Excellent Looking Friday the 13th (2009) Jason Mask (Updated)

remakejasonUpdate: this mask sold in about 6 hours after posting.

Check out this high quality, amazingly sculpted Jason mask from MMFX. This has astonishing detail and looks completely real. It’s up for sale on eBay now for $285 and could totally be worth it for any interested collectors out there. I would like to own one of these myself, but I have bigger fish to fry.











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36 Responses to “ Excellent Looking Friday the 13th (2009) Jason Mask (Updated) ”

  1. If only I had money to blow on anything then this would be it. Ive been working on a f13 fan film for 7 years and I would need good looking costumes and masks to bring my version of jason to life.

  2. I can’t help but to hate this look… looks like something from Lord of the Rings.

  3. Too much negativity on the net.

  4. It looks nothing like any charater from lord of the rings. The older rotted head of Jason looks more like a ork than this mask.

  5. looks like a fucking Ork from LOTR trilogy haha

  6. Lord of the Ring comment is dead on.

  7. So what does that make Jason from part III look like? Anyway mask looks great alot of nice details like the veins running through his face.

  8. damn if I wasnt about to install my turbo I would def buy this!

  9. Nice looking mask. Would be better off without the hockey mask covering it, or the sack. That’s the thing with these heavily detailed masks, you really don’t need a hockey mask to cover his features, but since this is Jason we’re talking about then either the hockey mask or the sack would be preferrable. I would definitely like to recreate the scene where the pot grower rips off the sack mask and make the scene a lot more bloody than what we saw. If I were to film it, it would be different, the way the pot grower ripped off the sack it would be a major insult to Jason and he would definitely do a lot more than slash the pot grower’s throat with his machete. Jason would basically slice his torso open and then slice off his limbs and ultimately the head.

  10. I don’t care for the way Jason looks in the new movie. Remember when we first saw his face in The Final Chapter? THAT was horrifying….

  11. So that’s what he looks like unmasked? Not sure I like it yet especially now w/ these LOR comparisons, LOL! I think it could even pass for something out of The Hills Have Eyes and it’s just a coincidence that Derek Mears was in the 2nd one. Just wish we could have got a clearer glimpse of Jason unmasked in the remake itself.

  12. You might not like what Jason looks like in the new movie. However, as far as replicas of the make up for how he looks in the new movie, this is just amazing. That’s what I am looking for in a mask. How detailed and screen accurate it is makes all the difference.

  13. I’ve always disliked the way NewLine choose to make Jason look…it’s that frakin’ stringy hair they’ve added. My Jason was always bald (except part 2).

    Down with the addition of the stringy hair!

    And Nosferatu is right; seeing him unmasked in the final reel of part 4 WAS terrifying.

    This ‘new’ Jason; yeah, not so much.

    …you were supposed to run!…

  14. there are much better and more accurate masks out there…

  15. John Robert, Jason has little strands of hair in Part 4, sorry to break it to you.

  16. Too demonic for my taste, but still better than the part 8 face

  17. The part 8 face is a classic! It’s a gray Jack-O-Lantern that makes elephant noises! How could you not love it?

  18. Jason Goes to Hell Jason design was pretty wicked. Probably my favorite.

  19. I think it looks like a rotting Hulk Hogan

  20. Brian,
    Jason Goes To Hell is my favorite design of Jason too. I have always been torn between that look and Part 7, but I love the mask melding into Jason’s head. That’s the tir breaker for me.

  21. the Jason Goes To Hell design is my favorite too, I would love to have another friday movie with Jason having that Look. I dont know why most of people hated it

  22. OK, the JGTH look SUCKED! Are you guys serious? He’s a mozzarella stick in a hockey mask!! The Jason “look” starts in III and ends in VII. Green shirt, grey pants, boots, & mask – that’s the foundation; in VI, they added the tool belt and gloves; in VII, they dropped the belt and gloves and put together a Jason For All Time – practically everything ever done to him is in that costume. From VIII on, there has not been 1 Jason that has looked ANYTHING like he should. They just keep f**king it up!!!

  23. Wow. Just reading those comments about LotR…I felt like I was back at work at Mooby’s. Stuck between Elias and Randall fighting about that trilogy and Star Wars. Who would have thought the Rings would offend so many genres of movies?

    I think the mask is awesome. I am more of a part 6 Jason fan myself, but I think I will survive if he comes back looking like he did last time.

  24. voorhees213,
    Yes, I am serious. ;) The look in JGTH is basically a combination of Part 2 and Part 7 with the movie’s own variations thrown in. They mention that in a lot of media that has been out there in the last couple of years. If you like the look of Part7, then I’m not sure why you would not like JTGH. The axe mark is in the head and mask. The exposed spine is there. The missing eye from the machete. The whole deal.

  25. For me this is the best unmasked Jason since part 7. It really looks like a more detailed or updated version of part 3-D. No two unmasked Jason’s really looked alike. That’s why I can’t understand why those loyal to the original 4 films can’t accept it.

  26. its still a good detailed mask, what ever anyone says about it!

  27. Guys,

    The unmasked Jason from the remake is most reminiscent of Warrington Gillette’s Jason from Part 2. It is obvious that the guys responsible for the make-up assessed the entire series and agreed that Gillette was the best looking Jason. If you are a true fan of the series, you know Warrington Gillette is the best Jason ever…but this mask does a good job of updating the look after almost twenty years. Too bad though that the remake wasn’t (and will never be) better than Friday the 13th Part 2!!!!!! HA!

  28. This Warrington Gillette bit got old a while ago. F*** Warrington Gillette!!

  29. i have to admit its a good looking mask,but it doesnt really resemble him from the remake,again its still a good lookin mask though

  30. I don’t see why someone would be compelled to buy something like this. I can think of a million other things to spend $285 on…even if you are a huge fan. Just look at The Walmart Man, for example. He is a dedicated fan of the series who can barely afford a DVD player to watch the movies on. But his excitement over Part 2 and Warrington Gillette never seem to waver on this site and I bet he can’t even afford memorabilia. Plus, if someone really bought this, what would they do with it? It can’t go on a mantle because it resembles the bust of a wounded man with severe mental handicaps. Eventually it would just end up in a garage. That’s my 2 cents.

  31. In response to Jimbo X’s reply “I don’t see why someone would be compelled to buy something like this.” While I wouldn’t spend that much money on something like this, I enjoy building props and such to display in my yard come Halloween.
    I have a life-size “Jason” (as well as Freddy, Michael Myers, and a werewolf)that I built using PVC pipes. I try to make these dummies look as real and as accurate as possible, so having that mask would certainly help.
    Don’t know if that’s what the buyer is going to use it for, but it’s a possibility.
    And you’re probably right about it ending up in a garage. That’s where I store my stuff when not in use.

  32. The JGTH look just made me wonder what was happening to him. Was it the toxic waste at the end of part 8?

  33. You guys should check out Jeremy Bohr’s remake sculpt.

  34. Also, “The Wal Mart Man” I think you mean Steve Dash is the best because he played Jason in part 2 for 90% of the film.

  35. Hello Jasonsfury, I like to know if you can get the same mask that you put in ebay on jun.11, I’m interested in it, please let me know, thanks

  36. Hi Norbert. I actually was not the one that put the mask up for auction on eBay. Someone else did that. If you are serious about getting this mask, you should visit the source of the mask, MMFX. There you can request them to make the mask and get the ball rolling. I am not sure of how long the process takes, but it is a start.

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