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Dusk and I always appreciate when visitors to our website leave positive remarks in the comments of individual blogs. Our loyal visitors are always appreciated and we do know who all of you are, even though you may not think that we do. We also receive a good number of emails telling us about what is great about….. and also some things that need work. However, the email I received a few days ago from a Halloween fan was really very cool and shows that our hard work is not only reaching fans of the Friday the 13th series, but also horror fans in general.

Please read the email from Travis below. Usually, I or Dusk would not post emails like this, but it is cool to get feedback from people who are not just Friday the 13th fans.

Hey man just wanted to say that even though I’m a Halloween/Michael Myers fan, you do a kick ass job on your site! I’m a horror movie fan in general and I like the Friday the 13th series as well, 2nd to the Halloween series but all the same two great series. I actually just wanted to say that your site is great I wish all of us Halloween fans had one this great! Don’t get me wrong we have some good ones but they could learn a thing or two from your site, the updates are so much more frequent, even if its a little spec of info everyday you have 4 or 5 new updates and I really enjoy that! Now I eat, sleep, and breathe Halloween and sometimes we go weeks without any news. Now I’m not claiming I could do it any better, I’m just saying that it could be better, your site is proof of that. Anyways keep up the good work, I enjoy coming home from work everyday and checking out my two favorite slashers, and yes I can admit the Friday site is kicking the every Halloween sites butt plain and simple! Feel free to pass this on to all the followers of your site as you all deserve a pat on the back, all of you make the site what it is, and thats a truly great site for Jason fans and all horror fans in general!

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  1. I totally agree, thanks Jasonsfury and Dusk!!!!!!!

  2. This franchise is a real active one with a REAL big community. It’s Star Wars in horror! Jasosnfury is doing a blast in catching and covering all the news and stories that come in this ongoing franchise. As said privately in an email some time ago, guys like YOU are the kind of fans that this community needs to stay alive even without making a new big Studio film. Keep your fantastic quality job coming, there will be loads to write about my friend!


  3. Hey guys,
    Travis is right. I love halloween as much a I love Friday, but the friday site is so much better. Don’t get me wrong, I like the Halloween site but I wish it was like the Friday site. Everyday there is something new to read about. And on the halloween site, it might have a update once a month. The guys that run the Halloween site should take some lessions from the Friday site. Who knows, maybe they’ll here about this and try to inprove it.

  4. Once again Jasonsfury can’t say enough about what you guys do, totally awesome!!! Before I wrote you that e-mail I was sitting and thinking about the site and I thought wow it must be really time consuming to keep all this up and going, it has to be countless hours on end but they still do it, not to mention all the other things you probably have going on with life in general yet the site is always fresh and up to date! I feel good knowing that there are other people who like these movies and horror in general as much as I do, but you take it a step further with this site, we really do need more people like you, and the fans of this site are great as well, everyone is friendly and they all contribute things to the site to help make it better, it truly is a big family of Friday fans! Best site on the net by far, keep up the good work!!!!

  5. Well said. and nightmareonelmstreetfilms barely ever update their site. Id have to say the Freddy site is the lamest of all. They update once every couple of months it seems, and maybe does it a little more. The last time I saw the Halloween site really be active was when Rob Zombie was making Halloween 2, and giving info about the making of the film. I have to agree with Travis, of all the icons of horror that have a website which is all of them, ranks supreme. I guess You can say My favorite 2 horror sites are and

  6. This site is great. It’s been slow news comming from the franchise lately, and you still keep the site interesting. Keep up the good work.

  7. Couldn’t agree more. I still remember the first time I stumbled across this site, it felt like coming home! I have had it bookmarked now for years and always will. Thanks for what you do guys!

  8. I whole-heartedly agree with DLC, it was the same for me. Before I found this site I never knew something like this even existed on the net, at least for my favorite horror series :P. It’s the first site I check when I turn my computer on, because I know something cool and exciting will be posted every time. Keep up the awesome work guys!

  9. I’m a Halloween fan and horror fan in general, and I’ve looked around and cannot find harldy any sites as good as this one (if any at all). A lot of sites could learn a thing or two from this one. This is one of the first sites I go to when I get online. By the way, was the site down for a couple days, I just couldn’t get it to come up?

  10. Word up! i so appreciated your offer

  11. i agree keeep up the good work

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