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I am sure there are a lot of us fans that have already done this, but AMC put together there Ultimate Fan Quiz recently and I thought everyone would like to take a “stab” at it. Follow the link below to take the quiz. I got one wrong and was shamed by my wife. I told her it was just bad math on my part, but she insists my Friday knowledge is slipping.

Take the quiz here.


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I've been dedicated to this franchise for most of my life and am happy to be contributing news and information to all of the fans out there. Happy Friday The 13th!

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  1. i got 2 wrong! and it was the two math ones!well i’ve never seen jason x because i don’t count it as part of the series so thats why i got the kills one wrong, but they tricked me good with the number of people to play jason because i totally forgot about the young jasons. bah!

  2. 10/10

    Admitted;y, the body count and the original name of the camp were guesses…heh heh.

  3. I took this when it first came out and just re-took it now. Got 2 wrong, dang it! Keep getting the gang members names wrong, and the total body count wrong.

  4. I got 5 out of 10, highly disappointed in myself.

    I have seen every one of these films like 8 times and i even starred in # 2. Wtf !

  5. 7/10 I guessed on the body count, I missed:

    -real campground name
    -Number of actors portraying Jason (Young Jasons slipped my mind)
    -working title names

  6. 8/10. Dammit! I screwed up on the body count and Camp Blood’s real name. Missed it by a matter of two letters! I demand a redo!

  7. I got 8/10. I was wrong on the body count and how many people played Jason (I didn’t think of the young ones in JTM and FvJ).

  8. Nice quiz, but I got the number of Jason actors wrong. Its actually still wrong, because if the quiz is gonna list EVERYONE that played Jason, they skip the people in Jason Goes to Hell that he possessed.

  9. dang it I got the number of Jasons and the original camp name wrong. but a good quiz.

  10. 8/10. damnit! got the death toll and original camp name wrong!

  11. 8/10

    got the total # of jasons wrong & I actually never knew Mrs. Voorhees was a cook, I thought she was a fellow counselor back in the day.

    I actually knew the real name of the camp in New Jersey cuz I just read about that in the Horror Hound Magazine

  12. 9/10…o yeah!

  13. My girlfriend made fun of me cause I got them all right…I retain too much shit in my head.

  14. I got 100%. I was really lucky on the bodycount question. But i’m proud…I still got it. :-)

    Kyle// My wife just laughing at me..-How do you do to remember all of that stuff?

  15. I got them all right but I admittedly guessed on the body count question as I didn’t want to figure it up in my head.

  16. I missed two, who the heck is Spencer Stamp? … he\’s listed as playing Jason but I\’ve NEVER heard of him.

  17. I think he was the kid Jason in part 8? I almost got it wrong becuase i didnt know if they we’re going to count stunt men aswell, cause Glen Innis did some jason stunt work in the VS movie,and im sure theres more.

  18. Lol, I only got 5 right out of ten too; I certainly didn’t know the number of deaths off the top of my head, and forgot to include the young actors amongst the Jasons. And yet I got the number of triangles on the mask question right…O_O

  19. I missed 2 and scored 80%! I did better on AMC’s quiz on Rambo I got 100 on that!

  20. I loved the Rambo quiz! I agree with a lot of you that number of Jasons is hard to guess based on their criteria

  21. I know absolutly every thing about jason ive seen all his movies and studied every thing on him.

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