Jason Version 2.6 Is Killer In Terrordrome

Terrordrome is one of those games that if it was ever to be released commercially, would bring in huge amounts of sales in retail markets. The simple, but Mortal Kombat esque design of the game brings everyone’s favorite horror icons together to fight one another to the, well, death. Our last update on this game was this past March. Check out our previous news about Terrordrome to catch up on the phenomenon. 

Recently, a new trailer for Version 2.6 of the game has surfaced and it looks awesome!. The new demo of this version will be available in a few weeks, this Halloween. Check out the trailer below and visit the TerrorDrome website to see everything that has been put into this highly watched and anticipated genre game.

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11 Responses to “ Jason Version 2.6 Is Killer In Terrordrome ”

  1. OMG I think I would sell my first born child to have this game on PS3!

  2. Damm dude thats freakin kickass!!! Thats funny seeing Maniac Cop on there, havent seen those movies in years. They should really put that out on XBOX 360 and PS3.

  3. I’ve noticed that Cnadyman, H. West and Undead Jason icons in the menu seem to be inactive. And we didn’t see them in this trailer either. So does Undead Jason will actually be realized in the v.2.6?

  4. I really, really hope this game gets completed and released on a console sometime soon. It would be so awesome!

  5. I downloaded it and finally got it to play for me and my oldest nephew the other night, and wow, even though the control on a keyboard is of course sadly pretty stiff and I can only do so many movies and there is sadly no \cut scene\ ending, I was oddly enough REALLY taken-aback by it, since like many I’ve had the whole iconic Slasher-as-a-fighting-game (either 2d or 3d) for the past two decades now since middle school, actually!

    It was real fun, although since I don’t have a joystick and I forgot where to look on the site for the \moves list\ I REALLY need to understand the game better. However, I did beat it with The Shape (Myers) by crouching down with my bottom arrow ket and hitting I believe A oe Q, which is your alternate slash with your weapon button. I also played with the old school Richard Brooker/Ted White lookin’ Jason. Hopefully they can add in some more moves and \Finishers\ (although I do like the energy/damage bar that builds up to some shadowed Super Moves when I fought some guys, if you will). Relaly if ya’ll haven’t downloaded it, it IS well worth it. And I liked the character selec screen and the posters as you wait for the next level to load screen.

    Also I thought both characters with Chainsaws (both ED II/AOD style Ash and the New Line Cinema-era reboot lookin’ Leatherface) were both just a little TOO hard, but again, you can get in close in some battles and cheat. ;) Just keep ducking & slashing and hitting them before they get up to keep advancing. And eventually I would LOVE for all of the coyright laws to be loosened-up so that this can be turned into a REAL legetimate game for a console. I REALLY dig the copyrighted music on the levels and how everyone did. Sadly this version is missin’ a few characters to fight as both bosses and to choose (like William Lustig’s Maniac Cop guy, and Dr. Herbert West and The Tall Man (Angis Scrimm) fro the Phantasm franchise. But it IS VERY much well-worth a download if you’ve ever dreamed about an Iconic Slasher Villian Vs. fighting game, and hopefulyl with some work and testing and preaching one day all of the copyrighted characters (such as how the DC Universe was allowed to be used by Ed Boon & John Tobias for the Mortal Kombat Vs. DC Universe game I got a few weeks back). I REALLY hope these Frenchmen or where ever they are based (I noticed all the downloadable instructions were in French, which I thought was cool/neat) can stick-up a deal with Miramax and New Line Cinema and a few others and make this a REAL Console-based game for the future markets of the 360 that I own and for you Ps3 guys & gals. There is REAL potential here, and I’m glad on they’re website that the Paris, France game convetion that it was a hit! Best of luck to them, and please KEEP WORKING out all of the little play-control kinks and keep adding different-era \looks\ to them and colors and different stage music each time you play, as well as alternate stages and new Finsihing Moves, as this VERY much has potential, and I feel this project would sell very well if ya ask me. ;)

    Best of luck once again!

  6. It was cool they added another Jason to the game, but why did they have to pick the Freddy vs Jason version?

  7. Looks fantastic!! All the icons in one game!!! dream game!!!

  8. Having two Jasons to fight, no compation!!!

  9. Exiz, why not?? ;)


  11. Sadly I doubt we will ever see this game finished due to Orion and New Line’s lawyers telling them to remove Freddy, Jason and Ash from their game. Hopefully this can be rectified but I doubt it corporate greed sucks ass

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