Jason in Snow and Maybe 3-D for Sequel?

friday23Speaking to reporters on the set of A Nightmare On Elm Street, Brad Fuller and Andrew Form discussed what the impending Friday the 13th sequel could be.

So the original was both not gristly enough to be fetishistic, but also potentially not gristly enough. That’s a fine line for the prolific Platinum Dunes team to walk. One potential innovation that seems like a no-brainer after the winter success of “My Bloody Valentine 3-D” would be bringing the “Friday the 13th” franchise back into 3-D for a sequel.

Indeed, “Friday the 13th Part 2″ (or whatever they decide to call it) probably would have to begin production later this year, prompting a question from reporters about the idea of Jason Voorhees in the snow, which Fuller admitted would be something fresh, though he emphasized that he wouldn’t want the entire movie to be set in a wintery setting. In fact, Fuller wanted to make it clear that, for now at least, talk about the sequel is merely talk.

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37 Responses to “ Jason in Snow and Maybe 3-D for Sequel? ”

  1. 3D snowflakes with blood flying around would be real fuggin nice. Damn I still havn’t seen the original in 3D, I’m not too crazy about the blue/red 3D glasses.

  2. snow,could be interesting,it would be neat if they took inspiration from the original pt 2 and make it with counselers opening a new camp,which unfortionatly is neighboring camp crysal lake

  3. This could work. Wasnt snow the second choice for Jason X?

  4. Sounds good.

    Crystal Lake is in New Jersey and they do get winter there. I always wondered what Jason did in the winter when the camp is empty.

  5. Snow could be interesting? Hmmm….

  6. Patatojoe, Jason at Polar was one of the ideas for Jason X. Just before they decided to get him out to space.

    Sean S. Cunningham is talking about this in the extra material of the Jason X DVD.

    I must agree, the snowflake & blood in 3D could be pretty cool. Further, red and white did always match well. :)
    Whatever they come up with, I`m looking forward to follow the progress.


  7. I think the winter would be awesome. tons of red snow! and in 3-d!!! that would be excellent

  8. Interesting. Never thought of it.

  9. If a sequel is to be made then 3D is definitely the way to go! A wintery setting is a great idea & different as well. You know an icicle death scene is a must!!

  10. snow would be awesome. for anyone who has seen the lone wolf and cub movie “white heaven in hell”, they will know what alot of blood looks like on a nice white snow background……….it looks fantastic!!!! i think that, that would bring a fresh twist to the franchise, something different and new. not too many horror movies take place in the winter, although i do like seeing the hockey mask on the cover of “the thing”, which is an awesome horror movie btw. i think that having the breath of Jason being seen coming from the mask would be a nice effect, showing that he is real and gets out of breath and tired when chasing people. not like “zombie jason” who also breathes…always thought that was corny, lol. anyway, thats my ramble, sounds like a cool idea!!! peace and love from Canada

  11. Jason iceskating across crystal lake with machete in hand. Fantastic

  12. Platinum Dunes imo needs to get their head outta thier ass, and make the film all in snow. I have been saying this idea would work for years. I mean look at the creepiness of The Shining, 30 Days, and The Thing, All set in snow. Come on and make this immediatly. Peace JohnRyder1981

  13. Maybe there will be a scene of someone building a snowman too. Pfffhhh!

  14. NO 3D for now. For Part 3, they can do it in 3D, lol.

  15. i think 3-d and snow will be cool it can be a bunch of people on a ski trip getting scewerd by ski poles in 3d awesome i can see it allready.

  16. I can see it now, Jason has already slashed someone across the abdomen, causing their guts to spill out all over the ground. Then, with one swift swing with his machete, Jason decapitates his victim. Te body falls backwards and the blood sprays all over the white, snow covered ground. I’m dreaming of a “Red Christmas.”

  17. but nothing is certain

  18. Thats a bad idea. Snow at a camp = No campers, No councelors. Therefore boring. I wanna see Jason killing campers and councelors not skiers. I can’t believe everyone agrees with a snowy Friday. This is a sad day.

  19. Yeah save the 3D for part 3. Thats the way to go.

  20. And keep the kills fast and sweet. Every kill in the remake was badass. Thats how Jason kills. You see him, then dead. Just like that. I wanna see alot of the same type of kills. No big long elaborate goofy cheesy kills. I’ll check out the old series for all those over the top running out of ideas kills.

  21. No Tom, people do go to cabins during winter….snowboarding, Christmas, skiing….

  22. YYYYEEEESSSS!!!!This is music to my ears folks.I’ve been saying for yers that this is he way to go with this franchise.New Line could have redeemed theirselves with this idea years ago for Jason X(instead of the comedy space travel routine they ultimately went with).Bottom line is this they ruined a great horror character(Freddy)by turning him into a camp Scooby Doo villain(ZOINKS)and tried their utmost with dear old Jason.Good job PLASTIC(oops,platinum)Dunes came along when they did,L.O.L.In all fairness if they do press ahead with this idea and pull it off CORRECTLY,they will seriously gain the credibility and the respect of myself and all fellow fans out there that have waited to see this.This could potentially be the best “Jason” movie since the 80’s golden era.I’ve thought of some basic rules to be followed. 1)I read that they only wanted to make some the flm in a winter setting.NNNNNOOOOOO!!!!!!Keep it all in the winter.Mabye there could be an epilogue at the start of the film showing what happened after the end of the last movie(showing flashbacks of all the kills in the process).But that’s where all the nice weather should stop(the opening 5-10 mins or so). 2)Don’t be stingy on the tits ‘n’ ass.I know it’s supposed to be the middle of winter but those cabins have roaring log fires and all that snowboarding equipment sure does get hot. 3)Try and stay away from C.G.I gore(it looks so fake and you can spot it a mile away)Better yet bring back Tom Savini for true authenticity. 4)Let,s have maximum gore and body counts(what’s the point of having all that snow without gallons of arterial red to spray all over it). Stick to this basic and minimal formula and you have the basis for a Friday The 13th movie like none before it(but for all the right reasons).How does this sound for a scene,cue a misty,frozen over Camp Crystal Lake at night with an ominous shadowy figure slowly descending through the mist across the frozen lake(JASON)then roll titles.This movie would be awesome in 3-D(please make it happen)……………….KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA.

  23. “Snow at a camp = No campers, No counselors. Therefore boring.”

    There weren’t any counselors in the remake, and the only “campers,” per se, were the ones at the very beginning looking for the weed. People definitely go out to cabins, vacation homes, etc. for winter getaways outside of just ski trips. I certainly think this premise could work, if done correctly. Of course, I’ve thought that about almost every premise that they’ve used in the series, but the whole “if done correctly” part seems to be stumbling block.

  24. Yo Eagle Eye, That would be lame. Hey eXile, you said “There weren’t any counselors in the remake, and the only “campers,” per se, were the ones at the very beginning looking for the weed” so don’t you think were about due for some?

  25. I have a idea for the sequel.
    the sequel should take months later after the reboot, when someone has bought and winterize the old camp crystal lake and makes it a year round resort. Jason presume dead still lives in the lair underneath the camp which the new owner is unaware of since the entrance of the lair as been covered up due to renovation by the town to make a easy sale. jason has another “in and out” way that the town did not know about.

    The movie could be based around another date. valentines day!
    a group of 4 couples book a cabin for valentines day weekend. Friday of course being the 13th. ( so if you do a time line on the reboot like the one on this website, the first on can take place on june 13th 2024, a real friday, and the sequel can take place feb 13 2024.) jason comes around adds a little( or alot) of red to everyones valentines day.

    what do you think?

  26. jason’s lair,

    That is an awesome idea. Only problem with it is that we already have “My Bloody Valentine.” Maybe there could be a showdown between Jason and the Miner from MBV3D, that would be cool. However, if My Bloody Valentine didn’t exist, your Idea would be awesome. Another suggestion for the tagline could be: “Jason is here to break some hearts.”

  27. What if by “snow” the producers actually mean that Jason is on cocaine and that will make the story way crazier than it was in the first film? I think that would make Jason more personable because I can see how someone like him could get depressed and sink into drugs. So instead of being a pot farmer like he was in the first film, he could turn his cabin into a coke lab by the time Part 2 begins. They could even rehire Danny Steinmann to direct the film because he seems to know how to direct coke-heads better than anyone else. What do you think?

  28. well i thought valentines day friday would be a good one for a winter movie and the possibility a valentines day weekend being friday the 13th, which if valentines falls on saturday, the friday before is the 13th.which we had this year!!

    A christmas “jason: couldn’t be a friday the 13th unless we named it “Jason takes Christmas:12 day after friday the 13th, or maybe hanukkah could be a friday the 13th, lol.

    my guess is why would people be hanging around icy lake if it wasn’t an special occasion. valentine’s day made more since.

    well maybe there is already a valentine type movie, but remember the leprechaun went to space before jason had his day in space.

  29. Very true jason’s lair. I guess there could be two different Valentine’s Day killers.

  30. Any one else ready for Harry Warden vs Jason Voorhees?

    It really makes sense, if you find a way around MBV3D’s stupid twist ending so it’s really Harry.

    A bunch of the Crystal Lake’s town commitee gets help from Harmony to forget about the murders and get the town back on it’s feet, and converts Camp Crystal Lake into Valentine’s Bluff Honeymoon Resort (reference to original MBV) by lacing it with cupids, hearts, and valentine’s decorations. This year, the Friday The 13th is in february, and Valentine’s the day after. A bunch of couples check in, with some teenagers stealing a couple of cabins. Jason breaks out of the frozen lake. While Harry has found out Harmony’s plan and uses Jason’s tunnels as his own little Hanniger Mines. Harry begans taking hearts immediantly, and Jason decides to defend his territory.

  31. that guy,

    That is an awesome Idea. Maybe Jason’s tunnels cave in and bury both him and Harry, then, just before the credits start, we see Harry tunneling his way out, and Jason is quietly stalking him.

  32. Would be kinda cool to see Jason in the winter in 3D maybe he’ll kill someone with a big a$$ icicle.:-)

  33. Time for some winter killing.

  34. im not sure i dug the whole lair thing to begin with but since its in the series now , i like the ideas of Jason’s Lair, nice ideas man. But it would be nice to see counselors at camp again, we havent had camp counselors since part 6, and id still love to see tommy return somehow, this is part 13 after all i hope they make this a big one !. they essesntially can do anything because 2024 was basically a sequel, it was hardly a reboot.

  35. Platinum Dunes should check out “Fritt Vilt” (Cold Prey) 1 and 2 for inspiration on this idea…wonderful slasher movies set in the snow… After watching these movies you can clearly see how great a “Friday the 13th” in the snow would be…

  36. Maybe Tommy could return as a camper in the next one.

  37. snow would definately be something worth having in the scenery in this one. jason was in those woods for years. he must have had some sort of trouble in the winter. they should show us that trouble he encountered.

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