The Slasher (Friday the 13th/The Wrestler Spoof)


Just wanted to offer up a little something to break up the whole “It was good/It was bad” talk regarding the new Friday the 13th flick by offering up something that I found quite funny and entertaining. A reader posting under the name “The Question(the real rorshach )” popped this link up so I figured I would share it. It comes from the folks over at They’re pretty well known for pulling funny stuff like this off. This time, they have made a spoof trailer that crosses Jason and the Friday the 13th series with the Mickey Rourke hit “The Wrestler”. Someone took the time to record a hilarious “Jason Themed” version of The Bruce Springsteen song “The Wrestler” with some memorable lines. Ease the tension folks and enjoy!

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Tony Carroll

Huge horror fan. Mainly the slasher sub genre. Die Hard Friday the 13th fan. I'm not like a lot of viewers. I love the entire series. Yeah, there are things about some films that I don't like. But I can honestly say that I don't hate a single Friday flick. I love to write and to bring info to people. So this site and my love for that go hand in hand. You will also find me over at my site Feel free to drop me a line at [email protected]

5 Responses to “ The Slasher (Friday the 13th/The Wrestler Spoof) ”

  1. Please note folks you need a YT account to view it as it’s ‘mature content’.

  2. That was funny. I like the part where they said if you see a bald corey feldman than you see me.

  3. I had no idea why it was flagged on youtube lol then I thought as I was watching it “oh yeah this is pretty bloody & graphic.”

  4. Good stuff. :-) The Bruce Springsteen song is great, and they did a great job changing the lyrics here.

  5. Ch Ch Ch Ha Ha Ha that was funny

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