Friday the 13th Props Museum Interviews Koen Wooten

koenMario Kirner recently posted his interview with Koen Wooten, who was the prop master on the new Friday the 13th movie that was released this past February. Koen also has been responsible for props on other recent horror movies such as Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning and the 2007 remake of The Hitcher. Koen has just recently worked on the yet to be released Machete as a storyboard artist and as an assistant prop master on Jonah Hex.

During the interview, Mario finds out that 17 machetes were created and only one bear trap made for production. Check out Mario’s full interview to learn some great information about what went into the production of Friday the 13th.

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4 Responses to “ Friday the 13th Props Museum Interviews Koen Wooten ”

  1. Great interview! Big thanks to Mario from Deutschland and of course are very own Jasonsfury. This is the best Friday site around, but also, hope you all don’t forget as well. ;)

    But yeah, cool interview. The movies he worked on aren’t my favorite, but even still, I’d give anything to be in the 35mm motion picture business. Sounds like a very cool guy.

  2. Why did my post get deleted? It may have been off-topic but it was a valid point.

  3. Thanks Jason for posting about it here and thanks for the kind words! I`m already doing a follow up interview that will be posted this week. Let me know if there is anything special of interest to you guys and I will see if I can add some of the quetions. Sounds good?


  4. Mario,
    If you haven’t thought about this as a question yet, I would like to know more about how he created the rig that was attached to Travis for Trent’s death. It looked like a pretty cool device that was featured in the DVD. Also, I wonder if he has any other behind the scene pictures that were taken of him working on the props that he is allowed to share?

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