Mezco’s 2024 Jason goodies on display at Toy Fair!

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Anyone who had the pleasure to attend Toy Fair this weekend got a great sneak peek at all of the great Jason goodies that would be coming in 2024! From the 3 3/4 figure, the 12 inch remake figure, Cinema of Fear series 4 which features Jason from the 3rd film in the series, to a lot of new concepts that will find their place on the shelves and collections of many Jason fans! Here are some pics to wet your appetite for more Jason merchandise from Mezco Toyz! To see other non Jason Mezco merchandise featuring Freddy, Leatherface and the upcoming Wolfman line, check out!

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14 Responses to “ Mezco’s 2024 Jason goodies on display at Toy Fair! ”

  1. The living dead doll Jason 2024 looks cute, I might get that one, althought it may remember me the crappy ass remake, so…

  2. Can’t wait for series 4 Jason and Dr. Freddy

  3. Is that last pic of a Jason Mighty Mugg? If so, YESSSSSSS!!!!!!!

  4. the new movie as already made $428,438,594

  5. Definitely want the G.I. Joe size Jason and the Jason from pt3 and the new movie! Also dig the short Jason & Freddy that look like those Transformer Robot Heroes and those other little heroes(G.I. Joe,Star Wars, Marvel).

  6. All very interesting. Might be some additions to my collection in that bunch!

  7. The mini plush and the 3 3/4 are on my list for sure. I really like the look of the 12 inch and the LDD. Part 3 Jason from the 7″ line looks really cool too. I just hope it has a removable mask. Mezco has been screwing up that department.

  8. HAHAHA They have one mistake there i just gotta point out that one plush one that looks like 3 yeah he doesnt come out in sept of this year hes been out for a while i have one actually im looking at it right now lol

  9. O_O I want all the plushies and dolls. >.> I have a weakness for dolls. (I have the doll in picture 9 already too. :D) The Living Dead one is sweet – his coat is really cool. Nice detail to it. :)

  10. I can’t wait for that Jason from Part 3…so awesome.

    I also really like the look of the Sackhead Jason from the new movie. I already have the regular figure, I just wish they had given us an extra head instead of having to buy another figure…

  11. the part 3 jason 7 inch looks very nice. we are getting closer to have everyone. now mezco needs to make a part 8 jason and part 5 jason(roy) in 7 inch and 12 inch so they can finish what sideshow started.

  12. Want the jason from part 3 7″

  13. wish they would made Jason part 6 just half as good they made this one

  14. I want a 18″ Jason Lives and Jason X

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