Friday The 13th Teaser Trailer

Enjoy it online while it lasts where you can find it! Great to see the return of running Jason. Credit goes to makaveddie81 for the vid.

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  1. I’m rather having trouble describing the trailer. All I can say is, I’m really impressed.

  2. Reminds me a lot of the TCM reboot which I liked a lot. Looks like they have a pretty sinister feel going with this one. Jason may actually scare people again instead of being a slow-moving dumb zombie. Props to Platinum Dunes. Looks like they are pulling this off exactly as it should be done. There hasn’t been even one disappointing tidbit about this movie from the get-go. The same can’t be said about 99% of the other remakes out there. Most of them were at least suspicious to me from first reports, but this one keeps looking better and better!

  3. Looks pretty awesome. Jason coming through the floorboards in the beginning looks pretty cool and also kinda goes with rumors of Jason having underground tunnels to travel in.
    The part where Jason is running, i dont think hes running the entire time, looks like he just did a little run while bringing down the machete. Either way, way cool.
    Cant wait to see Jason again, this is definitely not a remake, altho there are hints at previous entries seen (jason busting through the window ala part 2 and obviously the shrine from part 2 as well).

  4. holy shit…

  5. running Jason = scary Jason = I love it!

  6. Im looking forward to seeing it.

    I agree with Irving, looks to me that Jason was walking slowly while the girl stumbled along the floor then last minute ran at her. That shot looked great.

  7. All i have to say is thank you Michael Bay! Thank you! You are the man!!! From what I’ve seen in this teaser the franchise has now returned to glory!!!

  8. can’t wait!

  9. The running scene just looks totally awesome. I can’t say enough about it.

  10. Holy shit! Everything about that looks absolutely awesome. And to cap off that trailer with Jason running at his victim… I’m speechless. This is looking better and better by the second. The hairs on my arms actually stood up when I watched the teaser. Powerful.

  11. Man that looked kick ass terrific when he was running at his victim..That\’s scarier than anything knowing he is actually running at you with pure hatred and violence. Chills!

  12. Cheers to New Line and Paramount on putting the bullshit aside to make this New Friday movie…seriously, it’s about time a remake with balls came and blew the rest away.

  13. This is the Jason I’ve been waiting for. The originals are classics, but I completely agree with what Michael bay said in an interview; audiences want things a certain way when it comes to modern horror movies.

    As an aspiring filmmaker (as lame as this sounds) I got chills when I saw that trailer. The originals are 100% classics, but this movie looks like it’s going to be how the originals were to be made.

    I loved the TCM remake and this looks like it will not disappoint. Supernatural stuff always bothers me in horror movies and it looks like the ‘realistic’ approach they took will be amazing.

    All this from a blurry 2 minute teaser…ahhh I’m pumped!!!

  14. One more thing I have to add. Now this trailer has things out of context I know but from what we can see of Derek Mears, man I gotta say, he looks VERY good as Jason. I’m an old school Ted White/Richard Brooker fan but Mears’ take on Jason looks very real and very scary to me. He looks menacing, agile and completely pissed off. Jesus, I’m chomping at the bit for this one! Think I’ll watch the teaser again until it’s yanked…:)

  15. I have watched it a couple of times now, just to watch him run with pure vengeance at the victim at the end of the clip…Man oh man is he ever scary looking…I would guarantee any movie audience would stand up and clap if this showed in front of a horror movie…

  16. This trailer is fantastic, and it’s great to see fans here giving it the love it deserves.

  17. I have to say I also did feel the TCM feel as well…I did enjoy the TCM remakes but wondering at the same time if that is it for TCM?(remember Leatheface getting his leg cut off at the end?)
    Hopefully they do not do that with the new Friday franchise reboot, as I hear there is a desire to make yet ANOTHER Friday movie, and this one isn’t even out yet…If there are alternate endings leave them for the DVD, so at least in the theater, fans will not be disappointed. I have been a longstanding Friday fan and think this movie will do the franchise great justice…finally a “realistic” Friday movie.


  19. Looks SO GOOD! Looks like a return to paramounts Friday.
    Also, was just looking at the timeline on the website and found that they claim Jason was born on Friday the 13th in June of 1946. I hope that they don’t get the times wrong in the new movie because there was no Friday the 13th in June of 1946. We had one in 1947 but not 1946. I really liked the TCM movies so I hope that it will be as scary as those.

  20. Loving it. A lot of little nods to the original Paramount-films (like the temp Manfredini-score), crashing through the window and all that ( that little Jason in the rain? We’ll see). I think Nispel once said “the only point of doing a remake is giving the audience exactly what they expect, and then turn it around and surprise them completely”. Can’t wait to see this film.

  21. I checked out the trailer and it looks way cool. As for all of the folks sayign Jason never runs, please re-watch parts 2-4. He runs and he is menacing, just like he seemd to be in this new one (remake). As for all of the bull regarding remakes, these older films can use the spruce up. The old FT13 films are no longer scary, mainly do to the now poor visual effects. Heck my wife can watch them and not be scared. This is a good thing period, FvsJ was a good film but it did not do justice to Jason (IMO).
    From what I read of the Panel, this had been intended as a stand alone film…hmm

  22. This look so awesome, i cannot wait. Please WB\’s give us a clear version of the trailer.

  23. I can pretty much guarantee that this will not be a stand alone film. When the studio is calling it a reboot of the series it sounds to me like the first in a new line of sequels (much like TCM) Plus if the box office does what I think it will, it will be in their best interest to make at the very least, one more movie. Lets just hope that if they do, it’s a solid sequel.

  24. I’ll bet tats not ever the “trailer” so to speak…they’ll do something to change it up i imagine…that was just a little appetite whetter for us rabid fans

  25. I think it looks awesome. I can’t wait to see the film.

  26. I agree Colin…they should investigate into more sequels, but at the same time being careful to not dumb down the audience by making it outrageously unbelievable…(part 7 anyone) and each movie should be a little more indepth into jason\’s psyche…whereas i liked the TCM reboot i am a little unsatisfied at the ending of the original as it looks to be \

  27. the end and i always want a “open ended” movie that can be the end or continue…depending on the fans and box office reveunes

  28. the look of the film completely reminded me the the TCM remake (thats a bad thing) and I hated seeing Michael Bay\’s name on there. but otherwise it wasn\’t half bad. especially considering the crappy bootleg quality. im happy to see jason running again and that they seem to have lifted the music from 1-4 (sadly that\’s probably only for the trailer). i don\’t think it\’ll be amazing and i don\’t think it\’ll suck. somewhere in the middle for sure. if we could sit through the last 3-4 crap sequels, we can sit through this.

  29. i already couldnt wait til february now its even more difficult

  30. my computer has no sound, so can anybody tell me whats going on with the soundtrack? is manfredini coming back, or are they just making a whole new soundtrack? to have a classic soundtrack reminiscent of the first 4 films would just make the movie feel so much more like a friday film.

  31. Roy, you will be happy to know that the soundtrack is very classic. In the beginning, it’s the same music as the early F13 films.

  32. in reply: my computer has no sound, so can anybody tell me whats going on with the soundtrack? is manfredini coming back, or are they just making a whole new soundtrack? to have a classic soundtrack reminiscent of the first 4 films would just make the movie feel so much more like a friday film.

    Sounds like they might have redone some but you still here the manfredini sounds and little of the “chime” sound at the beginning. That new shrine looks TITS!

  33. I am not sure I can wait until February to see this! It looks awesome!

  34. Jason looks totally scary. I am very glad to see that they kept some of the more scarier moments from F13: part 2, like him braking through the glass. I also think that when Jason runs, he isn’t going to stop until what he chases is dead.
    I am really looking forward to this movie, especially when (or if) they show his face. Also, it looks like it will be a LOT morre gorrier. That’s always a good thing!

  35. Oh, and did anyone else totally crap their pants when Jason was running full speed at the camera? Man, he looked like an animal!

    For the first time since Final Chapter, I’m afraid of him.

  36. i have seen the trailer now 5 or 6 times and it looks amazing each time…the only question to me is i thought jared padalecki was the star of the movie? to me it looks like he will die no later than halfway through the movie.anyone else notice that?

  37. As an old school Friday fan, I have to say, this is the best looking/scariest Friday since Part 4, at least judging by the 1:52 minute trailer. I admit, I was against a remake when the notion first came up, but after viewing this trailer I see that this was the only logical step they had to make Jason scary again. Call me excited! Bring on Friday February 13th!

  38. Very cool!!!! The man in the hockey mask is back!!! Can\’t wait for this movie.

  39. So there was some Harry Manfredini music in it but does that mean they will be using some of his old score(s) for the new film?

  40. UGH! I missed it again! GEEZ!


  42. Enjoy it again :)

  43. Okay it’s been about 7 or 8 viewings now and all I can say is “holy fuck.” I’m soooo stoked for this movie!

  44. All I can say is that the running scene at the end is the greatest thing ever…Man I can’t wait for more info on this movie!

  45. What does Jason impale that guy on? It looks like he sticks him on a truck or something, and it drives away. Whatever it is, it looks incredible!

  46. looks awesome this movie is gonna kick ass for sure

  47. this will be a masterpiece, I love the scene with jason running with the machete in the air…Can’t wait…CANT FEB 13th GET HERE FASTER! Ughhh

  48. If this movie is a success, then a sequel is for sure, in my mind, since the makers did say they are open to a sequel.

  49. fuck me, anyone know how I can see the damn trailer?

  50. fux yea

  51. thats what im talkin about

  52. Finally saw the trailer, I am in aw as it looks AWESOME… I think this movie is going to kick some ass..

  53. I quite dig this trailer man its nice to go back to basics. Hopefully when the main trailer is released it will hark back to the trailers for 1,2 and 3 where it counted on the screen with the deaths ‘join jason in the woods if you dare’…


  55. This is going to be incredible, and judging from everyones comments, I think any doubts about this reimaging have been dissipated.
    Between the traditional “Kill Kill Kill Ma Ma Ma” and a human, running Jason back in the mix, this is sure to satiate all of the early era Jason fans. Good Job Mr. Bay.

  56. CH CH CH CHA CHA CHA!!!!

  57. it would be great if at the end of this movie freddy’s glove grabs jason’s mask indicating Freddy vs Jason 2 just like in JGTH

  58. Aj G-CASH, Ah, no, that wouldn’t be great. At this point, I don’t think anyone would want another F vs. J over a traditional Friday film. Now that it seems they have made Jason scary again, lets keep it that way!

  59. crap this is gonna KICK ASS!!!

  60. Holy shit..this looks crazy, awesom jason RUNS in this one. wow! simply put perfect score PLATINUM DUNES, finally our prayers have been answered jason’s home, crystal lake is back, and it’s gonna run red..just good ol’ fashion slaughter on, a brutal scale, I CANT WAIT FOR 2-13-09! DAMN! and that was just the teaser?..

  61. ok need to stop watchin’ teaser over n’ over again….zz


    Hi-Rez of the poster

  63. Hey Dusk,
    Can you give cred, to makaveddie81, for the initial posting on YouTube, so you don’t look like the other site.
    Thanks a bunch

  64. it had the classic sound and seems scary i was concerned about some of the decisions thewy were making but i am back on the excited side

  65. The worst part at this point is the LONG wait. Nearly 7 months :(

  66. It took some searching but I found the trailer since it’s been taken off. All I have to say is that this trailer was very well put together. I just hope that the movie is the same. Trailer blew my socks off.

  67. As long as the ending is “open ended” and not a total “Jason killed” situation such as Jason being decapitated, they will have room for a sequel…something within the bowels of my soul tells me there WILL indeed be a sequel…
    The Rob Zombie Halloween ending kinda ruined it for Hallowen movies because it leaves the total illusion of Micheal being dead, unless someone can come up with a beliveable way to resurrect him.
    In Jason’s case, way back in the early orgins that were never fully explained on film, Jason was born on friday the 13th at midnight, and being somewhat a mongoloid, it was believed he had some kind of rejuvinative powers alot like starfish have where if they get hurt, they can heal in a short period of time.
    I personally would believe in a “medical” situation given to Jason’s ability to withstand extreme pain and injury, the series could have a fresh start and stay realistically beleivable as long as he was able to keep all his extremities intact…it would just take him a bit longer to recover from really harsh injuries such as electrocution (powerline from 7) and fire. They could use these endings where they subsequently “killed” him by such methods to revamp another sequel chapter as long as they had a modern-day realistic situational story and not the same old “smoke dope-have sex and die” scenario.
    I can understand the need to make this a “stand alone” film in case box office numbers are not withstanding but if Platinum Dunes and Micheal Bay pull down Transformer numbers or better with this one…get ready for a new franchise!!!!

  68. Bringing Jason into today’s time with not only us old school friday fans but also a new generation as well i think this is a franchise that could stand to outlast even James Bond.
    from the looks of the trailer they have made him more menacing and a lot more physical as well as murderously rageful…i think this is a Jason to the likes which we have not seen before…silent and deadly, cunning and swift…and human…not the zombie Jason(which wasn’t bad as Part 7 was my favorite in all the series).
    I can also appreciate how they have taken high elements from the first 4 films and combned them into one…but i think 90 minutes is way too short a time for it…i would prefer about 2 hours…but then again, the latest Rambo film was intensly action packed for 90 minutes so it can be done.

  69. See it for good, without it being taken down or not working at

  70. I know it’s been said, but the part where he is running with pure hate is amazing. I can’t wait.

  71. I’m hoping this stays online long enough for me to hear it with sound! My computer @ work has no speakers, so hopefully when I get home it will still be online unlike yesterday! Definetly a TCM feel to it but it is PD that’s making this movie. Looks great though, I really feel that New Line will finally get it right this time. F13th looks like it’s back on the map again!

  72. I love the really brief shot of Jason’s eye (in the hood?), (which is almost straight out of Texas Chainsaw 2024, but still) and when he’s holding the mask, looking at it. Great tent shot too.

    It’s funny that the leaked and bootlegged stuff is what has assured most of us fans - I’ll be fainting when the actual teaser and theatrical trailer is here!

  73. So, um…no African Americans in the new Friday huh, YES we would probably DIE in the first 30 secs but gibe me break!!!!!

  74. You know what’s weird, ghetto_jason? There have been ten, perhaps more, black victims in the Friday the 13th series. Yet, none of them have died first.


    Save the trailer before it gets removed.

    Copy and paste one of the youtube links into the bar and save the high quality (Quicktime) version to your desktop.

  76. Jason is going to scare the living shit out of ppl in theaters..I remember how it was with TCM…This is going to be awesome.10/10

  77. someone please send me it!

  78. I hear you Nosferatu, and you are correct,African Americans have been featured in most Fridays and did last a while, but I just think its kinda lame that in 2024 /09 there are NO Black characters in the film. Now u know doggone well Crystal Lake had AT LEAST a Black cook,lol

  79. i hope they don’t keep removing the cool stuff we get to see. if they wanted to keep it a big secret, they shouldn’t have gotten it almost done so far in front of the release date. I WANNA SEE THAT TRAILER AGAIN!!!!!

  80. jason fucking vorhees is back.

  81. thats right jason fucking vorhees is back and is sicker then before …this movie will be very big at the box office..,, there will be a part 2….there has to be…we all want it!!!!!!!!!!!! kill kill kill…feb 13 09 cant come fast enough….


    New link !!

  83. I don’t quite understand this little bit of info from Michael Bay @ comicon interview:WHY NO PAMELA VOORHEES STORY: Brad Fuller explains, “How we were going to take care of that -and with today’s audience - it would be difficult for today’s audience that Jason’s mother was killing Jared [Padalecki]… it wasn’t believable. People love Jason Voorhees and want to see [him].” Adnrew Form adds, “But you do see Pamela in the movie.” I hoping he’s just using that as an example and not giving away that Jared Padalecki dies. Yes I see that he’s refering to Pamela Vorhees killing him but still…

  84. actually if you read IMDB cast list in full you will notice there is a black character.

  85. oh and his name is Arlen Escarpeta. he plays a character named lawrence. and i can garentee that he will not die first OR second. as a matter of fact i dont think i have ever seen a movie where an african american has died first so i dont know where that ever came from. but one things for sure i have been waiting for a jason like this and i dont want to see him end. 12 movies so far. keep going he is the most unstoppable

  86. Never mind the last post I submitted. I get what he’s saying now. It’s hard to concentrate @ work when reading things like this. As far as the black character’s dying off first in horror go, I think Kincaid died first in NOES pt4. I thought that sucked too because he was such an awesome character and hated to see him get killed off that quickly after surviving in Dream Warriors.

  87. Actually, in the beginning of Scream 2. Omar Epps is the first one killed(In the bathroom stall)

  88. Hey Stew, maybe Scream 2 had the black guy die first as a parody of the “all the black people die first!” complaints. After all, it is a very self-referencial series.

  89. I hope I’m more impressed with this than Rob Zombie’s Halloween. The build up and hype for this is looking alot like Halloween had.

  90. Said its no longer available!

  91. In Leprechaun In The Hood…black guy dies first…

  92. Why is it so important to have Youtube remove the clip?

    Anyone successfully downloaded it who could mail it or something? The horrortrailer site has an own download option, but it only plays for some ten seconds??!?

  93. They can’t stop everything. Unfortunately they’re going to pull as much as they can off sites like youtube. I find it hilarious actually. Shit leaking out like this is to be expected and good ol’ corporate America(i.e. New Line & WB) is gonna do everything in it’s power to prevent it. I’m sure they have assholes that are actually paid to search the net for these types of things. It’s funny and sad at the same time IMO. Like I said before, who cares what trailer is being showed on sites like this! Being that it’s a site dedicated to F13th and bascially hardcore fans are on it, we’re all going to see this flic regardless! Is it too soon for a trailer to be released or something? For fuck’s sake get the fuck over yourselves NL & WB! In fact, the more I watch this “illegal” trailer, the more I can’t wait for this flic. I can’t wait for more “official” trailers to feed into my hunger for seeing it too.

  94. well i didn’t come by here for like 3 or 4 days and i missed it…u know i’m pissed right?

  95. btw i have read some of the older comments and y’all is right. us black ppl are kinda sorta respected in the friday movies cuz we last longer

  96. It’s back yo, for the 4th or 5th time. For how long? Not very long as all, as we know. I replace the YouTube links as soon as I can find ‘em.

    Jason Running?!?! You’re totally screwed!!

    That was so amazing, I’m speechless.
    Hopefully it will turn out like like the Texas chainsaw remake where it was aactually scary, unlike the originals.

  98. The Texas Chainsaw remake was scary? Unlike the originals? Dude, have you ever seen a REAL horror film?

  99. What everyone seems to be forgetting is that all of the original films these “better” remakes are based on WERE scary for their time. Horror audiences have come a long way since the originals and a lot has changed. You also have to remember that Dracula and Frankenstein were scary at first too but by the time most of us were around they were funny and comic booky, a lot like Freddy, Jason and Michael had become by the later chapters in their respective series. So slam the originals if you must but remember without them, this wouldn’t exist.

  100. ill leave that texas chainsaw remake being scarier then the original comment alone, but damn do i enjoy this trailer. that running part gives me chills.

  101. I agree with Jason Bradley…Im 22 so I wasnt around during the original TCM, but ppl my age all(anyone I know) prefer the remake over the original. The original Friday The 13th though is untouchable.

  102. They prefer the TCSM remake over the original? Is this the generation that keep going to cinemas to watch remakes over and over again? Hmm, don’t think I’ll look too deep into that

  103. origonals are amazing, but face it, theyre not scary at all, well im not that old so i, growing up around scariers stuff so ols 80s horrors arent scary at ak=ll

  104. also, i do agree with you that remakes are going too far, like how the new halloween sucked compared to the original

    BUT friday the 13 remake is long overdue and its gunna kick serious ass considering its a remake featuring JASON and it seems to be hes gunna be brutal and unpredicatble, instead of slow, predictable zombie jason

    this movie will recreate jasons image for the better, unlike halloween and stuff

  105. Hope you guys have been checking back, this is now officially the longest time the teaser has stayed up in one place! Cross your fingers.

  106. ‘origonals are amazing, but face it, theyre not scary at all’ What the fuck??!!!!

  107. im 21 and can say that the original texas chainsaw massacre still gives me the creeps. theres scenes from the first 4 fridays that also make me look over my shoulder at night. i didnt grow up in the golden age but i think anything from then is much scarier then the crap comin out today

  108. “origonals are amazing, but face it, theyre not scary at all, well im not that old so i, growing up around scariers stuff so ols 80s horrors arent scary at ak=ll”

    Seriously. The original TCSM is creepy as shit and shit is pretty creepy!!!! The first few Fridays were scary as hell too. My fav part in Part 2 is when that silly bitch is hiding in Jason’s shack and looking out the window you can see old sack head running towards the shack in the distance. I also like when she pisses herself hiding under the bed and Jason is standing on a chair waiting for her to come out. That sneaky bastard!!!!

  109. movies from the 70’s 80’s have a look and a feel that makes them creepier then anything they make today, it seems like every other scary movie that is made nowadays was filmed to look like an episode of one tree hill or some WB show. look at that peice of garbage Lost boys Sequel that just came out

  110. “it seems like every other scary movie that is made nowadays was filmed to look like an episode of one tree hill or some WB show”

    never heard it put so nicely before. the devils rejects is one of the only newer horror movies that came as close as it gets to that gritty 70s/80s feel i think

  111. Well it looks like Freddy vs Jason Sequel is still probably going to happen but Robert Englund is reporting, per, that Ash will not be a part of it since there is a scheduled new Evil Dead movie.

  112. Looks great ! Alot better then I thought it might. To fans this is Part 12 and can be stuck in the timeline as a sequel and prequel in one. If they do another from this one they need to call it FRIDAY THE 13th Part 13 !!!, not part 2. I sure alot of fans like me have waited alongtime to see a Friday the 13th Part 13.

  113. I saw this the idea day and it gets a pretty big “meh” from me. I looks a lot like the TCM remake, which I hated. I hate how MTV and slick they made everything look in that. Like an old NIN video. Jason is my favorite movie monster and I want better for him. Plus all these rumors about them “explaining” how Jason keeps coming back from the dead worry me. Things are always scarier when you keep them more mysterious. I don’t want to much background and I don’t want “tunnels” as a reason for him popping up every where. Some things don’t need reasons and that’s extra true for the horror genre. Having said that, I hope they prove me wrong. The idea of going back and using the mythology created by all the films is an appealing one. But so far I’m not feeling. It’s sad, but I’m more hyped up for the new Wolfman than this.

  114. Well, since this is a remake/restart/re imagining of Friday the 13th and Jason is very much human. I doubt very much that they will explain Jason coming back from the dead. In this movie he is very much alive and has not died yet. If anyone did want some sort of explanation you need only turn the the books based on the old movies. The novel versions of the movies. I remember the first couple chapters of Jason Lives taking the time to explain how and why Jason’s muscles and flesh regenerated while he was at rest and eventually what happened when he was struck by lightning. Kinda funny. I was a kid when I read it and it was totally believable. LOL!!!!

  115. I’m glad that one single dude managed to snag the trailer to be honest. Because I haven’t seen any other leaks of the trailer from Comic Con. God Bless this one brave soul!

  116. hey guys im currently working on a homemade graphic novel linking the events between part 8 and jason goes to hell. anybody want in? haha i have a few pages done minus the lettering and im looking for a couple over the top murders. anybody got any ideas lemme know ill send u some examples of what i have drawn so far. i have a bunch of ideas but being part of this great site i know a lot of you probably have some unique death sequences youd like to see. once finished i plan i putting it in the fan submission section so if anyone’s interested send me an instant message at RoyBurnsBonanza or email me at im always on, hope to hear from you guys!!

  117. im worried that our beloved jason will die at the end of this film
    hopefully he will be only defeated and left for dead but will recover to return for ANOTHER sequel (hahaha)
    lets keep this franchise running

  118. ah crap
    i watched the comic con video pacification movies and heared that this movie is fitted not to have a sequel. however, he said if the fans really love it and want another, (which we will) they will find a way to BRING HIM BACK, meaning he is presumably going to die :(

  119. that was a great trailer I hope the movie is gonna be as good as the trailer was

  120. That was really wicked when Jason at the end was running towards his victim. That was bad ass. I want to see this movie.

  121. i think that jason looks great in this movie. he looks scarier then ever, because of one reason, he is human. thats what made 2-4 scary, cause he wasn’t a zombie just walking around who couldn’t be killed unless he was put back in the lake. come on, i’m a huge fan of f13, and this is what i’ve been waiting for. as much as watching him duke it out with freddy and shoot off into space was fun to watch, you must admit, it was campy. the originals had a little bit more believability to it, where he was human and taking a knife to the leg made him limp and messed up his running. can’t wait for this movie, and btw, great site, i’ve been a fan of it for a long time!

  122. dont know if you have seen it go to you tube search friday the 13th trailer Brighter and cleaner its the clearest ive seen it

  123. Can´t wait too! I´m really excited about it! :D

  124. mmmm.its ok.its not jason so its not great

  125. You know just for the record it’s not “kill kill kill ma ma ma”. It’s just simply “ch ch ch ha ha ha”. I seen an interveiw from the guy who did that for the friday films and that’s what he said that it was.

  126. Actually SplitSkull, it is ‘ki ki ki ma ma ma,’ composer Harry Manfredini has admitted this in books and interviews

  127. Well I saw ham in a recent video and he did infact say that it was simply ch ch ch ha ha ha. The whole ki ki ki ma ma ma thing was just a miscunseption.

  128. i am at a loss for words. if they put as much heart into their upcomming Nightmare on Elm Street remake as they apparently have put into the Friday the 13th remake, Bay and his company will have redeemed themselves of everything bad movie they have done after the Armageddon (TCM and Transformers being the only exceptions)

  129. Speaking from someone who saw the original in the movie theater all have to say is INCREDIBLE!!!!! The trailer makes me wish February was here already. About the running Jason , it is scary as hell although Jason just walking through the woods after someone was also terrifying.

  130. No, watch Going to Pieces or read one of the Friday the 13th books. He clearly says that he took samples from ‘KIll her MAmmy’

  131. Damn Tomas. I can honestly say that for various reasons I\’ve only ever seen 5,6 and Freddy vs Jason in the theater. I\’m jealous that you saw the original in the theater. I hope that if they show the unmasking it looks good. They said it\’s a hybrid of 2 and 3. I loved the look of 3 but was never fond of 2. They made Jason a red headed hillbilly with thick bushy eyebrows and I always thought that having a shitload of long hair on one side and no hair on the other looked retarded. Almost like Harvey Two Face!

  132. I think the trailer is awesome. If you like what they did with TCM and RZ Halloween then your going to like this movie. You wont have a wimpy Jason in this, his Job will be to Kill and he will Kill will brutal force. I am curious about the storyline, and how they are going to portray Jason as being wronged. I feel in this movie, they will have the young Jason, witnessing his mothers death, I bet he carries her head away, and we will see all of that and all of this will be told around the campfire and it will set the tone for the movie. I can’t wait to see it, and I hope they do the DVD justice and give us all the edited stuff, and alternative endings and the like.

  133. I highly doubt that it will go down like that. They have already said that this is not an origin story and that they are going straight to the good stuff. They are even still debating on whether or not the flashback sequence they have works in the movie. They don’t want to make Jason a sympathetic character.

  134. The Jason from Part 6, played by C.J. Graham, to me was the swiftest moving Jason. The height and size with this Jason was significant, aswell (he dworfs Hodder’s portrayal of Jason). Although he was a “Zombie-Like” portrayal in Part 6, there was shots of him walking quickly, as if eager to get back to defend his turf and continue his legacy. Also, he was smart, collecting various weapons, basically strapping up like Rambo for his onslaught. All I’m saying is, that people saying (About new film) things like “(Jason)Runnin with pure hate” and “For the first time since Final Chapter, I’m afraid of him,” etc., make me think very few have seen “Jason Lives.” Sure this new movie looks great, but I would be more scared of a “Undead, Cold-Hearted, Relatively Smart, No Motive To Kill, Just Kills To Be Killing, ‘I Could Kill You Now, But I’m Gonna Stalk Your Ass First’” Jason, rather than a “Human, with psychological problems, smart enough to weave tunnels, with a motive to kill, ‘I’m running, but I’ll eventually catch and kill your ass’” Jason. I can’t be the only one? This new film looks great, but it really can’t bring nothing new to the Jason character, even the re-imagining has been done to an extent (DIFFERENT PEOPLE IN THE ROLE OF JASON BRINGS IN A DIFFERNT LOOK AND FEEL, THUS A RE-AMAGINING). I’ll settle for this, but I much rather have a sequel, continuing the franchise and adding to the legacy of Jason. Anything else, would be uncivilized…


  135. This question has probably been asked and answered before but in what time period does this new Friday the 13th movie take place? The originals were set in the 80’s for the most part and have Jason originally drowning in 1957. However in the pictures of the new movie I’ve seen a very modern looking Crystal Lake cop car on set. I only ask because the TCM remake was set in the 70’s like the original.

  136. its set in the present. (barf)

  137. Does anyone believe that this will be the start of a new franchise, or is it just a solo movie?

  138. It’s set in the present? That sucks. I’m not completely sold anymore. They really need to release the teaser online and I need a full theatrical trailer soon after that. Enough of the secretive crap. I feel they need to win me over.

  139. This might be old news but there is some nice information on the new film over on Wikipedia. Lots of info on the story as well as the look and feel of the new Jason and what Derek had wear under the cloths. Some info would be considered spoilerish.

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