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  1. cool layout where ya get?

  2. hey i got some cool jason layouts if ya want ill give them u to so is tony the maker of that is is u dusk

  3. Check out my F13TH MySpace. Please add.

  4. Well, if we’re all showing ours off here’s mine, lol -

  5. I loved the new remake it was a fun ride from start to finish vote in my poll that ends on Feb.21st that asks what horror fans thought of this reboot at:

  6. Dusk runs this place and the myspace ;)

  7. bit of a shameless plug, but i design myspaces if anyone is interested. check out my latest

  8. I to have a Friday Themed Myspace

  9. Sure why not!

  10. This is off topic but here is an storyline i wrote which could link to the original friday series

    Friday the 13th:
    The Blood of Jason Voorhees

    since we cant have the original jason story post 2024, because he is frozen, waiting 2455. i wrote a story that might fit this story line, past 2024, using jason dna that was saved after jason goes to hell, that is used to clone him

    (circa 2024)

    A woman(20) from Crystal Lake who’s husband has died in a war in Afghanistan , goes out of state to a fertility clinic to get pregnant by her died husband sperm, because they never had children, but his sperm cells had died. The only way to get pregnant is to use his DNA to clone a child. A doctor (who is to appear to be in his late 80’s or older helps with this illegal procedure. During the procedure, the doctor is seen taking a specimen labeled voorhees(maybe by mistake) and implants it into the womans eggs. Nine months later she gives birth to a deformed child, and explained by the doctors that this is common in cloning. she names him Janson

    15 years later

    around early winter

    The woman and janson move back to crystal lake were her sisters reopens and winterizes camp crystal lake for a year round resort. Janson appears to be wearing a mask of some sort to hind his face. A group of young cross country skiers rent a cabin for the a week. While janson’s mother is ice skating on Crystal lake, the near by neighbors play a friendly hockey game, the puck flies by janson’s mother in goes to the middle of lake, she goes to get it for the players, the ice breaks and falls into the lake. the group goes to save her, but it is too late. janson looks on screaming in fear. she is never found in the lake.

    5 days later after a memorial. janson stays in is room looking out the window at the kids cabin. An investigator comes out to talk to his aunt and talks to janson. The investigator then gets into his car and leaves and rides down the road and notices a car with its emergency lights on. as he aproaches the car he is killed by an unknown person. early evening, it shows janson still looking out the window, shows him having memories of jason as a kid drowning and watching his mother being decapitated. next scene shows a couple in a RV that rented on of RV spots about a mile from the office of the lake. the 2 are having sex. hear something outside. The male investigates and is killed by the unknown person, then the female.

    late at night. the renters next door hold a party, janson looking out the window still with memories of jason , decides to get up and go out, than walks in the woods.

    a guy from the cabin is playing hockey by himself. He is also wearing am old hockey mask. he goes to make a turn to shoot and is whacked with a hockey stick by janson. janson then takes off his mask and puts the hockey mask on.

    he than walks to his house kills his aunt then makes his way to the other cabin, kills everyone till we get to the final one( a girl of course).
    She runs to the frozen lake and to battle janson where she hits him with a machete in the head. he falls, she runs back to the camp to run into the old doctor that cloned him. she asked him to help, he says to be calm and that he is jason’s doctor, she corrects him and says his name is janson and that he is dead, he then replies name may be janson, but he is the clone of his son jason, that he knew the mother of janson was from crystal lake and everyone here must die, then attacks her, she runs to his car to find the investigator and the 2 in the RV dead. then runs on the icy lake.

    jason/janson than walks up his dad. The father sees him and lets the girl do and goes to welcome him son, but jason/janson kills him. In the distance you see the girl with the machete decapitate janson/jason.

    The girl all relieved sits on the icy only to be drag in by janson’s mother.
    The police show up and everyone is dead and than shows the icy lake. the end.

  11. That’s a little bit of a long post if it’s irrelevant to the topic isn’t it?

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