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Does anyone remember when this website was I remember. Brenna and Blake had to go through a big change to a new domain. I don’t remember why. If anyone knows, please shed some light on the situation. Anyways, I ran across an article from 2024 that interviewed Blake and Brenna about the series and I thought it was cool to read and reminisce.

“Hardcore fans, not satisfied with the 11 films available, have even created their own Friday the 13th movies.

Brenna O’Brien, co-founder of Fridaythe13thfilms, says her favourite tidbit of trivia involves the foundation of the franchise.

“[Producer Sean Cunningham] took out a large ad in International Variety in 1979 that simply said “Friday the 13th - The most terrifying film ever made!” At that point, all that he and co-producer Steve Miner had was a title and a logo. No script, no actors, no location, nothing. They hoped that once they could create enough interest and enough money that a storyline would come along that would live up to that tagline. Fortunately for us all, it did.”

For mine, I find it interesting that Jason Voorhees didn’t actually kill anyone in the first Friday the 13th (his mum did the dirty work), and that his widely recognised trademark - the hockey mask - wasn’t adopted until the third film in the series.

O’Brien and Blake Washer have been running Fridaythe13thfilms for almost seven years, and share an intimate knowledge of the films.

Their website features everything from filming locations through to a detailed body count for each film.”

To read the entire article Read Here

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I've been dedicated to this franchise for most of my life and am happy to be contributing news and information to all of the fans out there. Happy Friday The 13th!

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  1. Those were some truly memorable years. I’m glad that Dusk decided to keep this place going.

  2. Blake and Brenna rock! I believe the owner of the f13th domain never bothered telling them it was expiring.

  3. Okay, I am starting to remember now. I know it was a pretty sudden thing. Blake and Brenna did a great job organizing information in a time when there wasn’t the resources there is now.

  4. Dusk, just wanted to add that you have done a ton of great work to continue the progress of this website. Thanks a ton!

  5. I remember the website and the forums where one of the creators for the Friday the 13th comic books that were published by Avatar Comics would come in and drop a friendly line or two. The guy’s name was Mike Wolfer, he’s mostly remembered for his highly detailed gore scenes. And also the writer of Friday the 13th Hate-Kill-Repeat came on and shared his love for the series and gave some info on the writing of the novel which had the highest body count. I also liked the chat room where fans got to talk with each other. There were a lot of cool things about the forum that I would like to see again. Also there was a forum for people to talk things other than Friday the 13th. What happened to Brenna and Blake?

  6. I used to lurk around the forums. Always been great to come to a place where you can hear feedback, comments and theories about the films.

  7. Paramount and New Line Cinema should really designate this website as the Official Friday the 13th website, but even still as it is, I still see it as that in my eyes.

  8. I remember those days. I still remember the front page that had a picture of Jason with Camp Crystal Lake and the lake reflected using java. I always thought that was cool. I also remember the Jason’s Girls section that had screenshots of the nude ladies of the series.

  9. Pretty cool read. I first discovered this site back in late 1999 when I had WebTV. Anyone remember that? lol It was slow as it could be. But I loved it and I came by here every single day. Never thought I would be contributing.

  10. i remember coming by here a couple times a long time ago and iv didnt come back till like 2 years ago now i come by every day lol that be cool if u brought back jasons girls

  11. I remember those days. I remember the old layout and everything. I remember coming here every couple days to get new info on Jason X.

    I miss the forum.

  12. The forums were the best I loved making Friday the 13th a daily stop just for the forums.

  13. To Kevin: I remember that Java, reflecty thing too! haw haw!

    I loved the old forums and was very sad to see it go out like it did. I still like to give big props to Blake and Brenna for the work they did and the community they built.

    Good friggin’ times.

  14. Not to forget my website, wich I ran for many years. ;) It’s now a Youtube channel with rare Friday-related stuff.

  15. Thank You Brenna & Blake for all the memories, they will not be forgotten!

  16. Wow, I remember coming on here to when the buzz was about Jason X. Everyone does a great job on this site, I come into this site everyday, like a normal routine for me! My old computer was slow then too, but it was good times! I remember those days real well………

  17. I remember they used to have pictures and videos of deleted scenes.
    I miss that.

  18. The old site/forum was way cool. Their was a large community on-line. If I recall they even pulled together to camping trips for members. That was different.
    What are the two of them up to nowadays?
    Dusk, if you are the one who took over/rebuilt this we all thank you. It is nice to have a place to keep up on our buddy Jason.

  19. Good times. Shame the old board went down. We set up a board to continue the community over at - we’re not quite as big yet, but we’re getting there.

  20. Yeah and if anyone is interested, feel free to join up on my forum at I\’d love to have you guys over there. It\’s a fun little tight knit place just to pass the time.

  21. Hey folks. Thanks to everyone for making the site and forum what they were. Back in the day I ran for the guy who bought the domain name. Unfortunately he let the domain lapse, but that allowed Brenna and I to rebuild this site on our own. And now Dusk has rebuilt it again!

    We’re still out here… watching… waiting…

  22. Ahhhh…..memories, I miss the old site. I got so much usefull info on all types of topics: horror, video games, cartoons, music, etc. It’s great that the site still exists though just wish it was set up with more topics and not just F13th based material (not that that’s always a bad mind thing mind you). Brenna and Blake were awesome! I also recall the Crystal Lake county jail section where users who abused/violated forum policies/rules were sent to plead their case. Quite amusing actually.

  23. I Look Forward to going here to this website every day you guys do a awesome job its nice to know that people love and respect such a wonderful series I grew up with it since i was 5 *just newly turned 29 :) and im glad with keep JASON and Mrs Voorhees Alive


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