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Christian Sellers runs the website Dr.Gore’s Funhouse and he also use to write interesting and in-depth articles pertaining to Friday the 13th for our website not too long ago. His current website offers readers inside looks into various films past and present with an informative and well researched approach. Recently, Christian wrote a very detailed retrospective on the production on Jason X. Since we have recently been writing about the film, it seemed fitting that this retrospective popped up.

An excerpt of the article is below. To read the entire write-up check out Dr. Gore’s Funhouse website and see if the information changes your opinion of the film’s concept.

Farmer’s initial intention for the story was to move the series away from the camp humour of the sequels and instead create an environment that was both claustophobic and scary. Yet during pre-production the script would undergo countless rewrites and Farmer would see his vision dumbed down and his scares replaced with comic relief. In the original draft there was also a scene in which Jason, who has always been something of a mommy’s boy ever since the beginning of the franchise, witnesses his mother drowning during a virtual reality simulation of his old home, Crystal Lake, but instead of saving her he forces her face down under the water. Concerned that the formula should not be tampered with too much, Farmer was instructed to remove the sequence from the script, whilst also more emphasis was placed on the younger characters, keeping in tone with the expectations of a typical slasher film.

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12 Responses to “ Jason X Retrospective At Dr. Gore’s Funhouse ”

  1. Nice article…I didn’t know about the deleted scene of Mrs. V being drowned…it would be interesting to see Jason watch that virtual reality scene of his old home..maybe for JX2?
    After all the negative and long waiting experiences, I’m still a fan of this film..Todd Farmer tried his best..and the movie isn’t that bad…Did I read a little flaw in this article about Kane Hodder being in the Jason part for the third time?…never mind that..the article is well done and gave me a little more new info, wich was interesting to know.
    Thanx Christian Sellers

  2. Yes it did say third which was a cock up on my part, thanks for pointing that out. And glad you liked the article.

    Cheers Jasonsfury!

  3. Why would Jason kill his mommy? Maybe because he knows it’s a virtual reality trick? Pretty interesting.

  4. Great article, Christian. Finally fans can learn more about the original script from a great film. Too bad about all the changes. Maybe someday we will get to see more of it. Thanks and keep the good stuff coming.

  5. Great article….. The first time I saw Jason X, I was not happy with the film. I couldn’t believe this is what I had been waiting for(in terms of sequels)almost a decade.(1993 to 2024) When the film came out on dvd, it started to grow on me. Now, I take the film for what it is and it’s a fun movie. The only problem is the music. Jason X and JGTH has the worst soundtrack of all the films. Manfredini’s music for the early films is briliant, but the music of these two films make them more cheesier then they are ready are. If they would have kept Farmer’s script intact, Jason X might have been one badass movie. What could have been… That happens a lot!

  6. Thanks for stopping by, Christian! I am glad that everyone is enjoying the look back at Jason X. I really like Todd’s original script. I would have liked to at least had the opportunity to see his vision on film to make a determination for myself on how it would have translated to the big screen.

  7. I agree, his early drafts were a lot darker and more interesting but I’ve always had a soft spot for the movie. I still can’t stand the remake or Freddy vs. Jason but the original series never gets old. Watched A New Beginning for the millionth time the other night and still love its sleaziness! Just wish Jason Goes to Hell would get a bit more love from fans (especially the uncut version), sure it was a rip-off of The Hidden but the original was a rip-off of Halloween so why care? In fact, JGTH would make a pretty good retrospective too, hmmm…

  8. The VR sequance couldve been way better. However I love that they used Manfredinis classic music for that scene.

  9. I enjoyed Jason X (and JGTH) and while I would have preferred a darker approach to Jason X I do think removing the scene of Jason drowning his mother was a good move. It just doesn’t fit even if the context was to show how evil he had become.

  10. See that was actually employed in the Jason X novels (yes I sadly read them). By having Jason kill his mother it removes his only weakness, his love for his mother. Part 2 and the remake used this to their advantage. Without it he is a true juggernaut.

  11. you are speaking to Jasonfury’s heart with this JGTH talk, Christian.

  12. I love the virtual sleeping bag scene. Those girls were so funny and the kill may have ripped off Part 7, but it is still a damn good kill.
    As for Jason killing his virtual mother,it would’ve been different. Still, Jason’s revenge for hss mother’s death was what kept him from dying.

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