Jason Voorhees Vs The Box Office: Round Two

How did Jason fare in weekend 2 of the reboot’s run? Early figures are in from Variety and Friday The 13th placed fifth with $2.73 million.

…Friday for “13th,” which was playing at 3,105, registered an 86% drop. Though steep, such declines are typical for slasher fare. In its first eight days, “13th” has pulled in $50 million.

Friday comes behind 1. Tyler Perry’s Madea Goes to Jail, 2. Taken, 3. He’s Just Not That Into You & 4. Coralie.

Source: Variety

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56 Responses to “ Jason Voorhees Vs The Box Office: Round Two ”

  1. This film needs are support if we want to see more sequels in the future. I hope to see it multiple times, I’m trying to talk this one girl into coming with me to see it though but she doesn’t like horror movies.

  2. who is rich should just buy a shit load of tickets and just give them to ppl

  3. This was to be expected. The movie should still be considered a success.

  4. I went to see it twice. :) On opening night and yesterday.

    I would rather saw my own arm off than go see those other movies. He’s Just Not That Into You looks like a particular pile of old crap. I would pay money to see it as a Friday 13th crossover though. >)

  5. all of the other movies look like shit except for coraline and the only reason i would go c it is b/c tim burton was involved

  6. It looks like as of Friday (20th), it had made ~$59,452,200 worldwide. Considering a budget of ~$19M, I\’d say it will be viewed as a wild success. I\’d guess it\’ll hit the $70M mark eventually, just in theaters. Anyway, the drop off is substantial, but I\’m sure it\’s also expected for this kind of movie.

  7. Just as an FYI - it looks like MBV 3D has pulled in $62M worldwide. Given it had a much smaller opening weekend (and much less hype/advertising), I wouldn’t be surprised if F13′09 gets close to the $100M mark (despite my previous comment).

  8. I\’d pay $100 if I got to see Jason take a machete to Madea\’s head.

  9. If they were showing it here, I gladly would’ve gone to see it once or twice every weekend for as long as I could afford or it was playing, but now I had to take a two-hour drive and only had the chance to see it opening night. Good times though, and I guess a drop is to be expected. Maybe they will show it later here though, it’s unlikely but not impossible. Let’s make the DVD sales count though, give ‘em all you’ve got - buy it legit, remind people to pick it up when payday comes.

  10. OMG! This is a terrible, terrible drop. In fact, it might be the biggest 2nd week-end drop from a #1 movie EVER! Even for a slasher/horror movie, an 86% drop is outstandingly bad. It’s usually more around 50-60%. This is a testament to how bad the movie was and how people hated it. The huge first 2 days of business last week-end was only anticipation, now that people have seen it, they felt cheated and don’t go back. Hope the producers take notice, because the movie SUCKED hard, and they get what they deserve. 86% DROP!! Just… WOW!! BAD BAD BAD!! Even the awful Jason X dropped “only” 72% during it’s second week-end!! LOL

  11. It just came in after Coraline this weekend and had a phenomenal opening. Look up the numbers for Valentine’s day weekend and compare to this weekend. Obviously everyone thought of going to check out a flick before they got a little nookie in the safety of their home away from Jason.

    So it was a big weekend for movies either way, not everyone is coming back this weekend. This movie is gonna do fine with the numbers it rakes in.

  12. I just can’t believe Tyler Perry movies rake in as much as they do.

  13. ummm yeagh there’s gonna be a sequel considering it’ll do around the 55 mil mark and the dvd/blue ray sales are gonna be good…there’ll be a sequel…if hills have eyes got one, jason will get one….

    and tyler perry movies make so much money because tyler perry makes wayne brady look like malcom x

  14. Well I went to see the new Jason movie and i have to say someone who has seen and loved all the fth13 movies (5 excluding)..I had problems with this one…It was ok for a horror movie but not fth13th…people were so quiet at the movie you cou;ld hear a pin drop…Jason would not hang a person from a rope above fire…That would never happen…I hope they do a nother movie as i had so high hopes but was disapointed…

    sad jason fan

  15. Hello fellow fans, I am going to the 130pm viewing today(also saw it opening night and Sunday) and will be purchasing a second ticket to help the movie out lol, I am such a fanboy anyways repeat viewings will help Jason out :).

  16. It’s absolutely ridiculous when fans say, “We need to see it 8 times and give this movie all of our money.. we must add another extension to Michael Bay’s house”. If you have money to throw away…consider maybe feeding a starving child…not making Michael Bay richer.

  17. I am a little shocked at the 86% drop like most, but remember its a fact that horror movies take a dive the second week.

    fyi although FvJ topped the box office its second week also it did this because nothing strong came out the second week: It did $13 million in its second week.

    So even by those numbers Friday the 13th 2024 still made more $ in the 1st 2 weeks!

  18. The movie was a total hit! I think sh*tty horror films like Saw, Scream, and Freddy VS Jason (forgive me) has movie watchers wondering if this new Friday the 13th is just another steaming pile of….crap. I had the feeling I was watching an \

  19. I think the movie is a success considering that it made more in the opening weekend than any other Friday the 13th did. The movie wasn’t good, but it wasn’t bad either. It was just kind of in the middle. I think they will do another one considering that it made a profit of 40+million.

  20. I’m not a huge fan of this remake craze that is going on in Hollywood right now but I was looking forward to this movie. My favorite horror remake is Texas Chainsaw Massacre and seeing that the people behind that remake was behind this one, I was expecting it to be good.

    I was very disappointed in this movie for reasons that I will not go into here, other than to say it didn’t feel right. I understand that a drop was expected but I don’t believe for a second they thought it would such a huge drop.

    No doubt the movie has made enough for a sequel, or I believe a prequel but should it be made? I say no. It is time to focus on a new killer and let Jason die. Hey. I absolutely love Friday the 13th parts 1 - IV but it is time for Jason to rest in peace.

  21. Yootsi-You hit the nail on the head. I couldn’t have said that better myself.

  22. Word of mouth is the nail in the coffin for this film.


    F13 came in 6th with $7.8 million, bringing it’s total so far to $55 million.

    I think it is absolutely laughable that people are trying to consider this a failure. It had a drop, yes, but most horror films, slasher or not, always drop. Was it a bigger drop than say, Jason X?. Someone says it is, but then again, Jason X didn’t do $45 million or so in it’s opening weekend did it?. F13 2024 did nearly $40 million more in it’s opening weekend than Jason X did in it’s opening. F13 2024 also did well over $30 million more in it’s opening weekend than Jason X did in it’s entire run. More people wanted to see the new film than they did Jason X and they came out to see it. It’s a bit shakey to compare F13’s box office with that of Jason X.

    The fact that the movie had a $19 million dollar budget and more than doubled that opening weekend is another plus in the column. The movie will go around the $70 million range or so, maybe more. The film made $$$ for the studio. They like that. It will end up outdoing most horror films(with a few exceptions).

  24. This is off topic but here is an storyline i wrote which could link to the original friday series

    Friday the 13th:
    The Blood of Jason Voorhees

    since we cant have the original jason story post 2024, because he is frozen, waiting 2455. i wrote a story that might fit this story line, past 2024, using jason dna that was saved after jason goes to hell, that is used to clone him

    (circa 2024)

    A woman(20) from Crystal Lake who’s husband has died in a war in Afghanistan , goes out of state to a fertility clinic to get pregnant by her died husband sperm, because they never had children, but his sperm cells had died. The only way to get pregnant is to use his DNA to clone a child. A doctor (who is to appear to be in his late 80’s or older helps with this illegal procedure. During the procedure, the doctor is seen taking a specimen labeled voorhees(maybe by mistake) and implants it into the womans eggs. Nine months later she gives birth to a deformed child, and explained by the doctors that this is common in cloning. she names him Janson

    15 years later

    around early winter

    The woman and janson move back to crystal lake were her sisters reopens and winterizes camp crystal lake for a year round resort. Janson appears to be wearing a mask of some sort to hind his face. A group of young cross country skiers rent a cabin for the a week. While janson’s mother is ice skating on Crystal lake, the near by neighbors play a friendly hockey game, the puck flies by janson’s mother in goes to the middle of lake, she goes to get it for the players, the ice breaks and falls into the lake. the group goes to save her, but it is too late. janson looks on screaming in fear. she is never found in the lake.

    5 days later after a memorial. janson stays in is room looking out the window at the kids cabin. An investigator comes out to talk to his aunt and talks to janson. The investigator then gets into his car and leaves and rides down the road and notices a car with its emergency lights on. as he aproaches the car he is killed by an unknown person. early evening, it shows janson still looking out the window, shows him having memories of jason as a kid drowning and watching his mother being decapitated. next scene shows a couple in a RV that rented on of RV spots about a mile from the office of the lake. the 2 are having sex. hear something outside. The male investigates and is killed by the unknown person, then the female.

    late at night. the renters next door hold a party, janson looking out the window still with memories of jason , decides to get up and go out, than walks in the woods.

    a guy from the cabin is playing hockey by himself. He is also wearing am old hockey mask. he goes to make a turn to shoot and is whacked with a hockey stick by janson. janson then takes off his mask and puts the hockey mask on.

    he than walks to his house kills his aunt then makes his way to the other cabin, kills everyone till we get to the final one( a girl of course).
    She runs to the frozen lake and to battle janson where she hits him with a machete in the head. he falls, she runs back to the camp to run into the old doctor that cloned him. she asked him to help, he says to be calm and that he is jason’s doctor, she corrects him and says his name is janson and that he is dead, he then replies name may be janson, but he is the clone of his son jason, that he knew the mother of janson was from crystal lake and everyone here must die, then attacks her, she runs to his car to find the investigator and the 2 in the RV dead. then runs on the icy lake.

    jason/janson than walks up his dad. The father sees him and lets the girl do and goes to welcome him son, but jason/janson kills him. In the distance you see the girl with the machete decapitate janson/jason.

    The girl all relieved sits on the icy only to be drag in by janson’s mother.
    The police show up and everyone is dead and than shows the icy lake. the end.

  25. i saw it 6 times :)

  26. Friday the 13th ended up with an 80% drop for the whole week-end and has collected thus far 55 million$. Considering the huge 2nd week-end drop, many theatre owners will cut their F13 showing which means we can expect another 60% drop next week-end and probably not much repeat business during the week. Friday the 13th will probably end up with a total of 62 million$ which is good, but by no means great. I’d say it’s very underwhelming considering the HUGE opening week-end and what could’ve been. Remember Halloween did 55 million in its entire run and DID NOT have a 40 million$ opening. Texas Chainsaw Massacre did over 83 million$ during its run and DID NOT have a 40 million$ opening. The studio and producers must be frustrated right now by how things could have turned out (huge box-office success) vs HOW IT ACTUALLY turned out (medium success) due to poor word of mouth and lack of repeat viewing. This being said, a sequel might be in the works but I would be VERY scared would I be the studio as another 40 million$ opening is all but impossible now and Friday the 13th can’t sustain good repeat viewing.

  27. Blah,blah,blah,blah,blah i’m getting pretty sick of these fuckers STILL trying to pour cold water on F13’s return to the box office.The bottom line is that it has more than surpassed many fans(myself included)expectations and has easily made more than enough profit to secure Jasons future for another sequel AT LEAST.Unfortunatly Platinum Dunes are going to concentrate on Freddy next.Is it just me or does anyone still give a fuck about a “wise cracking” paedophile wolverine wannabe?I certainly have not missed his absence and neither did New Line if the lack of sequels in the last 20 years is anything to go by.Freddys Dead=SHIT,New Nightmare=SHIT.Now don’t get me wrong i realise the more recent F13 entries have somewhat lowered the tone set by it’s glorious 80’s predecessors,however New Line must have knew Freddy’s bubble had burst,that’s why they put him in limbo for so long and placed all their eggs in the “Scream” basket whilst leaving the much touted Freddy vs Jason movie in pre production hell.What i’m saying is that if high gloss teenie trash like Scream can merit 2 rapid sequels why couldn’t Freddy get any more sequels?The answer being he was a pop culture icon in the 80’s and NOT a horror/slasher movie icon like Jason.The original NOES was truly groundbreaking and exciting but New Line killed off what could have been a real modern scary character by making him play the clown all the time.So does anyone really want to see a new Freddy or more Jason.Sorry to prattle on it’s just that after seeing Friday The 13th reimagined it has reignited my blood lust for more Jason on the big screen.Think about it……….KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA.

  28. Hey there Jason freak i love that title “The blood of Jason Voorhees”.It has an old school 8o’s sounding ring to it.Dunno about the story though(sorry).Full points for effort though.

  29. Yootsi…I hope you’re not a producer because I’m betting you’re in the unemployment line.

    R-rated slasher films have a finite audience. Kids can’t get in. People who don’t like horror will never see it. Scream was a huge cross-over event that attracted non-horror fans. And the most successful of those made around $100 million. Friday the 13th is not Scream. I don’t remember “nipple placement” being a topic of discussion in any of the Screams. Slasher fans showed up all at once for the event of watching Friday the 13th on a Friday the 13th.

    I haven’t seen the foreign b.o. from this weekend, but it made around $10 million last weekend. So the film stands at $65 million worldwide. Add another 15-20 by the end of it’s run. And you say a producer would be “VERY” scared?!?! Of what?!? Let’s say the sequel makes $20 million less in it’s run. There’s still a big profit margin by the time bluray/dvd gets involved. There is about a zero chance of losing money on a sequel.

    Bottom line…there is a limit to how much a slasher movie can make. Whether you reach that limit in week 1 or week 5, what does it matter? Friday the 13th is not a series for the general audience. If any producer had dreams of “what might have been”, then they know nothing about the genre. Slasher films have about a 60% or more drop in their second weekend, but NONE have cut into that finite audience in the first weekend.

  30. A fair point well made Wolf.

  31. Wolf, It is about time someone had something intelligent to say! Thank you!! don’t matter if it makes 100 mil in the opening week or total run. money is money.
    Use your heads people, the numbers show it as a success…end of story.
    P.S. Scream isn’t a horror movie…

  32. March 13th is Friday the 13th again. Let’s give Jason his second wind.




    I believe we’ll see high numbers again on Friday the 13th!

    I know alot of people who have not seen this movie yet and REALLY want to see it on Friday the 13th!

    Friday March 13th 2024

  35. @WOLF My point is Friday the 13th could’ve held much better had the movie been decent, scary, entertaining. Even if horror movies drop a lot on second week-end and even if we had a massive first week-end, an 80% drop is just not OK. It tells you something. Sure, horror movies have just that many fans who will come and see them but in all due respect, Texas Chainsaw Massacre made 83 million$ and Friday don’t stand a chance to top that. Why? Both movies are slashers, horror staple, and Friday even made a bigger 1st week-end. Only logical explanation is people did not enjoy F13 as much as they thought they would. Sometimes you have to put your love of horror movies aside and face reality. I still look forward to a sequel but hope Platinum Dunes ups the ante on this one and makes a decent movie. It may be too much to ask from them anyway.

  36. Who knows, maybe the third weekend numbers will be better or at least a little better than the second weekend here. It’s not out of the theaters yet is it?

  37. Could Texas Chainsaw’s staying power have anything to do with it having 3 weekends in October? February is one of the slowest times of the year for movies.
    Friday won’t be that far off of TCM.

    Friday the 13th dropped 25% last Friday to Saturday. And 65% from Friday to Sunday last week. So word of mouth spread that quick??

    I think I have put my love of horror movies aside when I say they have a limited audience. Of course I don’t want to see an 80% drop. But to say everybody hated the movie is the reason? Sure, many didn’t like it. But many did. Tyler Perry’s movies suffer big drops the second weekend. Is it because word of mouth gets out? They have the same audience each time…who show up opening weekend. Reviews are horrible and nobody outside of his core audience can make it 5 minutes.

  38. ..and I’m not saying this movie was perfect. I want the sequel to have better kills and to be more scary.

  39. $7,825,000 is the weekend number. not bad really

  40. @WOLF - Thanks for a reasonable approach.

  41. Tyler Perry movies and his shows are awesome. Damn haters. Anyways I like the new Jason. Waiting to get into the movie, everyone that seen it before me coming out said it was awesome. So not everyone hated it. Btw Jason X was good! Anythang with Jason is good…although it takes alot to like FVJ.

  42. this is what ryan rotten (www.shocktillyoudrop.com) wrote me this morning :

    “Nightmare is their priority right now. I know Platinum is disappointed by the week’s performance, but money talks. I don’t think this will be the last we see of Jason.”

    i think we’ll wait a lot before to see jason again!

  43. “I want the sequel to have better kills and to be more scary.”

    How can Jason be scary after he has been in over 10 movies?

  44. I think it’s really about building up the tension before a kill that what makes it scary and successful. Catching a glimpse of Jason in the background while the victims are in vulnerable positions. The camping bag over the fire and the bear trap was great.

    Thats why the “girl in the shower” scene is so great and classic. You see a naked girl, wet, in a tight space and you say “oh shit she’s gonna get it, just a matter of time”. It’s a formula that has always worked, sometimes better that others.

    It’s always good to have a few laughs to kind of forget the danger. Then drop you back into paranoia: where, how, exactly when?

  45. The economy has a lot to do with it. It wasn’t not a holiday weekend, as well as the resurgence in slumdog ahead of the academy awards. And as on a per screen average basis, F13 is doing better than Shopaholic and International which came came out the same time.

  46. The people who gave this movie bad reviews are to blame. Anyone who hasn’t seen it yet must of listened to these morons and stayed away from the theatre. It was the best Jason movie in years, why couldn’t they have just said that. If I was the the filmakers behind F13, I wouldn’t promote my movie with some of these big name sites anymore. Sites like Fangoria promoted it well, yet trashed the movie in there review. WTF!

  47. I can see why it has fallen so fast cause even i was underwhelmed by this movie. Fangoria promoted it good because they had high hopes too, and were let down by the finished product just like alot of people that saw the film. Was it the greatest no was it entertaining yeah is it a good story no not really but hey its jason killin people and thats all that matters to me.

  48. Duck you guys your all gay

  49. Does anyone see a trailer on TV for F13 anymore? I thought they would’ve had a new one after that amazing opening weekend. They need a new trailer atleast to remind people?

  50. Is Wayne Brady gonna have to slap a bitch?

  51. I want to see if again but my girl doesn’t want to.

  52. Just went to see it for the 3rd time and it was even better than the first two times I watched it. Went with two of my mates (and paid for bothg of them so I have given alot of money to this film already having paid for myself 3 times and two mates tonight and a mate on the first night), one of which was terrified throughout the whole thing so that made it even more enjoyable. Seriously loved this movie, one of my favourite Friday the 13ths by far, cant wait for the next one.

  53. Saw it twice. Second time I got the movie two watch, and there were two girls screaming through out the whole movie (one even hurt their foot somehow, and they’re around 17-18)! A fun experience.

  54. yeah, what’s up with the commercials? i haven’t seen a single one since opening weekend. they must not care about making any more money. they could have used opening weekend reactions as a selling point to get people to come out the next two weekends.

    i waited a few weeks to see it for the second time. ..i needed time to cool down with all my complaints. i actually liked it much better. i’m pretty happy now that the reimagining happened…the series had been headed down a much worse path, and i think these will get better as they make more. …maybe some better writers. and not so much rushing through production. it makes things sloppy. (i know, dream on)

  55. http://vids.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=vids.individual&videoid=52693480


  56. This dude wants to go on saying shit that doesn’t make sense while tryng to sound like the angry video game nerd. Thats 16 mins of pointless ranting he bothered to record to try and prove he doesn’t care what everyone else thinks and he’s cool because of that. Yeah fuck everybody and I don’t care. I wouldn’t bother talking with that douche I’d just walk away from him during his baby tantrum.

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