London 1888 Offers ‘The New Blood’ Jason

Last week, London 1888 offered a 5 color screen print of Freddy Krueger that took the WWW by storm. It was inevitable that they would offer Mr. Voorhees at some point and now they are offering up most fans favorite version of Jason from Friday the 13th Part 7: The New Blood. The styling of the artwork is awesome and this would be a very cool piece to hang in a memoribilia room to support your favorite franchise.

There are a limited amount of 50 available for the web and are currently available for Preorder. Check out the Londond 1888 store for more details on their one of a kind 18×24 print!

What better way to celebrate Kane Hodder’s newest slasher flick, Hatchet 2, than with a print of the first time we ever saw the “fan’s favorite” Jason Voorhees.

18 x 24, 5 color screen print, printed on sturdy, black French Paper card stock. Signed and numbered.

Limited Edition of 300 for an upcoming Kane Hodder appearance. Again, we have 50 available for you.

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5 Responses to “ London 1888 Offers ‘The New Blood’ Jason ”

  1. Not THIS fan’s favorite, that’ll always be a tie between Brooker and White, when Jason was HUMAN and SCARIER!

  2. and ordered!

  3. I totally hit this without question! This made my day, I would have never found out about this if you didn’t post it! This is one of the five websites I only go to,,, including my email. haha seriously. CHEERS!

  4. Ordered!

  5. Thats freakin beautiful. Cool artwork.

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