Jablonsky Has More Freedom With Nightmare Score

jablonskyThe official Nightmare On Elm Street website just added preview tracks for Steve Jablonky’s new score for the remake and as I suspected, the score is immediately better than the Friday the 13th music. Not that I disliked the score for Friday the 13th that Jablonsky created, however, it did feel like he was somehow restricted in the majority of his composition. I mean, his score was so limited that, from what I can tell, an official soundtrack with his score was not even released.

It seems like the Freddy universe has given him the ability to open up his music to a lot more cues, which makes total sense considering the subject matter he has to work with. I still hold the thought that Steve could create a pretty good score for a Friday the 13th movie, but I have to wonder if there were other forces that caused him to create the score that was used for the reboot last year.

At any rate, take a listen to the new score and make your own determinations. Anyone who has seen the Transformer movies know that Mr. Jablonsky definitely has the range to make an impactful score in any movie.

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17 Responses to “ Jablonsky Has More Freedom With Nightmare Score ”

  1. I agree, the Friday remake score was limited and flat. I haven’t heard the tracks for A NOES yet…but I’m gonna take your word for it that its better.

    I appreciate Platinum Dunes for attempting all of these remakes but I don’t think their creative decisions make for some very great movie-going experiences. But what do I know, I’m The man who got his ass kicked by skeletons after all. Film scores have been known to elevate the enjoyability of films…maybe this score will help this film overall.

  2. You’re right they are much better from what I can tell from the samples. Perhaps they did give him more freedom or they heard all the complaining about the “Friday” score.

  3. The Friday score was ok at best, but I was expecting the “Classic” score mixed in with the new. Considering they used the classic score in the previews. I would call that a classic case of “False advertisement!”

  4. I heard some previews regarding the score for the new Elm Street movie, and I have to agree it is definately better than the Friday the 13th one. So they obviously gave him more freedom on Nightmare, too bad they could not give Jablonsky this freedom on the Friday reboot.

  5. I took the suggestion, and went to the website to check it out (and as an avid soundtrack collector, I like to get a preview). The difference is night and day. It’s like “here, go write a few notes and we’ll play it over and over” for the F13 reboot, and for NOES, it’s like “write this like it’s Star Wars.” It sounds great, just do kind of wish it was the same on F13 2024 as well.

  6. I really liked Steve Jablonsky’s score for Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning. The TCM Remake score was good too. He writes good music.

  7. This score does sound good from the clips provided. Some even have the feeling of the original movies.

  8. I like the friday 2024 score, it sounded great to me.

  9. I thought the new Nightmare sound clips sounded more like a Friday the 13th score. They should have reversed the scores.

  10. @ madgoalie:

    No, I don’t think they’ve listened to our complaints about our Jason. (They never do-thus far anwyays) I just think people always always always want in on a “Freddy” film before anyother slasher. This is why, although I don’t totally hate on Kreuger-Hell he’s just not above Jason for that matter I just think he’s the biggest overall $ maker for NEwline, so of course thye’re all going to give it their time and dedication…that’s all I’m saying.

  11. The soundtrack of f13 2024 is cool, but in the next movie, they can use the f13 of nes jingle, is really spooky, if you dont know that, you can search in you tube.

  12. I really do think the score for the new “Friday” was rushed. This, on the other hand, sounds pretty promising. I still think the original theme is as iconic as the character, but it was barely used in the 5th and 6th films. Actually, I don’t even remember it being used in the second. So, I guess it’s alright to omit it and do something new. They should have let John Ottman do the score. His original score for “Halloween: H20″ was amazing, although the Weinsteins cut most of it out in the final film and ended up using the “Scream” soundtrack. Gah. Whatever the case, Platinum Dunes seems to be taking their time with this one. I think they realize how big this movie is for them. It’d be pretty bad if they messed it up.

  13. Also, I just noticed Robert Shaye is still an executive producer. I wonder if that’s in name only or if he still has some pull? Does anyone know?

  14. If he was rushed then that isnt fair, theres no point him doing it if he cant get full room.

  15. $$$, Cat. A lot of people, when they’re told they’ll get $ for less work, they’ll gladly do it. I don’t think “artists” should do that, though. It’s like when De Niro and Pacino do shitty movies like “Righteous Kill.” They get paid tons of money to do a crappy movie. I was there was more integrity in this business.

  16. *wish not was

  17. @Corey–sad but true, I agree.

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