything new if you’re a Friday fan. Also, the special features may be the same as the SD version – not certain. This is my favorite of the series so it was worth getting the HD version. The other gripe I have is that they only included 2 pairs of 3D glasses (most 3D releases include 4).

  25. There were some things I liked about the killer cut, but most I found to be nothing special and didn’t add much to the movie. The longer running time did just that – made it feel looooooonger and felt a bit slower.

  26. I picked up the Killer Cut DVD (as well as the Deluxe Versions of 4, 5, & 6) yesterday and have watched it twice now. Not sure exactly what it is, but I found it to be more enjoyable than the theatrical release.
    As many of you have stated, the original scene of Jason getting the mask was better than what was used. Like jasonsfury said: “It’s kind of an homage to Part 3 when Jason kills Shelly and takes the mask from him.”

    Anyone notice that when Clay and Jenna are out and come back to the house, she is wearing a miniskirt. But when they run out of the house and into the tunnels, she’s wearing jeans?
    Thought I’d point that out.

  27. I picked up the killer cuts blu ray edition yesterday (plan on watching it tonight) and just ordered the blu ray editions of Part 1 and Part 2 so i should be getting them real soon & can’t wait to check them out.

    One question i have im hoping you guys could clear up for me; Are the bonus features and extras on Blu Ray Part 2 & 3 the same as the extras on the regular dvd deluxe editions ? Just asking cause from what i read the dvd deluxe editions have alot of extras and im just curious to see if the blu ray’s im getting have the same content.

    Anyway, im really excited to watch all the new editions, especially Part 2 so i can watch Jason hack me up in his cabin in crystal clear hi-def !

  28. Deputy, The blus of 1 & 2 are identical in supplement content to the dvds. But the blu-rays have an image and sound quality that just mesmerize on the features and the supplements. Pt 1 & 2 look great on the new dvds, but on blu-ray…omg wow!! No comparison at all. You’ll finally see the 3-dimensional reality of these films in crystal clarity. GET BLU-RAY!!
    Friday the 13th Pt 3 is an exception though, no supplements at all on the dvd version. The blu-ray has a few nice supplements. With “Legacy of the Mask” being my favorite and an absolute fan must-see (it inspired me to find a Jason mask made from a clear blank and painted from the inside). A humongous step up on all levels. Even the 3-D effect is better.

  29. The “Killer Cut” has improved my review of the the re-boot.

    They should have (deleted scenes now) used the ‘original’ way Jason got the mask…and to hear “Ki, Ki, Ki, Ma, Ma, Ma’s” during the sceen made me feel like I was watching classic F13.

    They should have (again deleted scenes) used the alternate end fight in the barn…mainly becuase we do not hear “say hello to Mommy, in Hell” – damn, that was a really really stupid line.

    Love the whole Jason sharpening his machete sequence.

    Tonight it will be the blu-rays of parts 1 and 2. Sweet!

    Hopefully they’ll release the new SE DVDs to blu-ray soon.

  30. I meant the blu-ray’s of part 2 and 3 :)

  31. I bought the killer cut Blu-ray at midnight. Got the first copy sold as a matter fact because they were still unloading boxes when I got there, Ive watched the killer cut twice,Must say Im strongly impressed with it watching it in hd. Im going to watch it a 3rd time with the trivia track. I enjoyed the little additions to the film Like the machete sharpening scene, and trent’s kill was longer and more bloody which was awesome. My only complaint is that it seem to lack in special features. 2 alternative scenes and 1 deleted scene? Oh well cant complain, still a great film.

    As far the other fridays Ill just wait until the Blu-ray box set comes out. I already own the other 11 on dvd so no need to double dip untill they are all out on blu-ray.

  32. And john robert I agree. For some reason the way Amanda Righetti says “Say hello to mommy…In hell” sounds weird lol.

  33. Does anyone know if part 2 and 3 on blu-ray are region locked?
    i have heard that some studios are region free on blu-ray,
    could paramount be? i didnt see any region sign on back of the cover on part 3

  34. Major studios have different region coding policies. Paramount Pictures and Universal Studios have released all of their titles region free.[60][61]

  35. this was according to wikipedia.org

  36. I had to get the ft13th killer cut…and I’m so glad I did. Whoever said it was a waste of money wasnt paying attention or something. I almost grabbed the final chapter deluxe edition which was on the same shelf..but soon, I highly recommend the deluxe editions. I’ve seen part 1 uncut, and part 3-D, the way its remastered is amazing.

  37. ha. i actually haven’t watched it yet. i just know i’m not a huge fan of that movie. it’s ok, but we have 11 other Fridays to compare it to and it doesn’t come out on top for me. But, if you all liked the theatrical version, I’m sure it’s an upgrade

    Get that final chapter deluxe edition my friend!!!!

  38. Gunner, thanks for the tips. All the discs i purchased (2009 remake, Part 2 & 3) were blue rays. After getting the original version on blue ray and seeing the clarity and crispness the picture has i vowed to purchase all the forthcoming blue rays versions as they come out. This is now the fourth time around i have purchased these movies (vhs, original dvd’s, paramount dvd box set & now blu ray) and this is the only series i would do it for. Cause im not crazy !

  39. I have heard enough about the Killer Cut. Time to get over it people. I need to hear about the Deluxe Editions for Part 4,5, and 6. How good are they with the special features? Part 2 didn’t have as many featurettes as these because the movie is so good already. Part 4,5, and 6 need them because they aren’t good enough on their own and I work at Walmart.

  40. So I thought I was crazy, but I enjoyed F13 more on DVD than I did in theaters. I saw things I didn’t remember seeing, and now I read the DVD was a different version of the film. It shows. I don’t even remember Amanda’s character getting free and running to the house and getting kidnapped again by Jason. I either went to the restroom or blocked that part out. Also didn’t recall the knife sharpening scene. I just noticed a lot of little things that were either different or I never noticed originally. I watched it with my GF, Mom, and her BF yesterday and enjoyed it a lot. Can someone detail the differences on the DVD that weren’t in theaters?

  41. One more thing, while I enjoyed it more on DVD. I’m still pissed at Jablonsky’s score. Had the score been better it would have added to it greatly. F13 isn’t F13 without any of the classic Manfredini musical cues. I hope they remedy that for the sequel.

  42. B- those parts are only in the killer cut..they weren’t shown in theaters. my opinion they make it a much better movie.

    i actually watched it twice in two days, which is unusual for me. especially considering i wasn’t too into it when i saw it in theaters.

    i just got the part 4 deluxe edition today…man the slashed scenes are the best treat we could ever get for this movie. i’m importing to my PC now to work on a fan edit. what’s great is they give you a lot of footage to choose from so you can pretty much make the film you want out of it. they don’t have audio, so it’s a little tricky looping sounds or putting shots overtop of other shots you can do without…but man, i think i’m gonna come out with the cut i’ve always wanted.

    good job on these two releases!!! now lets get the rest of the series on blu-ray!!!

  43. B-

    Totally agree about the scoring of the re-boot. And Friday isn’t quite like Friday without Harry’s classic scoring.

    I did enjoy the Killer Cut more because I found more scenes with moody scoring rather than the run/chase scoring, which I found mechanical and loud.

    I need more suspenceful strings/orchestration.

    Tonight it’s Friday pt 2 on blu-ray…I warned the others.

  44. just got friday part 4 and 5 def worth buying for the special features.the series ends for me after part 5 as well the rest were junk box and special features just wouldn\’t improve these turkeys 6-10.

  45. can anyone confirm for sure that the US part 3 bluray 2D version looks better than on the UK bluray? i read a review on it and it seemed like they were complaining about the same things. i won’t buy the US one just for the 3D (home theater 3D kinda sucks), but if the 2D version looks better i’d definitely consider it.

    the UK part 3 wasn’t very sharp looking, some of the black tones had like a white speckle in them, there were lots of little specks of stuff (dust or whatever) in the image…all in all not too impressive. part 2 on the other hand was immaculate.

  46. It’s very simple and probably a lot cheaper to hire Manfredini for the sequel. Give him a few real instrumentalists (not even a full orchestra) and he can do his magic. If the producers really feel synth is needed, Manfredini has a lot of experience with that as well. The score for the new film was awful. Actually, it wasn’t even a score. Just a bunch of digital sound effects.

  47. wow the killer cut was awsome, part 3d was alot of fun, and im looking forward to a new part 6, and walter, i dont think you did anything wrong, i guess ill keep info on other sites made by fans for fans, especially if its free to visit and doesnt ask for you to be a member to post, and keep the caps button OFF, to myself, jeez, some of us really enjoy all things friday and like to talk about the films with other friday fans, but now im kinda scared to post cuz we can get banned pretty easily, well walter, hopefully youll get a second chance cuz im sure it was a misunderstanding. be cool

  48. I really enjoyed the remake and the additional deleted scenes. I really wish I got the 2 disc version but I didn’t. My only complaint is I didn’t like the way he died. It did make sense for the potentially sequel but I just didn’t like it. He should of just lived and everyone else die.

  49. i thought the end was a classic ending for friday, but i think we wont see it in the sequel, even tho the original part 2 did the same im dead then im not dead thing too, it made sense, for this remake cuz its kinda a homage to the original

  50. kane hodder is still the best jason.any word on a part 2?

  51. So I saw Friday The 13th 2024 for the first time yesterday.
    It was O.K. , but it was like Friday The 13th: Slight Return.
    The Jason parts was good, but too little.
    The O.C./new 90210 like characters parts were bad and too much.
    I did like the 420 group nod in the film.
    Too many bad fake boobs in the film and only Julianna Guill was hot and real.
    Too little nudely and Too little gore.
    The O.C./new 90210 like characters were too over-the-top.

    I think the sequel to this film needs

    More Jason and more about his mythology. I would like to see Jason don his classic jump suit at some point in the next one and learn more about Jason’s past.

    More Gore and action.

    a better story.

    No fake boobs. all real ones.

  52. sept 15th has part 7 and 8 deluxe editions coming with these special features

    Friday the 13th Part VII – The New Blood

    2.0 Surround, Mono, 5.1 Surround
    English, French and Spanish audio/subtitle options
    Portuguese subtitles
    Commentary: – Killer Commentary by director John Carl Buechler and actors Lar Park Lincoln and Kane Hodder
    Jason’s Destroyer: The Making of Friday the 13th Part VII
    Slashed Scenes with Intro
    Mind Over Matter: The Truth about Telekinesis
    Makeover by Maddy: Need a Little Touch-Up Work, My Ass

    Friday the 13th Part VIII – Jason Takes Manhattan

    2.0 Surround, Mono, 5.1 Surround
    English, French and Spanish audio/subtitle options
    Portuguese subtitles
    Commentary: – Killer Commentary by writer/director Rob Hedden and actors Jensen Daggett and Kane Hodder
    New York Has A New Problem – The Making of Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan
    Slashed Scenes
    Gag Reel

  53. fceurich-how did you get that info?? I haven’t gotten the dvd’s yet. I should get my order from Amazon tomorrow.

  54. Picked up my Copies at Newbury Comics Tuesday morning I was very impressed with all the hidef tranfers part 2 on blu def looked better and part 3 Looks better on blu ray in 3d Im gonna watched the 2D also Part 4 is the first Disc I popped on when I got home It will always be my fav friday The features on all are ok ( part II being the same) Cant wait to listen to the commentarys Im glad they made a joe zito one but i bet danny steinman is the funniest :) being a lifelong fan of the series Its nice to finally have all (but part VIII) in 5.1 part 4 sounds and looks so much better and i am glad they scrapped that ending I went too all the stores today to see how theyere selling and a lot of sotres are out of stock specially 4 and I didnt see the Blu rays anywhere Part VI is my next fav and Im a Lifelong Alice Cooper fan also and its awsome to hear Hes back in 5.1 I wish they included the music video that was done as for the features on part 3 There nice to have 7 and 8 in remastered form and then all on BLu Ray :)

  55. I think Im confused, with the Killer Cut, is the scene where Jason gets the mask by taking the dudes head off supposed to be integrated into the final cut, or is it just a deleted scene only? I cant tell if my player is working properly!!! Can someone answer for me? Thanks so much!

  56. Will they ever give jason goes to hell and jason X this kind of treatment or can we only look forward to part 7 and jason takes manhaten?

  57. I just got part 6 deluxe edition and all I can say is… False advertising for the so called “original theatrical trailer”. I bought this movie thinking that I was gonna see the movie in better quality than the one we got in the box set a few years back but, looks the same to me. The sound is better and all but come on.. Remastered in high definition…. give me a break. I know I should’ve waited for the blue-ray of this movie. The extra’s are nice for the most part but I want to see the original Theatrical Trailer!!!! not the damn teaser. Why is it so hard for them to get that. Why did they print on the back of the damn box that it included the trailer when on the old box set and original dvd release it says “teaser trailer”. Oh well guess I fell for paramounts lie again.

  58. i half to say i was dissapointed, i rented the dvd from blockbuster and it says on the cover, killer cut and advertises the special features, what you actually get is the version shown in the theaters with no special features at all, i wanted to rent it before actually buying it.

  59. Why the hell was walter banned? Thas friggin stupid why would u ban him for writin his comment IN CAPS?

  60. This is my first post here. Just picked up the Deluxe Edition of Part IV Today, Had to see the Slashed Scenes and the Lost Ending. I Also Noticed That Jason Breathes in the Morgue and You do see His Breath Clearly, Gonna watch it again here in awhile so i can listen to the commentaries.


  61. slashed scenes for part 7 and 8 are very nice to hear but sadly i dont like part 7 and 8 the most, sure would have seen the slashed scenes for part 2,3 and 5 but maybe thats not available?

  62. JayWood, I work at Blockbuster and noticed the rental copy was wrong too. Keep in mind, it’s the studio’s fault and not Blockbuster’s. This happened recently when a studio shipped us RETAIL copies with the wrong disc. We immediately had to destroy those ones right before the release. Since these are rental copies, I doubt we’ll change anything since there are so many shipped to each store. It’s a bummer this happened, though.

  63. The killer cut kicked so much as that I’m now making the 2024 Friday the 13th my most favorite of them all. They better hurry up with the sequal, I wonder what Jason is going to do next:)…, and I for one loved the score to the new film. The scores to the latest couple of Friday films like 8,9, and 10 had really crapy themes that just make my head spin. The new score sounded very strong, haunting, and it just had that psychotic feel to it that the last 4 Friday films lack. “But hey that’s just my opinon”. I got the killer cut on blueray and the deluxe edition of part 4. I want a sequal fast, hope they make a videogame on ps3 to tie in with the films. (hey I can dream can’t I;)…

    Ps: sorry for the spelling errors I was in a rush…

  64. I’m unhappy Part 3 did not load in my blu-ray player last night. That’s never happenend.

    The Killer Cut and Pt 2 were fine.

    Time to return and get another copy but I was so psyched last night and ready to try the 3D in blu-ray (hopefully it’ll look better than the 3D on the SE DVD).

    Did anyone else have this problem with Pt 3’s b-r?

  65. LOL F13 FanAtic… i seriously was pressing all kinds of buttons on the remote and looking at the dvd itself, checking the box to see if there was 2 dvd\’s in there and I somehow did not notice the second, thanks for clearing that up for me.

  66. I noticed someone mentioned seeing Jason in his jump suit again. I just had to say that Jason really only wore a jump suit in Jason goes to hell. Other than the flannel overalls look from pt 2, Jason has basically worn Dickies type button shirt and pants. Not saying it was actual Dickies brand, just that type of clothing is what he wore. No jump suit, thats another white masked killer.

  67. My thoughts on the recent releases is that I am very happy. The Killer Cut of the remake is so much better than the theatrical. Just a few scenes really change the scope of the movie. Such as Whitney\’s escape and the machete sharpening sequence. That scene really lets us see Jason\’s frustration over seeing his Mother be-headed. It just made the entire thing that much better. All the stuff that was cut should have been left in. On the topic of 4,5 and 6 deluxe edition releases, I am very happy with them all. I never picked up the box set, I have only had the original dvd releases. Let me just say these new versions come with great features. However I do have a complaint: I have to buy the blu-ray edition of part 3 (not that i mind having it on blu-ray) just to have all of the parts to the lost tales from camp blood fan films. The deluxe DVD of part 3 didn\’t have it let alone any features other than the 3D. The blu-ray disc has decent features and has pt 3 to the camp blood films. Not fair to those without blu

  68. Well it looks like they are using the Roy mask triangles for all deluxe editions. Which is fine I guess, I liked the Roy mask.

  69. dusk is a ass

  70. I’ll probly get banned for saying that LOL

  71. Walter deserved to be banned. I agree with dusk because people really should know better than to come here and write in all caps. Without making an example of someone from time to time people begin to think they can get away with anything.

    You are doing a good job, dusk. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

    …and Warrington Gillette is the best Jason ever.

  72. I will watch the remake soon but I think I will wait for pts 7
    7 & 8 to come out in Sept before I watch 4,5, & 6. I want to have a marathon! :) I never knew that writing in all caps is not permitted. Good to know, not that I find it necessary to do that. Maybe an occasional word or 2 in caps but that’s it. Spamming definitely is a pain in the ass & I strongly agree w/ that one as well.

  73. I’ve got to get, parts 4, 5 and 6. I haven’t bought parts 1, 2 and 3 yet. I’ve bought the killer cut of the reimagining. I haven’t watched it yet. Planning on doing that tonight, hopefully. So I guess a sequel’s in the works now? Hope so. I loved the style of the movie, from what I’ve read so far, I’m going to love it even more.

  74. I never said I banned him for typing in CAPS, folks. Spam is a destroyer. But don’t worry, I’ve unbanned him and to make sure people don’t continue to cry about this, I’m never going to ban anyone again.

    …Enjoy the stew these comment sections will soon become, ladies and gents.

  75. I absolutely loved the fan commentary on part 4. I thought it was a terrible idea when I first about but these guys were great. They’re both around my age and they talked about what it was like to watch these movies when they were kids. Their experiences were very similar to mine. Joe Zito’s commentary was excellent too.

  76. Thank you , just got deluxe editions how come there are no slashed scenes for part 5 we all know it was heavily cut and im sure some of that footage exsists if it does for part 4 and 6 , watch it end up on blu-ray

  77. I read an interview with Danny Steinmann where he said all the footage was thrown out…

    At least there’s stuff from the Version 2 thing.

  78. Hello,

    RE: F13 20240
    I must agree that most of the new material in the killer cut made the movie better, especially the scene where Jason is sharpening the machette. I liked that the girl saw him in a vulnerable moment (his head going down). What would have made it even beter was to see a tear coming out of the buttom of the mask. Seeing him freak out was interesting and added character.

    RE: F13 IV
    I would recommend this just for the commentary with the director. As the best of ther series, you get the smartest director giving you some inside ideas as to what they were thinking. Jason was by far scariest in this one (as well as the new release) and you get some interesting comments from Ted white.

    Does the director of Part V appologize for making a bad movie in the commentary?



  79. I ask the person who used my name to say “Worst releases ever” to stop posing as me. I’m sure you have better things to do than to use my fucking screen name.

  80. Anyone else having a problem with F13 09 blu-ray where you put the disc in, it just starts playing with the pip trivia track? When I go into the menu it says its off. The only way to get rid of it is to turn it on then off again. Kind of annoying. Tried two different copies and my player’s firmware is up to date. Any suggestions?

  81. The Walmart Man, I’ve been biting my lip for ages but it has to be said… stop name dropping f**king Walmart in EVERY message. Get a life, for Christ’s sake!

  82. The commentary for part 5 was entertaining and funny. The director and actors who participated in it know it and they have fun talking about it. In my opinion, part five would have been way better had the MPAA not have cut so much gore out of the final release.

  83. While Farrands and others claim that Paramount didn’t “hold out” and that everything what is in the vaults was putted on the DVD’s and Blu-rays I find it weird that the gore-trims of Friday The 13th Part 2 aren’t included on the Blu-ray. Because I was just checking out the Blu-ray and not only do you see a box full of slides and stuff of this film, but on 00:05:27 you do see slides of some uncut kills like the impaling of the couple on the bed. How is that possible when supposedly “everything” was destroyed?

  84. Ok, please help me and don’t laugh…when I put the DVD in, it doesn’t give me the choice of which version I wanna see. How do I pick? I don’t see it in the menu.

  85. Ric, Did you get the dvd or the blue-ray? The dvd only has one or the other. If you got the killer cut dvd then thats all you get. If you got the Blue-Ray, You have both the theatrical and Killer cut versions. the killer cut automatically starts so you have to go to the special features and click on the very first listing. It will give you the choice of watching the Theatrical version in english and whatnot.

  86. Got the Blu-ray…ok, didn’t know that’s what plays automatically. Going to watch it now, finally have time!!!

  87. One little thing about the killer cut I didn’t like was how at the beginning with the guy’s leg caught in the claw, when he looks up, Jason is just standing there. In the theatrical version you immediately see Jason sprinting as he charges the two to attack. You see him run a bit more.

  88. There is a lot more footage, guys. I was a non-believer for a very long time, but now that the Part 4 alternate-takes surfaced as well as an entirely different ending, I have faith that there are TONS of alternate takes from that film and they only showed the ones they thought mattered (the bloody ones). As a die-hard, I’d love to have every alternate take. Why not? If there’s a market for it, which I think Paramount is finally starting to believe, we’re in for future releases with even more.

  89. Call me crazy but i found it a little bit freakish as the camp counselor beheads Mrs. Voorhees in the opening sequence the name Daniel Pearl comes across the screen as Director of Photography.

  90. I remember going to this bootleg site and seeing some interesting F13th dvds. They have pt.4 extended cut, which I think is just all the extra tv footage (now we have it w/ this new pt.4 release). Pt.6: Composite workprint, full sherif kill, regular footage (now we obviously have that as well) & workprint footage. Last but not least (and the one I’m most curious about), pt.5: a slightly alternate cut with different dialog & alternate scenes. Did they include that in the new pt.5 release too? I haven’t watched mine yet as you can tell so I just wanted to see if anyone here knows the deal w/ this version of pt.5 I found.

  91. This may or may not have been said already. But to those who own a Play Station 3 (PS3), and have it hooked up to an Internet connection, can go and download not only the Killer Cut movie, but 2 featurettes as well!
    I think both featurettes are available on the bluray version, while the DVD only had one (at least my copy did).
    You can download “The Evolution of Jason” and “The Thrill of the Kill” for FREE!!! at the PlayStationStore.
    Just thought I’d let you know in case anyone was interested.

  92. i just gotta get on here to kiss ass another time.

    f13th killer cut fucking rocks!! i bitched and bitched after both viewings at the theaters and now suddenly i love this movie!! they actually addressed many of the things i was on here bitching about with the killer cut–maybe they read these blogs. i’ve already watched it 3 times since i got it last tuesday… i do feel it is true to the franchise, and jason is totally kick ass. the characters are funny, there’s lots of pot, and some great tits…and the stupendous ones, believe it or not, are REAL!!! I LOVE IT!!!

    the special features are all i needed. anything more would have been overkill.

    as for the part 4 special edition, i am absolutely loving all the raw gore footage to work with. i’m working on an uncut version in windows movie maker and having a blast doing it. i wish i could color correct the stuff a little better but it’ll do…i think it will turn out somewhat comparable to the my bloody valentine (81) director’s cut they recently released.

    KUDOS!!! i’m finally feeling like i’m getting what i want!!!

  93. i hope there’s some way you can share your redits of F13tFC. when i first saw the slashed scenes I was pretty viscerally horrified. It’s amazing what a little blood can do. Crispin Glover’s performance was great, but barely witnessed in the final cut. It would be great to see ‘what could have been’

  94. They should re-release the Killer Cut in theaters, later in October. I\’ve always thought it was cool when movies would return to theatres. This was the version that should have been introduced to the public. I couldn\’t resist picking up the Jason Slasher Collection, btw…

  95. I like the extras but it’s just still disappointing how they try to tell stories about the original Friday Series but can never use footage from the movies because they can never work out the licensing ! Between Paramount and New Lines it would just be nice if some sort of compromise could be reached so when they make special editions and extra’s like this they could use footage from all the Jason movies … “almost” like what they tried to accomplish with the His Name Was Jason dvd cause that was done pretty well.

  96. pete, that part 5 alternate cut sucks. it’s mostly dialogue to replace swear words for the tv cut. there is a close up impact shot of the knife to the neck at the beginning, but just a couple frames and nothing to rave about…no blood. and when that dude is trying to get out of the porta-potty there is an additional angle of the chick lying there with her throat slit. it’s not the greatest quality and there is something like “Version 2″ in the bottom corner the entire movie. i bought a copy for like $20 and considered it a complete waste of money.

    the pt 6 one is shit too. they took a crappy quality alternate shot of the back breaking kill and added it to the regular version of the movie. i think it was actually the shot they use in the tv cut. worthless.

  97. oh by the way ratta tatta touille, in case you didn’t see my link on the other blog, here are my cuts of the pt 4 kills -


    they kind of squished them to 4:3, and I couldn’t find a way to fix that. the file i used is in 16:9.

    but there is an HD button that allows you to watch them in DVD quality, which is nice.

  98. HQ, sorry

  99. For the most part, I love the Deluxe Edition ocvers for the new releases. Very snazzy. The Roy Burns Mask for Imposter Jason from Part 5 is one of my all-time favorite hockey masks. I love it so much I plan to buy one from one of the high-end jason mask makers online. It will be the centerpiece to my Jason Voorhees/Friday the 13th shrine for all to behold.
    I never went to see the Friday the 13th remake in the theaters so I was excited to buy the Killer Cut version on DVD. I’ve seen it 3 times now and must say I believe it to be a worthy addition to the series. Jason was brutal in a human way and somehow that made him even scarier. I have this feeling though that the sequel will be a new supernatural version since he was pretty much dead at the end. Can you imagine how whacked an undead version of this Jason Voorhees will be? Ki, ki, ki, ki, ki…..

  100. i think part 4 was the only one worth buying again. but, the cut footage should’ve been put back into the movie. part 2 should’ve been uncut too.

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