Jason Lives: Friday the 13th Part 6 Press Kit

We have been showcasing Presskits for the franchise here at fridaythe13thfilms.com in the past. The Jason Takes Manhattan Press Kit contained postcards to send to your loved ones and the Part 2 Press Kit showcased some photos that were not generally seen by fans of the series. Now, we have the Jason Lives Press Kit to share with our visitors.

This set comes complete with black folder with red lettering. There is the standard production book included along with glossy press photos that, for the most part, have been seen in print by most fans. Contained within this particular kit is a news release by Paramount announcing the opening of the film in the Los Angeles area on August 1st, 1986. Check out the pics below.






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4 Responses to “ Jason Lives: Friday the 13th Part 6 Press Kit ”

  1. These would be great to have!

  2. If you start collecting these, be careful for how much you pay. The most I have ever paid is $30. The Jason Lives kit I got for $18, which I think is very reasonable. There are some people that will try to gouge you for $50 to $130, depending on how old the movie is. The Part 2 kit I bought for $20, whereas I saw someone else selling it for $50. I have even seen a Part 3 kit sold for $100!? That’s insanity and one reason I do not own that one right now. Moral is be patient and the right deal will come your way.

  3. Cool kit, one of my favorite Fridays

  4. Love to have those!

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