Promotional Pamphlet for Kane Hodder

kanepamphletfrontI love seeing and collecting marketing and promotional materials that have anything to do with the franchise. Actor marketing is also something I find interesting to collect and share with people. This pamphlet was created to promote Kane to appear at different classrooms in the United States. There are some cool shots of Kane doing some helicopter stunts and taking some falls.

Thanks to Mario Kirner for sharing this interesting piece of promotional material with our website and we the fans!







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18 Responses to “ Promotional Pamphlet for Kane Hodder ”

  1. Of course he’s gotta use a picture of the man to grab people. But, is it true that he’s bitter about not being in more? Hell… I’d be kinda bummed if I couldn’t be the legend. His movie were the best!!!

  2. didn’t really like kane’s zombie jason….lame

  3. Really loved Kane’s zombie Jason ..great

  4. Really tepid to Kane’s zombie Jason . . .meh

  5. Kane is a highlight to every Friday the 13th film he is in…even if the film itself is bad. I have a friend who is absolutely infatuated with the guy. He paid $80 to have Kane sign each DVD copy he owned from F13 Part 7-X.

    My friend also bought a replica mask which he paid Kane to “baptize” it in his own blood. Kane said that costs $100 and my friend gave him the money. Kane put the money up to his nose and inhaled deeply. When he was satisfied he put the money in his coat pocket. Then Kane took out a pocket knife and cut his own arm open like he was Arnold in Terminator 2. They baptized the mask together like it was some pagan ritual from the Roman Empire. My friend was happy and holds his replica in high regard. And Kane Hodder will do anything for money.

  6. Kane, still the best, undoubtedly.

  7. “a partial list of some of the schools”? That’s a bit redundant.

    Kane kicked butt in The New Blood. Part of it was the makeup and direction, but he was bad ass and went full out, doing the franchise proud.

  8. Kane was a good Zombie Jason. But I was never really a fan of the zombie Jasons.

  9. richard brooker and ted white will always be jason to me..

  10. Scott

    You took the words outta my mouth….

  11. Damn straight Scott, Brooker FTW, Ted white is also very good.

  12. Richard Brooker’s and Ted White’s portrayals of Jason have always been my faves :)

  13. kane is awsome in his movies,and he’s a really cool guy

  14. Kane is Jason. Period.

  15. Broker and White also kicked major a**!

  16. Brooker and White all the way!! Kane was lethargic and tired.

  17. I’ve never liked Kane Hodder’s Jason… he’s so overrated!!. To me, simply put, he is not Jason.

  18. “I’ve never liked Kane Hodder’s Jason… he’s so overrated!!. To me, simply put, he is not Jason.”

    I don’t know. I respect everyone’s opinions, but Kane played a great Jason for the era that he did so. He kept that character alive a long time when no one really cared about the franchise in the 90’s.

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