Friday the 13th cake

Ever tried to take a slice out of a cake that could take a slice out of you? Cake designers Antoni and Edward Frys created this masterpiece that looks to good to eat.

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15 Responses to “ Friday the 13th cake ”

  1. Now THAT’S a cake!

    Imagine getting something like this at a party? Wonder how many would shy away from eating it…

  2. That is an awesome cake! I don’t even know if I would eat that great piece of art.

  3. Suck it, Duff Goldman! heh heh

  4. Making a camp counsler cake and cutting it with a machete be great too.

  5. It doesn’t look like proper Jason. Looks like Ken Kirziger though

  6. Whoa, awesome stuff! Not a “great” Jason, but you simply have to pull back and admire the over all design and the scale and just the fact that that all is eatable.

    Beyond cool in my eyes. Too bad I’ve never had nothin’ as cool as that to eat. I’ve always said if I did get married, I’d have to have unique things like that at my Reception. ;)

  7. Wish I was getting that cake for my birthday this Friday! Great job guys!

  8. “It doesn’t look like proper Jason. Looks like Ken Kirziger though”

    God damn…you have to be a raging quiefstain.

  9. The cake is a “slice” above the rest…lol

  10. I love it!

  11. Do you cut it with a machete? :D Awesome cake.

  12. I feel that this is news that needs to be posted…

    June 29th is when friday the 13th 2024 is released to dvd and blu-ray.

  13. I wonder how much that cake costs?

  14. Mmmmmm…..caaaakkeee.

    That looks great. Look! Jason already brought a knife! how nice of him!

  15. I’d rather display it in my room than eat it.
    With my cake, I’m just gonna ask if it can be made into the mask.
    Much more simple. =]

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