Friday Conversation: Should Abel Have Been Featured Later in Part 3

abelFor those who do not know, Abel was indeed supposed to appear later in Part 3, but his scene was never shown in the movie. Abel confronts Chris and Rick as they walked back to the house after the battery dies on Rick’s car. Since Crazy Ralph appeared later in the original Friday the 13th at the camp to warn the others, why not Abel. Would you liked to have seen Abel later in the movie?

Special thanks to Scab for this image as he featured this on his contact sheet from the film at his website at an earlier date.

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34 Responses to “ Friday Conversation: Should Abel Have Been Featured Later in Part 3 ”

  1. It would have been great to see that seen.

  2. Definitely! Was this footage lost? Or did it not make the DVDs due to Farrands only producing the IV-VIII DVDs?

  3. they cut this stuff for a reason. i just don’t see how it would’ve fit. it’s better that chris and rick come back and everything is isolated and unpopulated (cause they’re all dead!). maybe if he had vera’s eyeball on a stick it would’ve worked. ha.

    is he really taller than rick? holy f*ck

  4. Yeah, that would have been cool! Wonder why it was cut?

  5. Abel? The crazy guy who had the eyeball?

  6. One of the creepiest scenes in Friday the 13th was when crazy Ralph made his second appearance…so yeah…keeping in the spirit of the franchise Abel should have not only should of reappeared, but got knocked off in part 4. Every entry should of had a messenger of doom.

  7. Yeah I wouldve liked to see that. I like to Jason He’s My favorite charcter from Part 3. He sleeps in the middle of the road and has the best dialouge. ” I have won thee..I HAVE ONE THEE!!!

  8. Yes, it would have made their drab scene better.

  9. It didn’t have to be in the movie, but I would actually like to see the scene. It should definately be in deleted scenes on the DVD.

  10. Wow, I never knew or heard about this lost scene before.

  11. It definitely would not have hurt! I also of course want all of the trimmed out gore to be put back into the film as well!

  12. Actually, I really could less about his part in the story, to me it was pointless. Now if it was Jason dad, then maybe it would have sparked my interest, but I more or less saw him as a cheap ralph knock off.

  13. “It didn’t have to be in the movie, but I would actually like to see the scene. It should definately be in deleted scenes on the DVD.”

    I can totally agree. I’m actually watching the Part 3 Blu-Ray (so far it’s the last to have been issued on BD, as we all sadly know) as I’m typing this, and indeed: This, Part 2 and most of The Final Chapter were the last ones that scared me. And very little need’s to really be changed from them.

    Chris & Rick, heading back from the mile or so in the heavily wooded area, into they’re now unsuspecting “Jason fortress” that Jason is trying to create, is just creepy and scary as all fuck to me. And while I would LOVE to see the cut footage one day, don’t get me wrong, it would have just messed with the flow a bit too much. We didn’t need an extra 28 seconds or so of Abel from midday much earlier in the film rambling on.

    Besides, a lot more important stuff from the underrated Part 3-D need’s to see the light of day, such as: Chuck’s deleted extended death sequence with his face melting off that the actor David Katims talked about in the Crystal Lake Memories book; or, of course, the infamous deleted ending. And also the lovely Vera’s deleted brief reaction shot, knowing fully well that she cannot get away form the harpoon in time. To me, things like that would be much more interesting to see.

    But alas, to each they’re own. And sorry for the rambling, but I’m a HUGE Part 3-D supporter and lover over here. ;)

  14. Jeremy: It’s “I Have WARNED Thee” (not one/won thee)

    Yeah I always wondered more about Abel than I did Ralph because it always seemed to me that Ralph was aware of Jason but had never had face to face confrontation because I you clearly see in part 2 Ralph of course gets killed.

    Now Abel always talked like Jason gave him things. But I am sure he just found those body part and just used to term “gave him” in general, so I always wanted to see him in the end to see how he died and he never got killed. So I wondered what gave Abel the golden pass.. hmmmm

    So maybe there was some kind of bond between the two but I was pissed because that could have been a “bonus body”. Shame.


  15. I love Abel. I would have loved to see more of him. One scene kind of makes him seem ‘less’ than Ralph. I was never sure why they didn’t work him into more of the movie.

  16. Mad world designs,

    I think jeremy was just making a pun on the way he said it.

    I would have loved a second coming of Abel and maybe even a cameo in a later film. But it never happened.

  17. While I agree putting the scene where it was originally intended to go would have interrupted the flow of the film, I also think the story is a little more cohesive with its inclusion. If this scene still exists, I agree I’d rather see it as an extra ‘deleted scene’ than see it re-inserted into the movie.

    However, though impossible, I envision a compromise in which the scene happens *before* the others have been murdered, instead of afterwards. This would take a little rearranging- namely, the car would have to die before Chris tells her story- but then the scene could serve multiple purposes. First, it could be a great red herring scare. If it happens before the audience knows where Jason is, Abel’s entrance could be a frightening surprise. Second, since Abel’s sudden appearance would horrify Chris by reminding her of someone else who snuck up on her in the woods, it would be a natural lead-in to her flashback, and the perfect reason for her to tell Rick the story she’s been hiding from him. It would be a great homage to Ralph’s second apperance. Finally, it’d get Abel’s eerie last warning in (“We don’t want any trouble.” “Then leave.”).

    But y’know, part 3’s my favorite just the way it is. I’m just speculating.

  18. eh it certainly isn’t necessary.

  19. I agree with Robert Wick, crazy abel was a point/useless character. C’mon people, when your talk with others about the series, he is not one you bring up a lot. To be honest with you I had to ask my husband who he was, then he made me watch part 3 again on blueray (outstanding btw). AFter the movie was over I didn’t go DAMM Crazy Abel, forgot about him again. Anyway I agree, Robert.

  20. i hope we eventually get to see this & the alternate ending. even if it’s not that great i like to see extra footage for movies like this that i’ve known by heart all these years…i’d probably even do an extended fan edit just for the hell of it. i read somewhere that there was a TV version a long time ago that had a lot of alternate & extra scenes…farrands said they didn’t go thru the vault for pt 3 because he was hired after that release was done…fingers crossed that this stuff is just waiting to be discovered…and more importantly, some more GORE and more of debbie’s boobies!!!

  21. Sure, why not. Who doesn’t love crazy people!

  22. Hell yes.Mabye he was crazy Ralph’s brother come to avenge his death,collecting eyeballs on the way to hurl at Jason.(Wait i’ve went too far).LOL……………..KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA.

  23. “I agree with Robert Wick, crazy abel was a point/useless character. C’mon people, when your talk with others about the series, he is not one you bring up a lot. To be honest with you I had to ask my husband who he was, then he made me watch part 3 again on blueray (outstanding btw). AFter the movie was over I didn’t go DAMM Crazy Abel, forgot about him again. Anyway I agree, Robert”

    Haha, indeed. I agree fully. While the late David Wiley (who had a nice role in Brian Yuzna’s Society years later, by the way which I’ve always loved) is fine in the role, I can see why it got cut. I’m sure the dialogue and breif exchanges were nothing mind blowing. Besides, it wasn’t needed. Simple as that. I bet you anything the film makers cut it before the theatrical release for a reason. Just as the fullscreen television scenes on my old ‘04 totally bullshit ‘Ultimate Edition’ with the extra exchanges between Doug & Sarah slowed down the over all flow of the film. Plus Joe Zito never intended them to be in there in the first place, including openingly hating the props Paramount gave them for Rob’s motion detector sequence I saw on a site, ect.

    However, if Mr. Ferrands and Part VII’s director John Carl Beuchler are right, and the majority of stuff for Parts 2, V & VII were thrown out, then I worry that the same was done for Part 3-D. After all, but then, Laserdiscs were barely ordered and VCA discs were rare in most parts of the world, and standard definition DVD was a damn long ways off, and so they had no idea there would be standard issue viewer & big time fanatic demand for these sort of things that people would pay out the ass for. And I can’t sort of blame them cause while a dick-headed move to just throw stuff out, it was apparently regulalry done by major studios in order the clean out the vaults to make room for more current & seminal classic considered work. A shitty thing to do, but apparently, it’s always happened.

    Mostly, I would love for Part 3-D cause it’s my favorite, followed by Parts 2 and The Final Chapter, to finally look REAL good. Cause even though it’s a genuineally brighter Blu-Ray then I’ve seen, Part 3-D still doesn’t look mind blowing. Or even all that good, for that matter, to be perfectly honest. Grain (which is natural on 35mm film, as we all know), large specs and what appars to be perminant film blots from an unclean source print, and what appears to be the wrong camera eye used, has always been the basis for the Part 3-D flat print. While I was glad that it is finally–in theory anyway–shown on the best 3-D imaginable for a home theater set up, and we finally saw the real theatrical opening (of which tells us that the opening naturally won’t be in 3-D but we’ll need our glasses anyway scrawl, ect), I’d much rather then somehow strike a new composite print, or try to find it’s original negative, and then try to clean it up as best as they can. Something tells me it can look better then this, and I don’t care what anyone says.

    Maybe also finally get Steve Miner and the husband & wife screen writer team in there to talk about the film for a change. The film’s director of Photography, who seem’s soft spoken and an intelligent gentleman, and Marty Jay Sadoff who was on the His Name Was Jason doc, in there as well for a commentary track. I’ve sure if Mr. Miner was bribed with a financial offering for newly filmed interviews and a commentary track date in Los Angeles, he would most certainly take it. ;)

  24. since we dont ever see him again in future installments it would have been nice to at least see him get killed :) that scene where he holds up the eye ball always creeped me out as a kid. i only have the deluxe dvd with no special features, too bad they couldnt have at least put some deleated scenes on the disc.

  25. Would have loved to see him warm the dead fuck jimbo not to go camp blood.

  26. any hell night fans out there.

  27. This scene appears in Michael Avallone’s novelization, if anyone is interested. Not sure if it appeared in Simon Hawke’s, as I have yet to acquire his first two novelizations, and don’t want to read them out of order.

  28. Meh,I don´t need that scene.
    In fact, I am not font of the first apearance of abel in the movie. He is (obviously) just a cheap copy of Crazy Ralph (who was killed in Part 2 and could not return for this reason).
    The scene with the eyeball: Is this supposed to be human? From one of Part 2 victims? Een if it was an animals eyeball: If I was one of the teens I would have called the cops because of this guy.

    Crazy ralph was really creepy and classic. Abel was just out of place. Heck, I think I even prefer the crazy deck-hand from JTM to Abel.

  29. Yes, more of Abel would be nice. Just him showing up with other extreme small body parts.

    To be honest though, I whish they’ld have never killed off Crazy Ralph, he was so much crazier than Abel. Then again, Crazy Ralph never took a nap in the middle of the road.

  30. captain_brandon, paramount only threw out stuff for the entries that had footage tainted with the ‘MPAA cuts’ label. that’s why part 4’s stuff made it. zito was smart enough about slashers to know how to cut it before-hand, and all of the extra gore got filed as outtakes & deleted scenes. an interview with manfredini confirmed that part 2’s footage got the MPAA cuts label on it, so it’s probably gone. 3 on the other hand, we don’t know. sure, imdb & a lot of online sources say it was MPAA cuts, but those same sources claim part 4’s stuff was MPAA cuts and that part 8 has a scene with jason ramming darts into the boxer’s eyes. it’s just people making assumptions or making shit up. …so i’m still hopeful about this one.

  31. Yes should off showed his scene!!!

  32. tommyblah,

    And I know that as well my good man. But I’m just worried, cause after all it’s Paramount, of course, natch. :(

    Now don’t get me wrong, with Part 3 being my own personal favorite, I really DO wanna see the footage. But I feel it’ll deteriate even more, as it’s getting quite older now, with being shot in ‘82, and Paramount REALLY need’s to raid they’re vaults again just to see what else all they have. But also, us big time fanatics & collectors need to remember that we all originally feel in love with the R-rated cuts before we all got online around th elate ’90s to read the Alternate Footage cuts on the Internet Movie Database page for each film, and checked out the reviews that again detailed the cuts on places like Arrow in the, ect.

    Although I know exactly like you mean and I so badly wanna see Part 3’s alternative ending (cause I feel as a dream sequence it’ll be superior, just as The Final Chapter’s would have been), as well as some added suitable icky FX shots. But all I’m sayin’ is that I’m not holding my breath to be disappointed myself; that’s all. Peace.

  33. man, wish we could see all this cut scenes.
    but why not? i think he should have appeared again and then got killed!

  34. I thought the Abel character was totally contrived. He was supposed to be Ralph II, and it just didn’t work. He wasn’t central to the ebb and flow of the movie, and he certainly didn’t have the appeal that Ralph had from the first two films. I can’t say whether it was Ralph’s look, or the fact that he had a lisp like that of Lou Holtz of ESPN, but his character actually added to the mystery that was Crystal Lake. The Crazy Ralph character probably should’ve never been killed in the first place. If anything TPTB should’ve expanded on Crazy Ralph’s character by acknowledging some sort of history between him and the Voorhees.

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