Comic-Con Video Pacification

While the powers that be keep fans busy playing cat/mouse with copies of the teaser trailer on YouTube, here are a few videos full of “approved” content from Comic-Con to sink your machetes into.

Panel Part 1 – thanks to homevids818

Panel Part 2

Jared Padalecki – thanks to knepperholic

Derek Mears – thanks to Sirand

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71 Responses to “ Comic-Con Video Pacification ”

  1. cool

  2. still looking good..

  3. Looks awesome… it’s gonna be a master piece, probably the most amazing film of 2024!!!

  4. fuckin awsome. i just hope the dont fuck up the ending like they did in halloween.This movie must have a sequel or at least leave the ending open like the early friday movies..ALL IN ALL ICANT FUCKIN WAIT FOR THIS MOVIE…..OH HELL YEAH

  5. Alexandre wrote \

  6. Alexandre wrote “Looks awesome… it’s gonna be a master piece, probably the most amazing film of 2024!!!”

    I grew up with these movies and while I agree that it will be a great film I have to disagree with the claim that it might be the most amazing film of 2024. There are a lot of great films coming out in 2024 including the Star Trek reboot, J.I Joe Rise of Cobra,Terminator Salvation, X Men Origins:Wolverine, Underworld Rise of the Lycans and Transformers Revenge of the Fallen. I think it’s safe to say that it will be the most amazing horror film of 2024 though. :)

  7. ^ J.I Joe???

    Underworld will not be the same without Bekensale(sp?) in it.. Star Trek, never a big fan of and Terminator I will probably see…But the biggest movie for 2024 will no doubt be Transformers 2.

  8. Looks good, seems that I already want a sequel.

  9. “There are never any kids at the camp.”

    I guess the interviewer in the DreadCentral vid has never seen Jason Lives.

  10. “There are never any kids at the camp.”

    “I guess the interviewer in the DreadCentral vid has never seen Jason Lives.”

    I was thinking the same thing but out of all the Friday movies that is the only one and they tried to make the people forget about Jason and Camp Crystal Lake by changing the name to Camp Forest Green. Say what you will about Zombie Jason but Jason Lives is still one of my favs. To this day it has arguably the best script out of any of the Friday movies and the Alice Cooper Soundtrack was fun. I’m sure this new one will be better though :)

  11. I agree J Miggidy, I watched Jason Lives last night while I did some work and it never fails to entertain. Then finish it off with a funky Alice Cooper song!

  12. Im very excited like every other friday fan out there. One thing I am hoping though is that it isnt only 90 mins like brad fuller was saying. I think it can still work if its around 1 hour 45mins. I want there to be as much meat as possible :-)

  13. I dig that they hint at an UNRATED dvd.

  14. Ahem, and an R rating! YEAH BABY!

  15. Mears seems so very happy to be playing this part.

  16. I don’t lijke how Jared was saying that the arow through the neck in art 1 was cheesy. I LOVE that efect!! I guess he’s too used to the CGI efects.

  17. Eh…..yeah the arrow stunt from that movie is kind of dated. They make things look way more realistic now a days. Movies like Hostel really have the gore down. I’m sure this new Friday movie will raise the bar and I have a feeling we might see a new take on that arrow through the neck kill.

  18. sack head and hockey mask? DAMN this is gonna be the best

  19. the site is up nothin there but

  20. It is a little dated but it’s still a GREAT looking scene. IMO.

  21. all in all very excited.. by the way(dragon voorhees ) originally Halloween was meant to be a single story in a series of unrelated halloween movies in response to the popularity of movies with icons such as Friday the 13th they forced carpenter to bring him back against his will. Zombie made the move Carpenter probbaly wished he made back then. with that said being the original return killer im sure we will see him again (jason).

  22. I’m definitely interested. The remake of Texas Chainsaw Massacre sucked a lot, but this one is actually looking good so far. I don’t be far think it will be the best of 2024, especially since the long awaited Watchmen movie adaptation is coming out.

    I don’t know if it will be amazing, but I’m hoping it will be good.

  23. I’ve noticed that the Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake gets a lot of crap by everyone and for good reasons but you have to admit that the prequel they made for it years later (The beginning) was so much better!!!! You will never be able to top the 70′s original though. No gore but so god damn creepy!!!

  24. I hated TCSM The Beginning. I turned it off after 20 minutes!

  25. Oh well. Ya can’t please everyone. LOL!!!!

  26. They need to officially release the teaser trailer online already. No need to be so secretive about it. It would help the movie even more. I need to see it in high def!!!!

  27. that “cheesy arrow gag” remark by Jared just scared the crap out of me. i really hope they rely on practical effects much more as opposed to CGI. CGI makes all the deaths look like your watching a video game, so out of place and so unrealistic.

  28. I don’t think that kind of comment has anything to do with CGI. Sure it gets used but technology for physical props, prosthetic and stuns has advanced as well. Things seem more realistic. Movies like the Hills Have Eyes (which our new Jason was a part of) and Hostel are examples of modern Horror movies that use new advanced filming methods. If they were to redo that arrow shot today without the use of CGI it would look so much better and the original would seem so fake. No need to worry. I have a feeling that there won’t be much CGI in this film.

  29. derek says the mask is made out of real hockey mask….. what else would they use! geeze! still can’t wait for the movie though!!

  30. I doubt they’ll rely much on CGI, or at least the “obvious kind”. I like CGI as long as it’s supportive or corrects little things (like removing Leatherface’s nose in the TCM remake for example), and if they have to make someting altogether, rather environments than characters.

    I think this will be what Friday the 13th used to be about – fun, gore and some pretty loud and wicked scares. A bit of tension inbetween. Seeing them should just be about having a good time, so I’m not expecting a horror masterpiece (but I’m glad Jason seems to finally be “right” again).

    As for TCM and its prequel, I won’t say they “sucked”, because overall I liked them both. The weakest part for me was the casting – Jared and Amanda seem to be good choices though, kind of complimentary.

  31. This keeps sounding better and better. What’s to hate on? We’re getting a big budget remake of our favorite horror franchise and it looks like they’re doing it just the way we’d want it.

  32. where the hell can i get the teaser poster

  33. Ok, everyone is entitled to there opinion. But I don’t know why the TCM remake gets craped on so much? I mean I LOVE the original and NO remake could ever top it. But I thought that the movie was almost flawless. It had a good scare factor, good acting, a GREAT look to Leather face. But what the remake had that the origanal DIDN’T have was that they made you care for the charicters. Each one had a little back story to them and I thought that it was Jesica Beils BEST acting. And , not that it makes a movie better, it had a lot of gore. I love the remake and I think it could’ve put horror in better direction. JMO

  34. Hey you guys remember when Jason was on Arsenio Hall promoting Jason Takes Manhattan? It\’s still kinda funny.

  35. You know Christian, after I saw the remake of TCM I didn’t want to see the other. As a matter of fact, I’ve never seen it and I don’t want to see it. Sure, maybe it is cool and what ever else, but I have more important original things I could watch. Just because something has great effects doesn’t mean the affect of the film will last.

  36. Hopefully when they say they are keeping it based in reality that means the kills too. NO CGI KILLS PLEASE. Or anything CGI….

  37. I just hope they amp up the gore. I wanna see contact kills. The old Friday’s have a habit of showing a persons face being terrified, then they go to a shot of the killing weapon coming at the screen and then they show some blood splatter. We need more arrows through the neck and machetes going into people. Seeing it makes it more real. Your mind doesn’t have to fill in the blanks. That old style doesn’t work with the modern audience

  38. Dimon said “You know Christian, after I saw the remake of TCM I didn’t want to see the other. As a matter of fact, I’ve never seen it and I don’t want to see it. Sure, maybe it is cool and what ever else, but I have more important original things I could watch. Just because something has great effects doesn’t mean the affect of the film will last.”

    The original has horrible effects. Actually it has almost no effects. There is no blood and not even a soundtrack. It’s just the setting, characters and the directing style that make it creepy as hell. I watched it for the first time by myself when I was young and at the time it was the scariest movie I ever saw. At the time I thought it was based on a true story though…LOL….I think my mind made it even scarier. It’s definitely worth checking out.

    “You like head cheese? My my brother makes it real good!!”

  39. Did you people notice that EVERY pic of Jason fom the remake they only show the left side of his face? I wonder why?

  40. How many effects there are shouldn’t effect how good a film is. First and foremost it’s the story! But just for the record, the original TCSM movie had no budget so had to reply on atmosphere… the remake had waaayyyy too much money and included pointless shots such as the camera traveling through a hole in someone’s head. Sure, it looks good in an MTV way kind of way, but was it scary? What is fuck?!

  41. I don’t think there is any real reason. I don’t think they are hiding anything. You can kinda see the other side of his face in the new trailer. Hopefully when we get an official version online we can get a better look. With that being said they said they were going for a look somewhere between part 2 and part 3. In part 2 Jason only really had a lot of hair on the left side of his head and the right side was all messed up.

  42. Did you hear that one idiot that asked that question about saying that jason in the original series is a dead guy through out and has a supernatural orgin? The producers said it be a remake of the 1ST 4 and he is a human in the 2-3-4 and isn’t a zombie til 6…ughhh that burned me up cuz I’m a huge jason nerd. Hopefully he will become a zombie eventually b/c jason is so popular that these movies will keep coming , jason has 11 films..michael has 8.. not including the remake cuz they dont count

  43. it depends how you looks at it. the point of part 6 is to return jason to his original resting spot, crystal lake, where “he drowned as a boy in 1957″

    so i dont know if thats just a continuity error, but it basically says that jason did in fact drown as a boy, but came back from the dead via some supernatural force and has been “undead”, which might explain him taking a full on axe to the head and still going on.

    i dont know. jason is still the best regardless whether hes dead or alive.

  44. Actualy, beleive it or not you COULD survive an axe to the head like that. It’s been done before.

  45. Surely the paramedics at the beginning of The FInal Chapter had the sense to check properly that Jason was dead before taking him to the morgue. If that’s the cast, he was a zombie in the forth film too!

  46. I’ve never looked at it that way before but honestly I think it’s just a slight error in part 6′s script. The who resting place thing. That was the movie where zombie Jason was born. I think really originally they wanted to make a part 2 and decided to make Jason survive the drowning. Nothing super natural about it. While I think it worked in six and seven I would rather Jason stay human from now on. It makes it seem more real and scarier.

  47. lol but i doubt that the few people that survived something like that casually walked out of bed a few hours later with the energy to slaughter another group of teenagers. and if he is human, damn, that probably hurt. especially when he was in the lake in those few scenes, must of stung pretty bad.

  48. Lol!! Yea but that would be funny roy!! Christian, that is a good question weather Jason was a zombie in part 4 or not. I mean we should do a poll and see how many people think he was a zombie or if he was alive in part 4. I say he was alive just because when Axle closes the freezer door and it popped back open you can see a breath of air come out of Jason.

  49. It’s just when his mask is cut off that face doesn’t look like it belongs to a living being, deformed or otherwise

  50. wow Derek Mears is a really nice guy. This film just sounds awesome, makes me wonder if they kill him off at the end of this with them saying there isnt really a sequel in mind. Interesting!

  51. he wasnt a zombie in 4 i think the mask took the brunt of the dammage and the crystal lake paramedics couldnt tell an unconcious jason from a dead one.towards the end of 4 he gets knocked out by the TV to the head i dont think you can knock out a zombie.but dont quote me on that.

  52. its like they kill him at the end but with the movie being 7 months from cumming out they’ll probably change the ending. maybe something like the original where he jumps out of the lake or in2 where jason jumped through the window.because as good as this movie looks i definitly want a 2nd movie,and a 3rd…and so on. as long as they dont fuck it up.

  53. ‘the crystal lake paramedics couldnt tell an unconcious jason from a dead’???? Dude, you’re reaching there, they’re paramedics! of course they could tell!!

  54. jason was def. human in 2 and 3. i think 4 started his zombie reign. there i said it.

  55. I agree Roy, whilst it wasn’t until Part VI that he became the Jason that he’s remembered by, he was definitely not normal in The Final Chapter. An axe to the head, no matter how good the hockey mask, it’s still gonna split into his head.

  56. the paramedic thing was a joke besides i know some dumbshit who is a paramedic they arent exactly picky about who they let preform first aid.all you got to do is show em your G E D take about 10 months of training (depending on where u train)but i bet 10 months is about right for a crystal lake paramed.

  57. the bottom line is no explanation needed they wanted to make a sequel and you cant knock a zombie out with a TV i know i have tried

  58. Haha, you’ve tried? lol. But I agree, we probably shouldn’t read too deeply into things like this. He’s alive in the new one so that’s all that matters

  59. shit, this movie is fitted not to have a sequel. however, he said if the fans really love it and want another, (which we will) they will find a way to BRING HIM BACK, meaning he is presumably going to die :(

  60. For the record, the “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” remake in 2024 had a LOW budget too. Not a shoestring budget, but it was NOT an expensive production. It cost 9 million to make, and made 80 million domestically. So you see why Platinum Dunes is in the market for remaking things. There is money to be made.

    What kills me are the hardcore purists. A remake doesn’t erase the original. And the TCM remake didn’t play to me like a shot for shot remake. Nothing was really explained. It was like watching a well made updated sequel.

    For any self respecting slasher fan to deny the film any credit is a disservice. It’s one of the better slasher films to be released recently.

    And with Nispel’s gift of making a 9 million dollar look like he spent 50 is a good thing for F13.

  61. Texas Chainsaw Massacre ’03 was a good slasher film. While it is not disturbing or frightening in the slightest, it’s an entertaining and dark take on the story.

    There’s one thing I hate about it, though. They put in fake newsreal footage, an opening narraration, and “evidence” to make it seem real. Now, every stupid friggin’ teenager thinks it’s real, and won’t listen to the facts.

  62. It’s funny how we keep coming back To the 2024 Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake. No body ever mentions it’s prequel made a few years later which was far superior in every way. And you may hate the narration and all but that is how the original was and back in the 70′s even more people thought it was real. They even got the original narrator (John Laroquette) to do it. Oh nostalgia. LOL!!!

  63. Id have to agree,Miggidy…..TCM the Beginning was,imo,an amazing movie.

  64. The Beginning was okay, but way too much like the film before it. A dark-haired guy with a tough brunette girlfriend, along with a blond-haired guy with his girlfriend traveling across Texas, meet a demented sheriff, and are pursued by Leatherface? The two films are practically identical!

  65. I guess youre correct on that part,but still,it was a very good…more psychotic than the first TCM.

  66. Hey, don’t get me wrong. I very much enjoyed The Beginning, especially the ending. Watching a victorious Leatherface, drenched in blood, walk away from two wrecked cars was simply awesome.

  67. Yeah,its cool when theres no survivors in horror movies.

  68. jason was not a zombie in 2-4 watch 2 paul tells the story about jason they thought he died but he survived god knows why he was hard to kill but he wasnt a zombie until 6

  69. tmc 03 and tmctb kinda are the same imo but tmctb they all died thats about it

  70. impressive

  71. very nice. i wish i could afford on of these tickets (including plane tickets of course) :-)

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