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Setting Up The Scene: Ted's Death, The Final Chapter

Setting Up The Scene: Ted’s Death, The Final Chapter

We have been examining how scenes are created by showing pictures of crews setting up certain shots throughout different films in the franchise. Check out all of our previous looks in the Setting Up The Scene series. Today we’re going to take a brief peak at how the death scene of Ted’s character from The Final Chapter [...]

Setting Up The Scene: Sheriff Station, Jason Lives

Setting Up The Scene: Sheriff Station, Jason Lives

Usually for this segment I have been showcasing behind the scenes photos on set right before filming was to begin. Today, I thought I would show the cast of Jason Lives running through their lines before their scene in the Sheriff Station where Megan asks her dad to search for the head counselors. I think [...]

Setting Up The Scene: Jimmy's Discovery, The Final Chapter

Setting Up The Scene: Jimmy’s Discovery, The Final Chapter

A staple of the Friday the 13th series is the moment one of the last survivors, usually the Final Girl, discovers the multiple bodies of the people that have been dispatched by Jason. In The Final Chapter, Trish goes over to the “party house” with Rob to investigate. After Rob is killed Trish tries to escape through [...]

Setting Up The Scene: Eva's Death, Jason Takes Manhattan

Setting Up The Scene: Eva’s Death, Jason Takes Manhattan

Jason Takes Manhattan is one of those movies, for me, that is awesome in some parts and atrocious in others. Personally, there’s enough apsects of the movie to make me like it enough to rewatch it from time to time. One of my favorite scenes in the movie is when Jason chases Eva into the [...]