Would Todd Farmer Ever Write Another Friday Film?

Of late, a few of the creative minds behind the New Line Cinema Jason Voorhees films are now being linked to other modern iconic horror legends. Just announced yesterday, Adam Marcus, Director of Jason Goes To Hell is currently writing Leatherface 3D. Todd Farmer, writer of Jason X, is attached to write the remake of Hellraiser. Since these two are helping with other iconic figures, we wondered if they would ever come back to the franchise that helped jumpstart their careers.

Todd Farmer was recently asked that very question on Formspring. Below is his response.

I would be wary. Would depend on where Swift and Shannon stood as well as who was involved behind the scenes. Dunno. Gone down that road annoying results. Would need to be some planetary alignment…and a fair amount of green I’d guess.

It might take a little push to get Todd to come back and I wonder how he would direct the story of the franchise? Would he be a good choice to write new adventures? What previous writer and director from the Friday the 13th series do our visitors think would be good choices to come back to the franchise.

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23 Responses to “ Would Todd Farmer Ever Write Another Friday Film? ”

  1. I’ll start this one off with saying Ron Kurz (Part 2) for writer, and TFC’s Joseph Zito as director. Don’t think we could go wrong there. I’d also like to see Frank Mancuso Jr. return as producer.

  2. Honestly, I can see him doing Hellraiser (in a weird sort of way).

    But honestly. I’m hoping the series comes back in a more serious manner. Even though I’m not a big fan of the remake, I still enjoyed it on many levels, and I always appreciated how they at least tried to keep it a little more serious, much like Part 1-5.

    So hiring him would be a mistake. Jason X, Jason goes to Hell, they were fun once, but I’m not looking forward to them getting that desperate for idea anymore.

  3. Joseph Zito should have something to do with the next Friday The 13th.

  4. I hope Todd Farmer stays as far away from Friday the 13th as possible. Jason X was the worst movie inthe series. To keep it simple Jason X just plan sucked.

  5. I say that’s not a good idea. Jason X was one of the worst installments of the Friday series. First of all, there was not much story really, just a series of murder events thrown together. Also, the metallic gorilla mask in the end not only looked stupid, but the idea of turning Jason into that was completely dumb. I hope he stays away from the series. I’m kind of unsure about him being involved in the new Hellraiser remake as well!!

  6. No. He shouldn’t have anything to do with Friday the 13th. He is a hack. No. Swift and Shannon are way better than him. Keep him away from My Bloody Valentine, halloween, Pinhead, and Freddy. Keep him away from piranah too.

  7. Joseph Zito or Steve Miner to direct and part 2 and 4′s writers.

  8. Wow.

  9. Hey, Todd. Thanks for stopping by! Although visitors are entitled to their opinion, I think a lot of them are not aware of the full facts of the film and do not realize that Writers are not responsible for the final product that shows up on screen. Your draft had awesome ideas and story elements that were never fully realized in the final product. I wish they had been as the movie would have been better received.

    Jason X is a very fun movie and unfortunately, never had a chance at the box office because of the fact that your actual script never hit the big screen and the release date was atrocious. Released right before Spiderman gave Jason no chance at all.

  10. I disagree about Friday 10. I loved it and recommended it. It is part 9 that is the worst. Part 10 was smart. The only thing Todd should have done is try to link it MORE to the previous Friday part 8. Part 9 is such an abomination that it should be considered a dream sequence and nothing more.

  11. Ive been a fan of Todd’s work for a while now. While the Space Idea was not his, The writing was still not bad It was the ACTING IMO. I thought My Bloody Valentine was awesome. I thought it was paced well and the story was good. I don’t think he is a hack and given enough space and creative freedom I believe Todd can bring a GREAT Jason back to the screen. I would have loved Todd’s version of Halloween cause I know he would have strayed away from Rob Zombies Pile of shit. Thats why I didnt mind his “Messengers 2″ Because he didnt try to recreate his original story like A LOT of sequals do. This is My Opinion and I would stand behind Todd before I stand behind alot of these So called Horror Directors, writers, and Producers!

  12. All of the Friday’s after part 4 were horrible in my opinion. The 2024 remake was a breath of fresh air. The 2024 remake was outstanding in its portrayal of Jason…and was glad they brought back a believable Jason.

  13. Garbage,hated the movie overall.

  14. Todd Farmer would be a cool choice. I love Jason X and My Bloody Valentine 3-D. I think any of the previous FT13th writers would be awesome for the upcoming sequal. Like Victor Miller, Dean Lorey, etc. But I would perfer Damian Shannon and Mark Swift. They did an awesome job with the FT13th remake, and maybe Freddy Vs Jason looked good on paper, but We know how that turned out. But I was thinking, hear me out for a minute. I was watching Halloween 4 the other night, and I realized that it has a good story as well as alot of cool kills. Alan McElroy wrote the script for Halloween 4 in very little time because He was being rushed. He also wrote for Spawn:The animated series. I was thinking He would probably do a kickass script for FT13th part 2. Give us a good story as well as some good kills. I just think its interesting that He came up with an awesome story for Halloween 4 in such little time.

  15. I read Todd’s script for Jason X and it sucked just like the movie. Jason in space, give me a break. You watch the old movies and watch something like Jason X and wonder how Jason and Friday the 13th got so off kilter.

  16. Todd sucks. If he wrote another Fri 13th he would write in a sex scene for himself. Todd Farmer is his own biggest fan.

  17. I heard his script was better than how the movie turned out. But it couldn’t have been much, as Jason in space was a idiotic idea that wouldn’t have worked in any way. Aside from as a MAD TV sketch of course.

  18. Wow, Todd. Don’t expect any Christmas cards from this bunch of Friday fans..lol

  19. I have no idea what ideas of Todd’s did not materialize in Jason X’s final product but space was a bad idea and so was turning him into the laughable uber-Jason. I do, in spite of the space idea, like the first hour of this entry – but once he’s turned into uber-Jason I stop the movie.

    Having said that, I would prefer him back as a writer than the team of Swift and Shannon. I have no respect for their writing. The re-boot was chock full of arrogant asshole characters and stupid ideas with smug juvenile dialogue.

    If they do pen a sequel I’ll wait and rent it but won’t pay to hear their writing in a theatre again.

    I say bring back writers from any of the first 4 and bring back Joseph Zito as director. And please bring back Harry as the scorer.

    And Paramount; please release blu-rays of parts 4 – 7!!

  20. Wow. Ok. Here’s something for all you whiners to think about. If Todd Farmer had NOT written Jason X, then the remake would NEVER have gotten made. Jason X was kind of a test movie to see if the audience still wanted more Jason. And yes, releasing opposite Spider-Man was a bad idea, but since when do the writers make those decisions? You should all feel lucky that they are even still making these. Most of the writers and directors went to college for 4 to 8 years to get those jobs. How about all of you? I doubt it. So, let’s stop tearing them apart just because YOU didn’t like them. I am a fan of all the movies, and a 41 years old, there isn’t an entry in the series that I din’t like. If you people want the same boring characters and story, then go see a Star Wars film, and please leave our favorite franchise alone.

  21. I would actually love to see what Todd would do with another Friday movie.

    I agree, jasonfury. A lot of people don’t realize that the writers aren’t necessarily responsible for what shows up on screen.

    I’m excited about seeing what he does with Hellraiser.

    Oh! And on a side note, John Robert; I saw part 4 on blu-ray in WalMart the other day. Not parts 5-7, but wanted to give you the heads up anyway.

  22. To spiderocalypse – “I saw part 4 on blu-ray in WalMart the other day” – Really, because when I punch in the title on blu-ray.com there is no listing for this movie (entry). The site lists only the first 3 and the re-boot.


  23. Ron Kurz, Martin Kitrosser or any of the classic writers would be the perfect choice… if not, I think Robert Zappia and Matt Greenberg would be good options as they did a good job with Steve Miner’s “Halloween H20″…

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