(UPDATED) New Guests Added to Friday the 30th Reunion

8/2/2009 UPDATE: Steven Williams (aka Creighton Duke) just confirmed for the reunion!

A huge update of guests has been added to the reunion. And let me just say that I am so impressed at who they have already signed for the reunion. I never thought I would see Steven Culp or Dominick Brascia at a convention. This is completely awesome! Check out the offcial website, www.fridaythe30th.com for all of the information. Great job, John.


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16 Responses to “ (UPDATED) New Guests Added to Friday the 30th Reunion ”

  1. This is amazing! So many that never been to a convention before too. I hope to make my way down.

  2. me too.

  3. I live in Sweden, and I´ve always hoped to go and see some of the US some day, but never been good on like saving money for future plans and so on. I´m 40 by now.

    This event makes me take the final decision. I WILL go there! See you all!

  4. i\’ll be there its a dream come true

  5. this is very cool , i will be saving up !

  6. It would be nice if Jennifer Cooke came to one of theese. I guess she’s ashamed of her F13 past like so many others.

  7. I was just re-checking the Texas Fear Fest webstie today, to see if the tickets had gone on sale, cause I’m snatching up my three tickets the first day they’re own sale, and I of course saw the up-dates of the added guests (plus of ocurse, the news at the bottom that the tickets go on sale soon and that the venue is finally locked down).

    I’m jazzed to see the lovely Catherine Parks from Part 3, whom has always been one of my favorite Friday the 13th alumni actresses/lovely victims, is set to attend! I know she is picky about this these and only does a few a year, from reading up on her online.

    Also someone a bit more obscure you all (and thi sis to Mr. John Gray, bless him) might wanna try to track down between this year and the next, is someone who SO well played an ideal series bitch, and that is Part VII’s Jennifer Susan Sullivan. As far as I can tell from checking here on the actors pages and the internet movie database, she quit acting all together like some Friday alumni, not long after Part VII was completed. It’s honestly no where near my favorite instalment, by a long shot, but it would be nice to see her attend cause I am willing to pay for as many signitures as I can get from those who attend, cause I want some merchandise that is gonna be worth somethin’ someday, as well as having sentimental value. Plus, I know there are an entire fuck-load of Part VII fanatics out there who would wanna see they’re ‘Melissa’. :)

  8. I tried to get her a long time ago for Peter Bracke’s CLM simply for an interview… but sadly, (at the time) she was diagnosed with a terminal illness and could have passed away by now for all I know. I will check on her as I still have her #, but I tried to treat it lightly and not bother her.

    No worries, we are going to more than make up with some other rare folks.

  9. yeah. I forgott about Melissa in part 7. She has no wiki, and no comments on her imdb page. It would be nice to see what happend to her.

  10. Thanks to Dan and of course to Mr. Gray, once again.

    Indeed: I’ve wondered for the last several years, since around ‘04 honestly, once the first boxset of Friday films came out, just what had happened to her. Again, I am not the biggest Hodder-era fan there is, as I find that era painfully overrated, but the film was (sadly) VERY shortened in the character development parts in the final edit (as a note on the commentary on the boxset, Mr. Beuchler notes that may have been a mistake, and I’m here to confirm that it sadly was). However, the lovely Ms. Sullivan did above & beyond her call of duty in the final film, for the few scenes she had as the main antagonist (outisde of course from Jason) who wasn’t undead, who tormented poor Tina constantly and was a total c-word, was actually I personally feel, the best actress in the film.

    It’s too bad that Part VII is vastly overrtated in fan circles, and really isn’t that good.

    Whoa, that is terrible to hear that she was diagnosed with a fatel disease. God bless her. :( I hope she is still alive & well and keeping up the good fight as long as her body allows. God speed.

    And that is beyond wonderul to hear that your goin’ above & beyond the call of duty to get even more obscure Friday alumi! May I ask Mr. Gray if you will make yourself available at the convention for any panals and such, because afterwards I would like to shake your hand and personally say who I am for putting this Voorhees-laden dream come true all together. ;)

  11. Yeah man. She was great at being a bitch, wich also means she was great at doing her job.

    Who are some others who don’t come to these kind of things? Are there any F13 Alumni who are particularly nasty to the fans?

  12. dan,

    Yeah, it would be awesome if she is alive & well and can make it. I hope she is doing alright these days.

    Also, I would also love it if some people posted here who are the more well mannered & best behaved to us the fans, who are paying for they’re time & signatures with money, as I’ve heard this & that about certain guests are genre conventions.

    I can confirm from two guys I’ve spoken with off line, and who used to live in the Pittsburgh area (even though I’m from the south myself) that Mr. Tom Savini generally just does these for the extra money, and doesn’t like to be bothered, oddly enough, so see him at your own risk, and expect VERY short answers (from what I’ve heard) when you meet him. Also, Mrs. Linda Blair doesn’t like having her photo taken with you, or even from afar (!), unless you’ve already paid for her signature.

    Also, Kim Myers of A Nightmare on Elm Street Part 2 fame is reportedly the least favorable to deal with, and she doens’t enjoy having her picture taken. Again these are just what I’ve heard. Hope it helps a bit.

  13. That’s not the first time I heard that about Savini. It’s a shame, he is the person out of the franchise i’d like to meet the most.

    It’s a shame about Kim Myers too. I like NOES 2 the best out of all of them, I even like it more than Freddy vs. Jason (wich I don’t like much at all).

    The oonly time I attended something like this, was when I went to a Bruce Campbell book sighning. He was really nice, a smart ass, but nice. I kind of razzed him a bit. When he was taking questions I asked, “Hey Bruce, do you talk about Maniac Cop in this book?”-in a somewhat sarcastic tone. To wich he replied “Well when you buy the book you can find out!”.
    That guy is awesome.

  14. dan,

    Yup, it is reportedly VERY hard to catch Mr. Savini on a good day. That unfortunately isn’t really a stereotype of him. He can be VERY distant & alluf. You might wanna look up “Tom Savini is an Asshole” on YouTube and check out this two year old convention story from a kind call-in to http://www.deadpit.com radio, by the way.

    You’ll either have a posative expereiance in meeting him, or a very short bad/negative one with him not looking in your eyes, only quoting the prices of photos and his DV-Rs from his Letterman apperances and saying “thanks” quickly. I also DO very much wanna meet him, but I’m worried that he’ll be historical prick to me and it will sour his work on old school Slasher films and the last two great Romero zombie epics. I have noticed that those who have had a posative expereiance with him REALLY defend him online.

    And they’re partially right: We all have our sour days, like if we haven’t gotten enough sleep, a promotor has dicked us for somethin’ like a lot of humans do, or a relative or best friend recently passed away, ect. But those things are often few & far between, and genre celebs need to learn to smile & tur on the ‘auto-answer’ featurette, and to be thankful they can charge a whopping $20 a piece or even higher (!) for they’re signature on DVD cover slips, photos and posters. It’s true, they don’t own us immdiate friendship; that would be creepy as all fuck. But for Christ sakes, would it kill some of them to stop acting so stand off-ish and to quick having just So many supposed ‘bad days’ when attending conventions and meeting us over & over again?

    Just my two cents. Oh I read about the lovely named Ms. Kim Myers on her Internet Movie Database page in her threads. There are some recent only year and a half old photos of her from the last big Texas Feat Fest convention as well, I believe. It’s too bad to her she’s bitchy in real life, cause I only really enjoy the first two NOES films (yes it’s true: I’m a big old school slasher & giallo fanatic that doesn’t care at all for the rest of the series, I’m afraid), and I never cared about the HomoErotic undertones cause I’m open minded, and I oddly enough always wanted to meet him. She was also in a rarely seen television movie called The Sitter from the early ’90s that the director of the first When a Stranger Calls and April Fool’s Day did that I saw twice. Plus, of course there was NOES Part 2: Freddy’s Revenge, Letter’s from A Killer With Patrick Swayze (in which he got hurt and production breifly shut down) and of co urse, the much malingled Hellraiser IV.

    So she would be quite an interesting talk, but if she is indeed a bit cunty, then fuck her. Haha, Bruce is alright. I’m not the biggest Campbell fan, but I do own If Chins Chould Kill and Maniac Cop and things like the Book of the Dead edition of Evil Dead II, Ultimate Edition of Evil Dead 1, ect. He’s alright. He does indeed come off as a bit too smart ass-y in interviews, though. Fuck did him, and his fellow Evil Dead cast members (especially one of Raimi’s brothers; the actor not the screen wrtier one) come off as beyond irriting with they’re rural accents in the interviews on the Evil Dead: Ultimate Edition set I own.

    Oh and I oddly enough love NOES 2 the most out of them as well. Lots of cool, oddly weird & eccentric stuff goin’ on in that, and it was the last one well-cast. I loved Kim Myers as Lisa and of course Clu Cullager from ROTLD and The Hidden in there as well. :D

  15. Not sure why Kim gets a bad rap… she was a pleasure to work with. And to date, Fear Fest 2 is the only con she has done.

  16. This does look cool. Sadly, I don’t see myself ever visiting TX. I am a borderline Americaphile, but not as much as my obsessive best friend Louise who’s nuts for anything US, but Texas is a state which has never appealed to me that much. Looks like such an awesome event though, with so many cast members appearing. Hopefully something similar will come to my neck of the woods (Northern Italy).

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