New Acquisitions For Friday the 13th Props Museum

Posted 14 Apr 2024 in Merchandise

The Friday the 13th Museum has been very busy acquiring pieces from various Friday the 13th movies. I have known about a few of these for some time and was waiting until this summer to write about them after the convention as Mario wanted to unveil them as a surprise at the reunion in Texas. However, since he and the museum will not be able to be in attendance, Mario has now added the pieces to the museum website. Below is a list of everything that has been acquired by Mario and the museum lately. Some pics from his website are feaured below. I have seen some up-close pictures of The New Blood costume and it is amazing!

- Jason`s costume from Part 7.
- Jason`s fire poker used in the 2024 remake. Set of two! One rubber stunt, and the other metal).

- Jason`s arrow from the 2024 remake. I already had the hero version, now I added the rubber stunt version.
- Jason`s metal machete used in the 2024 remake.
- Jason`s metal machete used in Jason X
- Set of original drawn story boards from the 2024 Remake





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Posted by jasonsfury


  1. TheRustyMachete (14 Apr 2024, 16:12)

    Wow. I would love to see all this stuff in person.

  2. jasonsfury (14 Apr 2024, 19:08)

    Wish we could have all seen these in person. Some day, perhaps. ;)

    I think it’s cool that the undersuit for the New Blood costume has the wires still attached from the shocking scene.

  3. Mario Kirner (14 Apr 2024, 19:46)

    Yeah, that is an awesome detail!! I love such special effects features when they come with a costume or a prop. The pants have some info handwritten inside making it the main trousers or also called the “hero” trousers that was worn when no stunt or FX shot was required.

  4. Kevin (15 Apr 2024, 3:28)

    I hope this means there was more than 1 costume used in part 7 because I have a Kane Hodder autographed card that has a piece of the Part 7 costume.

  5. baz (15 Apr 2024, 5:52)

    Congrats Mario on obtaining the part vii costume(my favourite Jason of the series).I hope someday you can bring your collection to the U.K as i’d love to see it in person………………….KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA.

  6. Corey (15 Apr 2024, 16:53)

    And I thought I had everything hehe. That is awesome man! Nice to see the actual costume still in tact after all this time…even though I’m beginning to think “J7″ is kinda getting over-rated.

    JasonFury: could you possibly get in touch with Mr. Kirner to obtain a pic to post up of his “JX” metal machete? It’s obvious I’m a fan of the individual film and hope for another.

  7. jasonsfury (15 Apr 2024, 19:54)

    Hey Corey,
    I added the pic of the Jason X machete to the bottom of the blog. I just grabbed the image from the museum website.

  8. Corey (16 Apr 2024, 8:08)

    Why thank you JF. That thing is awesome. I still laugh at, “Guys, it’s okay, he just wanted his machete back!”

  9. Rich (18 Apr 2024, 21:41)

    JasonsFury, I assume you are also aware of the conversation taking place at the Campblood forum, as you have posted in the thread titles “this sucks”, and therefore you should be fully aware of what I am saying here. But still, you are posting screenshots of the machete and supporting Mario fully. I have taken a screenshot of this blog, and I will be very curious to see if my post is removed, or if it remains. I am speaking the truth, and Mario has done a very very horrible thing by lying in order to either get the item cheaper, or lying about the item itself in its current state. Mr Fury, do you support an individual who lies like this in order to get props? Dont you find that extremely selfish? I hope you will put your friendship with Mario second over a proper value system


  10. Rich (18 Apr 2024, 21:47)

    Actually, my appologies Jason as I see that you posted this blog ONE DAY before you posted on the camp blood site, so you would not have known what was going on at that time. Still, I hope you will speak out against this kind of act, as it is not something that honest people do. Thanks for your time


  11. jasonsfury (18 Apr 2024, 22:31)

    I am sorry that you feel that were cheated out of more money. I don’t think this is the appropriate place to air yours or someone elses dirty laundry. If you had a concern, you should have sent me an email. I am aware that you and Mario have had issues in the past and you have tried to discredit him before.

    When you tried this at the aforementioned Camp Blood forum last year, you became very abusive and not only were vulgar to the owners of that forum, you then came here and posted obescenities. Yes, I do remember you. You can deny, but I do remember you very much. The question must be asked, if you have these thoughts for Mario in the past, then why would you still do business with him again and then still get cheated? Very curious?

    At any rate, this website is not here to discredit anyone in your hobby or any other hobby. This site exists to produce any and all things related to the franchise of Friday the 13th. In doing so, we have run across these types of dilemnas in the past. We deal with it and move on. I suggest you take this up with Mario and perhaps a third party mediator and resolve your issues with him and move on. And a little advise, if you can’t trust him, don’t do anymore business with him, period.

  12. Rich (18 Apr 2024, 22:48)

    You sound like another Jason I know. I would like to see these “obscentities” you refer to. It is not in my nature to post such things. I have the evidence of Mario’s character, and the fact that you defend him (you defend him by deflecting), I think speaks volumes of your own character. I also notice the two postings that show what Mario did to me were removed, but not the post that addresses you :-) Gotta protect our good friend Mario right?? He can do no wrong.


  13. Rich (18 Apr 2024, 23:05)

    Oh, and I can answer that question about doing business with him. Business is business. Mario claims to be the “police” of Friday the 13th, authenticating what is real and saying what is fake. So, even though I dont like him personally, i should be able to have an “honest” dealing with him when original props are presented. Regardless, does that give him the right to lie and cheat? You never answered that question directly. You bloggers are very good at deflection

  14. jasonsfury (18 Apr 2024, 23:19)

    See, Rich, this is why I do not like to get into discussions with people who are in disputes over products our have problems with people who are not affiliated with this website. I do not know the full dealing that you or Mario have had. So for you to come to this website and try to sway people that Mario is a bad person is a slanderous thing to do. I don’t allow that to happen for any individual on this website, if I know them or not.

    Yes, I deleted one post you made as it had to deal with financial information that really is no one’s business but yours or Mario’s. In regards to your comment about dealing with Mario in business. I still cannot understand why you would make it your goal to discredit someone last year on a very personal level, then turn around and ask him questions about Friday the 13th props and trust his word. That still doesn’t make sense. From where I stand, you made a deal with Mario, found out that you should have been paid more money than what you received, found out Mario was in a dispute with the 30th reunion organizers and took an opportunity to try and discredit him further. That is just wrong, man.

    John has elected to leave alot of your slanderous comments on his message forum and that is his right as he runs that forum. However, I will not allow you to do that here. So, please move on from this website and use another forum to rant on why you do not like Mario and his business practices. Thank you for your understanding.

  15. Rich (19 Apr 2024, 13:30)

    That’s no problem. Happy to. You would like to deflect your argument to my past situations with Mario, but unlike some, I give people a second chance. So I gave Mario a second chance because i know how much he loves Friday the 13th. However, as I can prove with screencaps from my email, Mario is incapable of honest dealings. If you are comfortable promoting a person such as that, I wish you well. That is your choice. You call that slanderous, I call that JUST. Good luck to you. Birds of the same feather flock together. That is apparently hold true here as well.


  16. BIGJ (20 Apr 2024, 17:05)

    whats this about?seems i heard something before about mario selling stuff that wasnt real an ssaying they were is this what its about??

  17. caland13 (22 Apr 2024, 3:13)

    JEEZUS. I thought I was going to get to read about these items. Hey Rich, take it up with the source, or slide over to I swing by this site to check out the great info on my favorite film series, not listen to you complain.

    Oh yeah, birds of a feather flock together, so I guess birds of the same feather would, as well…

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